My dear fan friends!
I am very excited to announce the MF fan-games 2021 this Christmas Season!

What is going to happen?
There will be a number of quizzes posted on this website and through the Social media sites and those of you who will answer them most correctly and with most details and hopefully creativity will win the prize! So easy, right?

The 3d Prize is a book by Benoit Cachin “Mylene Farmer Au fil de mots”.

The 2d Prize is a book by Julien Autier & Sophie Khairallah “Mylene Farmer De scene en scene”

The 1st Prize – is a newly published wonderful book – a dream of every Mylene’s fan -“MYLENE FARMER Une voix dans la nuit” by Olivier Houriez with the author’s personalized (!!!) autograph to the winner-fan. 

And finally – drumroll please!!! 🙂
The Grand Prix is 2 tickets (so you can take someone with you to see Mylene) to NEVERMORE 2023 in the city of your choice (except of course those that are no longer available)
I will post the questions / quizzes / assignments for the MF fan-games 2021 in the next few weeks – so don’t miss them if you want to take a part in this exciting adventure.

Who am I? Noel? Nope. More like a “Dael” 😊
I am a founder of ( – an international website, YouTube Channel and a Facebook group. Most of all I am a huge fan of Mylene and when you love someone, you first want to learn everything there is to learn about your love interest (in my case this love affair lasts overt 3 decades and I am not anticipating the change of heart any time soon LOL) and then you want to share this love with the world! And that’s exactly what I do!

Why am I doing this?
I believe only by the act of giving the true happiness can be obtained. When I do it for you, I do it for myself! Your friendship and your presence are priceless to me! So, it is my modest effort to give something back to this wonderful family of friends and to Mylene. Her love is our love and vice versa.
I also would like to take this opportunity and thank you all for your support and special friendship in this journey started with the idea of a gift. What kind of a gift you’d ask? The gift to Mylene’s 60s birthday to be exact. was born this year as a little bit crazy idea one day – what if I write a webpage (a chapter) for every song that Mylene ever created? And on top of it, I promised to myself to get this work completed by her special birthday this year – September 12, 2021
You see, I just wanted so much to give something back to Mylene for all that she did for us (and for me personally!) through all these years!

So I did it! I have created an international website which now translates to the most languages so fans from all over the globe can come and appreciate Mylene’s work in much deeper level than they would be able to do otherwise. The site has visitors from 70 + countries. Today we celebrated 45, 000 views this year (and the site is just a baby born in April!). The YouTube channel only launched a month ago, already has 2, 000 views (the videos I edit with subtitles in French and translations to English and Russian languages) And finally, the joy to my heart – the Facebook group reached today 300 incredible(!!) members only being alive for 6 weeks.

Can you see now how many wonderful things there are for us to celebrate! Together!💗
I am truly touched by this beautiful movement of fans uniting around the Calling of the Soul, coming together with only one goal – to celebrate our Mylene and of course looking forward to the NEVERMORE 2023.

We learn from each other, we generously share the precious moments of our beloved singer, our friend, our leader, our ambassador of love, our Queen of hearts …She is all that and so so much more…so that is why I am here, my dear friends!

Climb aboard and I promise – you will be blown away by the courage and strength of a brown eyed adorable girl who took the journey of her life to the royal throne on the music stage not only in France but in the World…It is a fairytale, it is a fable, it is a story to tell! But most of all it is a LOVE story….the most beautiful love story one can ever wish for and we all have our part in it!
Be love and be light and of course, be never ending Mylene’s song!

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