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Tomber 7 fois  (Fall 7 Times) … is a song # 11 from the album Anamorphosée (1995).

Fabulous abs!!! wow! I mean the song is as cool as it can get. I get a band Hearts vibe in the best possible way. The song Rocks! Love the concert’s “heavier” arrangements.

The text refers to the Japanese preverb “Tomber sept fois, se relever huit”(Fall seven times, get up eight)

“I don’t give myself the right to fall. In any case, no lower than the earth. Besides, I always have this will to raise my head.” To fall seven times, to get up eight “is a beautiful thing. This notion of resurrection, this desire to set out again. ” (Mylène Farmer – ” 7 Extra “- 10/31/1995)

Never explain, never complain – can’t say better than that! Did you know that the song is a special one – Mylene is both a composer and a lyricist. It happened a very few times. Another song that she did herself is Optimistique-moi in 1999 in the Innamoramento. Laurent of course helped with the production and arrangements. You go, girl! 😊 LOVE it!

Mylène confirmed in an interview that she was greatly inspired by the proverb.

“The song “si tu tombes 7 fois Toujours se relever 8”, you will understand the strength of the words. I borrowed it from Japanese poetry, the haiku which are very short. Very, very short. I like to play with the words. ” (Mylène Farmer – ” Télé 7 jours “- 11/11/1996)

Another influence, that of the poem by Pierre Reverdy, PO Midi from the collection Some poems (1916) whose lines: “The mountain swallows everything / All those who are afraid are standing / The others are sleeping” reminds us of the first verse of the song: “Those / Who are afraid are standing / The others are sleeping soft”.

A choir used in the song recording is French Lycée in Los Angeles.  

With Falling 7 Times … it’s the first time that Mylène has composed the music for one of her songs The title was initially sung by Jeff Dahlgren actor alongside Mylène in Giorgino and who will be a guitarist in particular on the album Anamorphosée.

“Before the release of the film Giorgino I was in a very good state of mind. Mylène and I were working on the album Anamorphosée at that time. That’s when the song Falling 7 Times… was originally composed.

I was originally the performer of this song, but Mylène liked it so much that she asked me if she could record it for the album. ” (Jeff Dahlgren -” Styx Magazine “special The Other … – 2011)

The song was used for a commercial for the Aïwa brand in the United States. How cool is that!

TOUR 1996

Tomber 7 fois… was sung on all the dates of the 1996 Tour from  May 25 to December 15, 1996 .Arrangements for the stage: Laurent Boutonnat.

The coolest 1996 performance of the song. Mylene is not only showing off her unbelievable body obtained by hard work in LA gyms but also an unexpected hard rock capacity. She delivers a big time. She proclaims her resurrection after the Georgino misstep. The song has it all: guitars, drums, sexy bodies, long coat and most importantly Mylene’s powerful presence.

The title was rehearsed at Bercy before the start of the 2013 Timeless concerts, but it will finally be removed from the setlist. New arrangements had been planned to include a rewrite of the song.


lyrics with translation

Faire les 400 coups
Se prendre des coups
Plutôt que le tiède
Qui ont peur sont debout
Les autres dorment mou
Se battre pour ses rêves

Qu'on nous enseigne
(Never explain)
Qu'on nous assène
(Never complain)
Et c'est un peuple qui se soulève

Mais toujours vouloir pour soi
La lune, la lune
Même pour un nirvana
De fortune, la lune
Et si tu tombes 7 fois
Et si tu tombes 7 fois
Toujours se relever 8

Faire des noeuds magique
Au temps élastique
Rester éveillé
(Pas faire les choses à moitié)
(Même si le prix à payer)
Vaut être atypique
(Même si l'on vous tire vers le bas)
Vertébrés excentriques
Qu'on fossile usé

Qu'on nous enseigne
(Never explain)
Qu'on nous assène
(Never complain)
Et c'est un peuple qui se soulève

Do the 400 hits
Take blows
Rather than the lukewarm
Who are afraid are standing
The others are sleeping soft
Fighting for his dreams

We are taught
(Never explain)
We are beaten
(Never complain)
And it's a people who rise

But always wanting for oneself
The moon, the moon
Even for a nirvana
Of fortune, the moon
And if you fall 7 times
And if you fall 7 times
Always get up 8

Tying magic knots
In elastic time
Stay awake
(Don't do things by halves)
(Even if the price has to be paid)
Worth to be atypical
(Even if you are pulled down)
Eccentric vertebrates
We are worn out fossils

We are taught
(Never explain)
We are beaten
(Never complain)
And It's a people rising up

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