Mylene Farmer MYLENIUM

To conclude the theme of the songs with the name in the title, Mylene has 9 songs so far named with the name 😊

Lonely Lisa, Ave Maria, Chloé, Greta, Alice, Tristana, Mylene is calling, Mylene s’en fout and today is a final chapter for the name’s series and what a grand finale!

Mylene Farmer MYLENIUM
Mylene Farmer MYLENIUM

Mylenium is a track number 13 from the fifth studio album Innamoramento released on 7 April 1999. In this case number 13 became the best of omens. Mylene gravitates to the occultism. A number 13 was a lucky charm for the Avant Que l’ombre… concerts and even upcoming NEVERMORE Tour now set to 13 shows!

Mylene Farmer MYLENIUM

This is an instrumental song where Farmer only repeats the word “Innamoramento”, with tribal vocals as background. It’s a gorgeous ethnic composition has become an opening for the Mylenium Tour concerts. It is Epic!. No other word suits to the event!

mylenium tour

At the beginning of the spectacle the stage is hidden under a large white curtain which turns blue when “Mylenium”, an instrumental song with African vocals, begins to be played. The curtain falls and the audience discovers the huge statue representing Isis (11 meters high) in the middle of the stage.

Mylene Farmer MYLENIUM

While the light intensifies, a white smoke emanates from the statue whose head opens in two parts, showing the shadow of Farmer.

Suspended by pulling invisible strings, the singer flies above the stage while the right articulated hand of the statue moves to welcome her down to stage (or perhaps to our world down below).

There were sometimes some technical problems which made Mylene remaining suspended in the air longer than expected. But the whole thing is just unbelievable! Its epic! I wish I witnessed in person! Anyone of you dear friends did? Comment below – do tell!

Mylene Farmer MYLENIUM

The Mylenium tour has begun September 21, 1999 in Marseille and ended March 8, 2000 Saint Petersburg, Russia. It’s a long tour!! How much athletic strength she must possess to handle it! It must be exhausting …

A date of the tour was initially planned in Kiev in Ukraine on March 7, 2000 (before Saint Petersburg) but it was canceled (Mylène will also quote this date planned in Kiev in an interview in the program “100% Johnny “broadcast on TF1 on November 12, 1999).

Rumors have long announced the possibility of a concert in Quebec, but this did not materialize.

Mylene Farmer MYLENIUM

The tickets cost between 280 and 550 francs. Not sure about other countries – welcome comments! More than a half of a million people attended the concert series.

Mylene Farmer MYLENIUM

According to the French magazine Instant-Mag, the “Mylenium Tour is more beautiful than the 1996 tour by the originality of the selection of songs, the grandiose stage, an entry even more impressive, and especially an overwhelming and perfect end, perhaps more comparable to that of the 1989 tour.”

A musical channel of the Russian television, MUZ TV, elected “Mylenium Tour” as the best concert at that year. And no wonder!!!

SET LIST OF THE MYLENIUM tour (interesting replacements for Russia)
Interesting to see how the mood was slowly building up with the introduction songs and into the Act I where things are warming up. Then it becomes full-blown excitement in Act II. Then the next 2 acts are slowly mellow mood just to merge into the introspective and sentimental act IV. And of course the Encore calms everyone down completely. Very strong phycological basis for the Set List. Would you agree? It has to be as you are in front of the powerful tsunami of human emotions. You have to know where to lead them and how to tame the crowd.

"Mylenium" (Opening)
"L'Amour naissant"   

Act I
"Beyond My Control" (replaced by "Que mon cœur lâche" in Russia) 
"Il n'y a pas d'ailleurs" (Not performed in Russia)
"Mylène Is Calling (Interlude)"   

Act II
"Medley" ("Pourvu qu'elles soient douces" / "Libertine" / "Maman a tort" 
/ "Sans contrefaçon")

"Dessine-moi un mouton"
"Pas le temps de vivre" (replaced by "Je t'aime mélancolie" in Russia)

Act IV
"Je te rends ton amour"  
"Souviens-toi du jour"

"Dernier Sourire"  
"Mylenium" (Closing)

For more Mylene’s videos and subtitles visit:

Let’s talk a little about the centerpiece of the Mylenuim Stage – gorgeous piece of art not even mentioning the technology embedded into it to support Mylene’s divine descension.

Mylene Farmer MYLENIUM

Contrary to what has often been written, the statue only existed in a single copy, but “the supports (plate, technical grill, structure supporting the statue) were in duplicate. This made it possible to move it from city-to-city day after day.”

The statue was transported in several trucks and it took half a day to assemble it.

“The famous painter Giger” gave me “this huge articulated statue. If you like cinema, you will remember some Hollywood movies like Stranger, Dune … His creation is inspired by Ancient Egypt. It is more than ‘an element of the decor. She plays a major role in my show. ” (Mylène Farmer – Pulse – March 2000)

The statue, Isis, is a key part of the show, thanks to the dynamics of some of its parts and its central position on the stage. It is unforgettable!

Mylene Farmer MYLENIUM

H.R Giger is the sculptor created Isis for the Mylenium tour has won an Oscar for his work on Ridley Scott’s film Alien.

He has a museum in the Gruyère region of Switzerland. Mylène supposedly discovered his work through one of her books in New York. HR Giger was contacted by Mylène’s team via its website to participate in the creation of an element of the décor ( He did not know Mylène when she first visited him in Switzerland.

For the second meeting with Mylène, Guy-Claude François had taken with him drawings made according to Mylène’s wishes: a statue of 11 meters high, some parts of which moved, taking up all the space on stage.

Mylene Farmer MYLENIUM

For the creation of the décor, “a weekly meeting took place with Mylène and the various speakers. She led the meetings in a very professional way, very open to each other’s proposals and distinguishing, if necessary, with great accuracy and intelligence. It was Mylène who had the idea of ​​the opening head.

Initially, the statue was imagined representing Mylène holding the tray on her bent legs. Mylène finally chooses a statue representing the Egyptian goddess Isis. It was also planned a statue whose legs would have been articulated. It became too expensive, and the idea was replaced with the known version.

Mylene Farmer MYLENIUM

For the creation of this statue about 150 people worked on it for six months.

“Sculpted in polystyrene by a specialized sculptor (Francis Poirier), armed with wooden and metal structures, covered with resin, painted, patinated and mechanized for the movements of the head, an arm and the stomach. It is the ‘Atelier Arte Fact, directed by Dominique Lebourge, who produced this decor, an estimate to make it is around 300,000 euros.

Mylene Farmer MYLENIUM
Mylene Farmer MYLENIUM

The statue was mounted for the first time outside the Artefact workshop (because it was taller than the workshops) then at the Dôme in Marseille.

The face of the statue is of Isis, Egyptian goddess of magic and healing:

Mylene Farmer MYLENIUM

“I chose Isis because she has several faces. I gave birth to a creature who, for me, is the mother of living Nature. It evokes the four natural elements; this one is the fifth.” (Mylène Farmer) I hope she refers to my favorite 5D (which is a spiritual dimension)

After the end of the tour, it was announced that the statue had been destroyed but, in fact, many elements were found a few years ago in a garden in Vaucluse.

The doors of the statue were also recovered by a person who uses them as an element of decoration at the head of his bed.

The costumes for the tour were made by Dominique Borg who won a César for her costumes for the film Camille Claudel. Sadly, she passed away earlier this year (2022). More about her HERE

Before the choice of Dominique Borg, the name of John Galliano had been mentioned but perhaps it was a safer choice to go with Dominique. I wonder why Jean-Paul was not considered?

The costume fitting took place in Los Angeles in August 1999. The costume work continued until the last-minute during rehearsals in Marseille in a small ‘flying’ workshop.

A sublime flesh-colored dress with arabesques drawing flames, created by Mylène and Dominique Borg will not ultimately be chosen for the tour because it is not very practical for the quick changes of outfit. Mylène will wear it in the show “100% Johnny” on November 12, 1999 on TF1 as well as on the poster for the concerts “Avant que l’ombre... at Bercy” in 2006.

Mylene Farmer MYLENIUM

An emerald green and silver dress planned for the encore (Last smile and Innamoramento) and brought to Marseille during the first date of the tour September 21, 1999 has been deleted for the rest of the tour. Mylène would was not comfortable in it.

Costume changes were made in a booth at the back of the stage in near darkness with three flashlights.

Mylene Farmer MYLENIUM

There was only one copy of each costume. The veil with which Mylène entered the scene was often perforated because it hung in the hand of the statue and it had to be repaired. (source: Nelly Giraud – iao “N ° 7)

Mylene Farmer MYLENIUM

Mylene Farmer MYLENIUM

Jacket of the brand Reskin offered by the staff to all the troupe of the “Mylenium Tour”. Nice present!

Mylene Farmer MYLENIUM

In her dressing room, Mylène liked to have tea and honey. Ahh, me too! Minus the singing and a stage 😊

Two titles eagerly awaited by fans: Optimistique-moi and Dessine-moi un mouton will unleash the crowd every evening.

Before the concerts, Mylène arrived around 4-5 p.m. She hadn’t said a word the minutes before she entered the stage. Of course, need to save the voice for many hours of singing. What a mission!

Can you imagine what kind of inner control one need to have to focus and control the nerves knowing how much is at stake! I couldn’t speak in front of more than a few dozen of people. I freeze 😊

Mylene Farmer MYLENIUM

Go, Mylene! Being a shy little girl she once was, she goes in front of thousands and thousands of people creating unforgettable moments. Many of us live off those moments (thanks to the internet nowadays) where we can re-live them and re-fuel ourselves by watching her, our dearest Mylene. She is with us whenever we need her (in my case pretty much daily) in my hour of joy or an hour of sorrow. I know I will find a perfect understanding in her.

Of course, little “hiccups” happen to anyone. We are humans and so is our Mylene. During a premier in  Marseille Mylène makes a mistake in the lyrics of Beyond my control (it must have been very discouraging. But nerves sometime take the best of us). Christophe Danchaud, one of the dancers but also choreographer falls during the title Désenchantée. Poor darling! Must have been hard. We spoke about Christophe in my previous chapter.

Mylene Farmer MYLENIUM

During a concert in Lyon, a sound was cut. The audience only heard drummer Abraham Laboriel Jr for a few seconds.

Mylene’s Rock of Gibraltar Yvan Cassar was apparently absent on several dates of the tour due to his simultaneous work on Claude Nougaro‘s album On October 6, 1999. I would imagine it cased her some anxiety.

As I already mentioned in Mylene is calling chapter  It is Valérie Bony one of the dancers that we see on stage during Mylene is calling song and who serves as an understudy for Mylène while she is changing her costume.

On the second part of the tour in 2000, dancer Corey Smith had to return to the United States for family reasons. Bruno Batlo, stage manager on the tour and who had been a dancer on Tour 89, had to replace him, but only on certain choreographies because it was impossible for him to master them all in such a short time.

Little anecdote from the mouth of Corinne Blandel one of the dressers of the tour: Mylène was very surrounded, sometimes overprotected, probably even more than she wanted. “I remember that sometimes, I heard her say:” But let her in, it’s Corinne, she’s seen me naked every day for three months!” (Source:” iao “N ° 7)

Mylene Farmer MYLENIUM

At the end of the tour, each member of the team received a jacket of Redskin leather. At the end of the tour, Mylène gave all the unsold plush sheep in the merchandising to hospitalized children. How sweet is she!!
today I have a little surprise for you – very rare photos of… Mylene’s hands…Those very hands that hold the pencil or a pen to write down those incredible words that later will become a song and later will find their way not only into our ears but into the very depth of our hearts…where they will stay…forever
So today is mostly unseen images of our beloved Mylene, The photoshoot took place 1999 in the preparation work for Mylenium Tour program. Photographer: Hervé Lewis

With sadness we have found out that a creator of Mylenium Tour costumes Dominique Borg has passed away on July 17, 2022. visit THIS PAGE for more info

Mylene Farmer MYLENIUM

More Mylenium Tour interviews here:



Mylene Farmer MYLENIUM
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