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Thank you very much for visiting the pages of this website! I hope you enjoy them . Please comment below what else would you like to see on this site. This month for the first time from the beginning of the site USA is the top visiting county. France is naturally the second top country followed by Russia, Ireland and Belgium. Our international community grows every day. 🧡



Young Mylene’s creation and provocative play of words in the title of this song – “Eau” nanisme has no doubts made this song an easy choice for revisiting.

Eaunanisme is a song # 5 from the fourth studio album by Mylène Farmer Anamorphosée, released on 17 October 1995. “I have always loved words, their sound and having fun with them.” (Mylène Farmer – “Télé 7 jours” – 10/30/1995) .And sure we have noticed it, didn’t we? Mylene juggles them as a skillful circus performer, the words seem to have the life of their own in her songs.

“More sensual than sex, I think. I wanted to have it. Water element. Now onanism is effectively the search for pleasure by oneself. When I wrote this song, I was thinking about writing, so I think there will be thousands of readings to this song. I tried to evoke writing. Writing is also a solitary pleasure. At least at first. And, I wanted to write like a little tale, evoking a character. ” (Mylène Farmer – NRJ – 09/05/1995)

Mylene continues this theme 25 years later in the L’âme dans l’eau (our last month top song)


C’est pas moi

C’est pas moi is a song # 4 from the tenth studio album Interstellaires released on 6 November 2015.  It is the third and last single extracted.

The text of C’est pas moi was written by Mylène Farmer. The music was composed by Martin Kierszenbaum and Mylène Farmer.

Probable influence of FRIEDRICH WILHELM NIETZSCHE. When Mylène sings: “A yes / A no / A straight line”, the philosopher wrote in 1888 in Le twilight of the idols: “Formula of my happiness: a” yes “, a” no “, a straight line, a goal. ..”First off, Bravo Mylene for studding such a serious philosopher as Nietzsche. 


C’est une belle journée

Collage curtesy of MYNA MORAMENTO RAFI

It all started in February 2002, Universal and Stuffed Monkey decided to release “C’est une belle journée”, one of the three unreleased songs from the compilation Les Mots and officially announced it in March. However, due to the huge success of the single “Les Mots”, recorded as duet with Seal, the new single was not released until April 2002.

I see a direct connection between this song’s visits and new release of this song and its 20 anniversary. On April 16, 2002, the first two physical supports of the single C’est une belle jourNEE are a 2-track CD and a Maxi CD. They preceded the release of a Maxi Vinyl Picture Disc by one week.

To celebrate this 20th anniversary, Hashtag NP has just announced the release in HD of the live Timeless 2013 (with the “girls”) of this song on YouTube .

In addition, all the remixes of It’s a beautiful day are offered for the first time in streaming and download thanks to a Maxi Digital 7 titles.
Spotify – Deezer – Apple Music – Amazon Music – Tidal – YouTube Music

C’est une belle journée is one of Mylène’s greatest hits.
Performed live in 2006 then in 2013, we can hope to find this title in the setlist for Nevermore 2023 especially since it had been considered for concerts in stadiums in 2009 before being removed from the final setlist. Please comment below and let us know would you like to see it in the NEVEMORE?



Collage curtesy of MYNA MORAMENTO RAFI

“Désenchantée” is a 1991 song recorded by Mylène Farmer. The first single from her third studio album L’Autre…, it was released on 18 March 1991 and achieved great success in France, topping the charts for more than two months. It was Farmer’s most successful song ever recorded. The words of Désenchantée may have been inspired by her readings, in particular Emil Cioran – author whom she often quotes in interviews – with On the peaks of despair or Ecartancement.

“Disappointed Generation”: many people will attribute a political meaning to the song. Indeed, the title comes out in a period of great gloom in France. We talk a lot about the disappointed of Mitterandism, François Mitterrand having been re-elected President of the Republic in 1988 following a campaign which particularly appealed to young people, campaign carried by the slogan “Generation Mitterrand”.

The song however never lost its’ actuality and now remains to be a hymn reflecting many disappointments that modern generation faces. We still are looking for somebody to help us and show us the way out or fear, sickness, wars and disappointments.


À l’ombre

What a surprise! This barely known song is our top visited title in April! Did you expect that? I certainly didn’t! Regardless the reason: curiosity and a token of affection to the young Mylene or much deeper strife for understanding what moved Mylene then and what matters to her perhaps even now. Thank you for visiting, thank you for paying respect to the priceless legacy of our Mylene!

Collage curtesy of MYNA MORAMENTO RAFI

À l’ombre is a song from Mylène Farmer’s ninth studio album, Monkey Me released on 3 December 2012. It is the first single extracted. À l’ombre is an electropop, dance song similar in style to the songs on Farmer’s Point de suture album.

This song is in a way a “sequel” to the previous one from 2005 – AVANT QUE L’OMBRE… It seems she explores the concept of a “shadow” further. It is really an interesting development that took her 7 years. If you are familiar with a psychoanalytic approach called “shadow work”, you probably know that, the shadow (also known as id, shadow aspect, or shadow archetype) is either an unconscious aspect of the personality that the conscious ego does not identify in itself, or the entirety of the unconscious, i.e., everything of which a person is not fully conscious of”. Républicain – 05/09/1985)

I am glad the song made it to the top position in April. Good choice, dear friends!

And finally a very special thanks to MYNA MORAMENTO RAFI for creating and sharing these incredible collages of Mylene’s work.

If you’d like to have a gorgeous custom booklet of these compositions – feel free to register to have a chance to win it in MF FAN GAMES 2022 HERE

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