A History of one photo – Mylene Farmer and Sylvie Lancrenon

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Fans sent me this photo asking to find out more about it. And here it goes!

Once upon a time a very gifted photographer Sylvie Lancrenon and an inspiring model and a dream of any photographer Mylene Farmer decided to collaborate.

Together, they developed “Fragile”, a gorgeous book of ninety unpublished photos of the star, greeted the public on May 15. Photographer Sylvie Lancrenon dreamed of reproducing and displaying these photos in XXL format (makes perfect sense!). It is, for a few days, they were exhibited at the Parisian gallery Acte2. And it is quite naturally that the singer Mylène Farmer, yet so little worldly, recently attended the opening of the exhibition. Story of an appearance…

Trois p'tits tours et silence, c'est ça qui m'affecte
Quand on m'aime je danse, quand on veut j'apparais...

she warned in her song L’histoire d’une fée, c’est…  , in 2001. While the Parisian air was exploding the thermometer, it is necessary to believe that the desire was also brought to incandescence, on June 4th!

Usually resistant to social events, the very discreet Mylène Farmer indeed appeared at the opening of the “Fragile” exhibition , staged in 26×40 cm, 53×80 cm and 120×80 cm formats of shots of the star taken by Sylvie Lancrenon for an eponymous book published by Anne Carrière editions.

As stealthy as a midsummer night’s dream despite a cast ankle, the star showed up, with her dog Liloup, at the Acte2 gallery, where the exhibition was held until July 31, before the arrival of most other invited guests at 7 p.m. Among those present are: the producer, artistic director and long time personal friend Anthony Souchet, the writer and also a personal friend of Mylene – Nathalie Rheims, two confidants with whom she talks every day, but also Christophe Danchaud, the choreographer of her concerts, John Nollet, her hairdresser at work on the shooting of Fragile , Jean Paul Gaultier, his favorite designer, François Hanss, the director of the film from his Timeless 2013 tour , Jean-Christophe Grangé, author of thrillers, and Stéphane Célérier, CEO of the company Mars Films.

Hair down, dressed in a simple white t-shirt and smiling, “the red angel” toured the Acte2 gallery, a former chapel in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district, without lingering too long – modesty and modesty oblige – in front of the pictures of his friend Sylvie Lancrenon, offered for sale between 2000 and 8000 euros per piece.

Dodging, however less shy than concerned with letting the photographer’s shots exist by themselves, the icon then joined the gallery’s courtyard with her friends and her sculptural White Swiss Shepherd… before leaving disappear, as discreetly as it had arrived! And this is what you see on the photo I have dedicated this article to:

From the front going left: Liloup (the responsible party of Mylene’s cast on her right arm as she fell walking her), Mylene (although with the cast on the arm still smiling lovingly over Liloup), Christophe Di Sabatino (Benoit’s brother), right behind him you can see Benoit Di Sabatino himself, sitting closer to Mylene is Christophe Danchaud, slightly behind him a young lady whom I could not identify, further on the right sitting Nathalie Rheims. It is hard to see her and therefore I can only insinuate its her.

Set up in some 15,000 copies, Fragile , a book of ninety unpublished photos by Mylène, is already almost out of stock, less than a month after its publication. A reissue is planned for the end of September.

Patience to the star’s fans waiting for an extended return to the spotlight. After the time of recreation, the time of creation would be more and more concretely envisaged… But shh!

Faire un veu ou bien deux et puis fermer les yeux
(Je suis là)
Pour celui et pour ceux qui n'ont pas froid aux yeux
(Qui croient en moi)
Faire un souhait pour de vrai et puis croire au mystère
(Tout est là)

… It was Mylène herself who sang it.

The publisher Anne Carrière confirms on her website anne-carrière.fr that this book “presents Mylène Farmer through 90 photographs by Sylvie Lancrenon, punctuated with song texts.”

With a format of 288*370, it will have 168 pages.

The publisher Anne Carrière confirms on her website anne-carrière.fr that this book “presents Mylène Farmer through 90 photographs by Sylvie Lancrenon, punctuated with song texts.”

With a format of 288*370, it will have 168 pages.

Rumors had announced a few weeks ago that Mylène had done a photo shoot in Corsica with Sylvie Lancrenon in November 2014.

Sylvie Lancrenon is a French photographer who has worked with many artists and whose work you can discover on her website: http://www.sylvielancrenon.com/

Mylène has already published the illustrated tale Lisa-Loup and the storyteller in 2003 with Anne Carrière editions then Avant que l’ombre… at Bercy – Paris in 2006 (collection of photos by Claude Gassian from the January 2006 concerts).

The Fragile exhibition was back in Paris from November 26 to Saturday December 5, 2015 to celebrate the release of the album Interstellaires .

When the time came to create a name for the book and the exhibit, Mylene made an elegant connection to the work of a musician she recorded the song with “Stolen Car” and released later same year in the album Interstellaires 

Mylene admitted to Rolling Stone 09/23/2015:
“I knew Sting for a long time as an artist and I love his music. If I had to choose a title, which would be very difficult, I would probably choose Fragile – I would just like to steal this song and pretend that it is mine.”

And indeed she did but not the actual song which would be hard to accomplish 🙂 but the name for the book! Clever, our Mylene, isn’t she?

In the conclusion, here are some of the guests present at this beautiful exhibit. Please let us know below if you have been there as well. What do you think?

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