Mylene Farmer MYLÈNE S’EN FOUT
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Mylène s’en fout (Mylène doesn’t care) is a song from the album Anamorphosée (1995).

“The evocation of jade which effectively evokes purity, the idea also of a raw material, of a material which is not precious, but which becomes with time something precious – but here I was not talking about me actually ”

(Mylène Farmer – Radio Nostalgie – 11/30/1996)

Mylene Farmer MYLÈNE S’EN FOUT

Lyric by Mylène Farmer, music by Laurent Boutonnat.

Mylene Farmer MYLÈNE S’EN FOUT

From the very first time I have ever heard it, it had a magical effect on me. Its so beautifully done: the arrangement, the change of keys and overall symphonic and complex themes layered so skillfully… The central change from the minor to the major with a captivating guitar solo is just a gem (jade or not) 😊

I love love love the song!!! It keeps wrapping around like a seductive anaconda just to consume you entirely in the most enlightening way… and I don’t mind at all.

Let’s take a brief journey again to those times that preceded the creation of Anamorphosee.

The movie Giorgino, produced by Laurent Boutonnat and in which Mylène Farmer starred, was both a critical and financial failure (it’s actually very well rated and respected in the cinematic community: 7.4. on the IMDb!). Released on 5 October 1994, it was seen by barely 25,000 spectators in the first week and was the first setback in Farmer’s career. As a result, the musical duo separated on bad terms, Boutonnat fell into a deep depression and chose an isolation as an ultimate cure for his wounded soul.

Here is one of the reviews of the IMDb:”Giorgino is a strange, dark, obsessive object; the casting is impressive, the plot is powerful, reminded me of Edgar Poe’s tales. Probably not a masterpiece, but it does leave us with the remembrance of strong images, fine music, fear, sadness, confusion, and a sentence that says it all : the wolves are coming. GIORGINO is quite forgotten now, and when it was released nobody seemed to appreciate it. That’s a shame. If you ever have a chance to see this, well… give it a try.

Mylene Farmer MYLÈNE S’EN FOUT
Mylene Farmer MYLÈNE S’EN FOUT

By the way, Mylene and Boutonnat invested around 12 million of Euros (15 million dollars) into making Giorgino. It was a total loss…They don’t look too happy, do they? 🙁

The singer decided to go to Los Angeles, California, where she fell into anonymity and changed the entire image (she became blond with long hair).

There she composed a new album, drawing inspiration from a Sogyal Rinpoche’s book, Le Livre tibétain de la Vie et de la Mort.

The singer’s perception of life changed through her travels, and she confided in an interview that she was no longer afraid of death; so, she was more optimistic. Finally, she called Boutonnat and reconciled with him successfully enough so he joined her in Los Angeles for the recording.

Mylene Farmer MYLÈNE S’EN FOUT

Jeff Dahlgren, who performed the role of Giorgio Volli in Giorgino, had a great influence in the early composition of this album and was part of the musical team involved in preparing it. Boutonnat later came in and the three finished the project. The album was recorded in the A&M studios and Record One in Los Angeles, and Boutonnat, who oversaw the production, chose the best American musicians at the time.

Bertrand Châtenet, who had previously worked with Vanessa Paradis, was selected to mix the album.

Mylene Farmer MYLÈNE S’EN FOUT

The album’s title “Anamorphosée” is a neologism in French-language (the noun exists, but not the past participle). The Hachette dictionary defines “anamorphose” as an “image of an object, distorted by certain optical devices (cylindrical mirrors, for example).” That word thus refers to the new music style and perhaps the new attitude of the singer all together. When the failure hits, you ultimately have two choices: play a victims and blame others for your misfortunes or take a pause to observe a bigger picture of your life journey, get in touch with what truly matters to you and become empowered.

Mylene Farmer MYLÈNE S’EN FOUT

Mylene learned exactly that from being “on the ground”. She took the higher road and focused on what matters the most. She came out victorious not only financially (reclaiming her spot on the Olympus of the music industry) but also mentally and emotionally. She stepped up! So proud of her! So proud!

This album represents a departure from her previous work, in that the music is much more rock oriented. Five of the twelve tracks are ballads with melancholy text punctuated by American R&B-inspired arrangements. The lyrics are easier to understand and less cryptic than her previous albums. Although some themes dear to the artist are addressed in Anamorphosée like sadness and pain are much less present in this album which is more about the spirituality (Buddhism).

Mylene Farmer MYLÈNE S’EN FOUT

For the first time, Farmer wrote a song completely by herself, “Tomber 7 fois...”.Three years later another famous try is Optimistique-moi.

The album was well received in media that have mainly noted the change in musical style.

“Farmer has moved away from the images that she stuck to, just to keep a sensuality remained intact” (Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace).

The singer “has abandoned her eternal pessimism: the Mylène of 2000 is arrived, turned towards humanity with a big H and spirituality, via Lao Tzeu” (Double Face).

Mylene Farmer MYLÈNE S’EN FOUT

 “It is a shift announced by the new disc” (La Dernière Heure). With this album, “Farmer excels but against the current”. “The tonic music has a hope in its infancy, words less drawn by the taste of nothing” (Télérama).  “Anamorphosée has filled all hopes” (Vamp Canada). “The production is, as always, impeccable” (Platine).

However, some musical critics were very virulent to this album (what a joke! They made asses of themselves!)

Le Monde stated that “the diversion of melodies from the band Nirvana makes hesitate between indignation and open laughs”, while L’Evènement du jeudi concluded its article saying it should better “to avoid” this album. Thankfully, over million of folks in France didn’t listen to the critics! 🙂

Mylene Farmer MYLÈNE S’EN FOUT
Mylene Farmer MYLÈNE S’EN FOUT

The album went straight to #2 on French Album Chart on 15 October 1995, behind Céline Dion’s D’eux. It stayed at this place on the following chart edition, before dropping. However, it re-reached the #2 in its 13th week and for four other non-consecutive weeks. Surprisingly, the album became number one for two weeks on 18 and 25 January 1997, about one year and a half after its release

It remained on the Top ten for 34 weeks and on the chart (Top 50) for a total of 77 weeks. WOW!

The album was certified Double platinum disc by the SNEP in 1996, then diamond in 2009. A Victoire de la Musique awarded this album, as the French album the most exported in 1996.

It is up to date 3d best-selling album of Mylene following the footsteps of L’autre… and Ainsi soit je…

Mylene Farmer MYLÈNE S’EN FOUT
Mylene Farmer MYLÈNE S’EN FOUT

tour 1996

The song was performed during 1996 Tour. Arrangements for the stage by Laurent Boutonnat .

Mylene Farmer MYLÈNE S’EN FOUT

Interesting how she calls her life “Mon aquarium” in this song but ” Et dans ma prison de verre” (my glass prison) in the Des Larmes (about 20 years later). It makes me so sad…instead of letting her be herself, live her life liberated as she always wanted so she can express her creativity freely, we have cornered her into the retreat and seclusion, my dearest Mylene, what have we done to you!!?? 🙁

Mylene Farmer MYLÈNE S’EN FOUT

Here are the stones Mylene refers to. I personally love both. I generally prefer so called non-precious stones. The bracelet of the natural stones is by far my most favorite jewelry. The stones like jade, malachite, tiger eye and crystals of any kind are my best friends 😊I am so glad Mylene and I are on the same page in regards to what really constitute a value.

Jade stone is a popular one that’s sometimes referred to as the stone of luck and happiness. “The use of jade goes back a long way and has its roots in ancient Eastern civilizations,” says crystal healer Carol Boote. Even the Spanish used jade, calling it “piedra de ijada,” or stone of the loin.

Mylene Farmer MYLÈNE S’EN FOUT

Jade symbolism includes associations with nobility and wealth. Many consider it a protector of generations, living and dead. Jade has been and always will be Yu, the “gem supreme” and the “Jewel of Heaven,” stone of the heart.

Mylene Farmer MYLÈNE S’EN FOUT

A protective stone, Jade keeps the wearer from harm and brings harmony. Jade attracts good luck and friendship. It stabilizes the personality and promotes self-sufficiency. Soothes the mind, releasing negative thoughts.

Mylene Farmer MYLÈNE S’EN FOUT

Amethyst is one of the most famous and prominent crystals because of its beautiful coloration as well as its spiritual and literal meaning. The spiritual meaning of Amethyst is ground-ness, tranquility, and calm. The literal meaning of Amethyst is “not intoxicated” – its name translates from the Greek word améthystos.

Natural tranquilizer: Amethyst relieves an individual from stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety. Amethyst activates spiritual awareness: This precious stone has outstanding healing and cleansing powers.



lyrics with translation

Mon aquarium
C'est pas du barnum
J'vois tes grand airs
De diamantaire
T'as plus de mystère
Comme tu as changé
T'es pas plus beau vue de haut
Moi comme j't'aimais
Tu f'sais la planche sur le dos
Voir ton île

Des améthystes
Mylène s'en fout
L'éclat du chic
Mylène s'en fout
Le jade est un joyau bien plus doux
Au creux du nombril
Mylène nue en dessous

Moi mes splendeurs
Sont celles du coeur
Ta mode s'emmure
Le jade est pur
Son style perdure
Comme tu as changé
Ta poésie a pris l'eau
Vois comme tu es
Mais sans parure c'est plus chaud
Sur mon île

My aquarium
It’s not a show
I see your great airs
You’re a diamond dealer
You’ve got more mystery
How you’ve changed
You’re not more beautiful from above
I like you so much
You do the board on your back
See your island

Mylene doesn’t care
The shine of the chic
Mylene doesn’t care
Jade is a much softer gem
In the hollow of the navel
Mylène naked underneath

Me my splendors
Are those of the heart
Your fashion is walled up
The jade is pure
Its style endures
How you have changed
Your poetry has taken on water
See how you are
But without adornment it’s warmer
On my island

Mylene Farmer MYLÈNE S’EN FOUT
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