Fan’s Creations:

Dear fan-friends, if you have created something inspired by Mylene, please share with us! Let us all enjoy it. Feel free to send it to me directly at:

Eric Adam

Wonderful artist. Portraitist. Uses graphite pencil:

“A fan of Mylène since the first hour, passion for drawing since my youngest age, I have been doing my job for almost 2 years”

Olivier Houriez “Une voix dans la nuit”

Today with the greatest excitement and pleasure I would like to present to you a remarkable Fan who turned his passion for Mylene into writing his wonderful book which only came out in July this year (2021) and called Une Voix dans la nuit by Olivier Houriez. The book is comprehensive and detailed research and creates a full picture of Mylene’s contribution to the French music.
It is very exciting to announce that the book now available for purchase –

Amazon and fnac (please click on either site to launch directly)
It is wonderful book which will be a great holiday gift to any Mylene’s fan as well as to anyone who has an interest to learn about French music arena for the past 30 years

A resent interview with Houriez is here

Sandy M

Sandy is an incredible artist and draws her inspirations from Mylene for many years and for many years her passion is drawing.
When she sent the drawings to Mylene to be autographed, Mylene kept (!!!) the originals and returned the copies with autographs. So these very drawings that you see now Mylene has somewhere in her possession. How incredible is that!

As you can see Mylene had send her the autographed drawing in return! How awesome is that!

Once again I have encountered such talent on Facebook and with the brief conversation with her, was even more impressed with her warmth and modesty. BRAVO, dear Sandy! Go on!

Sandy’s contact info:

Peter Ferrera

Dedicated Mylene’s fan since 2014. Currently lives in Canada near Mylene’s home town. Runs his own YouTube Channel where he posts synchronized translations to her songs to many languages. Incredible person. Visit his channel!

Peter is also one of the administrator in the group MYLENE FARMER ANGLO WORLD:

Madleen Parodi

Beautiful artist. Incredible Painter. Paints unforgettable portraits. Lives in Équeurdreville, France

Stas Krainikovskiy

Talented musician. Mylene’s fan. Creates and performs his piano covers for Mylene’s songs. They are truly masterpieces. I shared them through out the pages but here they are in one place:

A force de:

Je te dis tout:


Gorgeous original composition by Stas, inspired by Mylene’s songs:

Quentin Lambert

Depuis tout petit j’ai toujours eu un faible pour elle…quand j’ai écouté sa voix qui, pour la première fois m’a procuré une sensation d’immersion dans un monde où la temporalité n’est plus…cet amour que j’ai pour elle se traduit sans cesse par des pensées , chaque jour, chaque soir…et ce pour le reste de ma petite vie…Je ne fait que rêver des retrouvailles pour « Nevermore »…je repense à cette population qui crie son nom en frappant des mains…cette sensation d’avoir le rendez-vous de notre vie…tout ça est vite devenu vital pour moi…

“Since I was a child I have always had a soft spot for her…when I listened to her voice that for the first time gave me a feeling of immersion in a world where temporality is no more…this love that I have for her translates unceasingly into thoughts, every day, every evening… and this for the rest of my little life…I only dream of the reunion for “Nevermore”…I think of this crowd that shouts her name by clapping their hands…this sensation of having the appointment of our life…all this quickly became vital for me…”

Quentin Lambert tells one of a kind anecdotes inspired by Mylene Farmer creations in the form of a short stories which is sheer pleasure to read.

To read anecdotes from Quentin Lambert click HERE.

Polyedre Remixes

Polyedre offers orchestral and instrumental remakes of Mylene Farmer’s songs with unparalleled beauty, taste, and respect for the original songs. Polyedre’s interpretation is refreshingly unconventional, while still respecting the integrity of the song. In short, each remix is a masterpiece and will make you hear and feel even very familiar songs as if you were hearing them for the first time.
Polyedre is a very private person and told me only a few things about himself. He loves Mylene’s art for the past 20 years and has done remixes on and off for the past 2 decades as well as his hobby.
His own favorite is Before the Shadow:

Collages by Myna Moramento Rafi

I have created a dedicated page for Myna’s incredible collages. Visit it here 🧡

I also have a pleasure to present them in the beginning of the song’s pages (chapters). Please leave your comments. Let us know how do you like them.

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