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May brought us a whole new set of top choices. Most of them are not even a main stream songs. And only two out of 5 were performed live. It is nice to see how we are fans find many aspects and eras of Mylene worth revisiting and appreciating.


Agnus Dei

Every month we see at least once song from young Mylene in our top 5 songs of the month. And it is wonderful token of our loyalty and love for our Mylene. Agnus Dei is not and easy listening. It is not a sheer entertainment. Its not a track you work out with or listen with a glass of wine. It is a Serious song. And the fact that you still chose to visit it enough to push to the favorite’s list – speak the volumes.

Agnus Dei is a song from Mylène Farmer’s third studio album, L’autre… (1991).

I wanted to talk about mutilation, and then the Agnus Dei association came on its own. But God, I don’t know. Maybe that’s it, my mutilation ” (Mylène Farmer – “France Soir “- 04/13/1991 )


A-t-on jamais

A-t-on jamais (Have we ever) is a song # 9 from Mylène Farmer’s ninth studio album, Monkey Me released on 3 December 2012.

The lyrics to A-t-on jamais were written by Mylène Farmer. Music, arrangements, programming, keyboards and production: by Laurent Boutonnat.

This song in a way continues that mysterious trail of the previous songs where there is no information of what inspired it nor what specials meaning does it have for Mylene. No doubts it holds a special personal meaning but at this point we can only contemplate. I hope that with a lot of dedication and hope, one day we will get the clarification. If you are, my dear readers friends, can shed the light on the textual meaning, please comments on the page.


Rolling Stone

Collage curtesy of MYNA MORAMENTO RAFI

Rolling Stone is a song from Mylène Farmer’s eleventh studio album, DÉSOBÉISSANCE (2018). It is the first single from it.

Mylene warns us off the bet that she is in the “bad bad mood” but I am on the contrary feel my mood elevates as I listen to the song.

It is just super cool (as we say here in the US) Seriously, the whole thing: the rhythms (how cool are they!), the backup singing, and the whole techno thing going on, the production by Feder is just brilliant.

The Rolling Stone music was composed by Feder with Johanna Iser, Peter Hoppe, Anastassia Zimmerman, Ashley Hicklin, Kimberley Sawford & Quentin Segaud. Feder is also responsible for the artistic production of the piece. Its a wonderful title and I am happy to see it making to the top 3d place in May

The June 8, 2018, during the show The Song of the Year, she performs the song for the second time on television in a similar choreography. The words sewn on their backs are this time “N’oublie pas”, title of the second single from the album. Brilliant promotional technique, wouldn’t you agree?

If the previous top songs of the month never been performed live and weren’t even lucky enough to have a video slip, the song was performed during PARIS LA DÉFENSE ARENA 2019 concerts and was among one of the most anticipated titles. And of course how can we forget the footage of the rehearsals for Rolling Stone we had a pleasure to see in the L’Ultime Création:


Beyond my control

Collage curtesy of MYNA MORAMENTO RAFI

“Beyond My Control” is a 1991 song recorded by French singer-songwriter Mylène Farmer. It was the fourth single from her third studio album L’Autre… and was released in May 1992. The lyrics for Beyond my control were written by Mylène Farmer. The music for Beyond my control was composed by Laurent Boutonnat.

The song probably remains well known for its music video that caused controversy and was censored because of its sexual and violent content. In fact, you most likely won’t be able to find a full uncensored version anywhere in the net. The only island of digital freedom is found on Daily Motion website.

The song was inspired by the 1782 French epistolary novel Les Liaisons dangereuses, written by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos; In the song, the voice heard on the chorus of the song which repeats “It’s beyond my control” is in fact a sample of John Malkovich’s voice from the film “Dangerous Liaisons” by Stephen Frears. 

It was only sung during the 2000 Mylenium Tour and thus a recording of the performance is available on the VHS or DVD Mylenium Tour live album; on this occasion, however, Malkovich’s voice was replaced. Farmer wore then orange costume composed of a privateer trousers, a thick jacket and orange shoes, with high heels, and her dancers had different colored costumes. At the beginning of the song, Farmer asked the audience to clap their hands.

TOP SONG of MAY 2022

ave maria

What a surprise! I am overjoyed to see this version of classic piece by Mylene being our top choice of most visited songs in May. I personally adore this hidden track from seventh studio album, Point de Suture (2008).

The piece was composed by Austrian Frantz Schubert in 1825 under the name Ellens dritter Gesang.

Schubert’s arrangement first has been performed at the castle of Countess Sophie Weissenwolff in the little Austrian town of Steyregg and dedicated to her, which led to her becoming known as “the lady of the lake” herself.

Mylene’s version was arranged by Laurent Boutonnat himself and it almost reminds me of the “AU BOUT DE LA NUIT” the way Boutonnat arranged it. He accentuated the melody perfectly.

It starts and ends like a heartbeat: is it a beginning of a new life in the womb and perhaps the very last heart beat? And then its just an angelic voice. It’s so pure, so innocent, so full of beauty and sensitivity. Pray, cry, feel, cleanse, look up to the sky…

I am glad the song made it to the top position in May. Good choice, dear friends!

And finally a very special thanks to MYNA MORAMENTO RAFI for creating and sharing these incredible collages of Mylene’s work.

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