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March continued to be a month of a heartbreak, devastation and war crimes inflicted by Russian army upon Ukrainian people. I light a candle every day all day long to honor all those souls who have been brutally killed, all those souls who are currently suffer under Russian occupation and all those brave women and men who defend not only Ukrainian soil but also a human right for living in peace, living in freedom and choosing your political system. I pray this terrible war will come to an end soon. I pray the World will unite and stop this “Z”-ombies attacks!


L’âme dans l’eau

Collage curtesy of MYNA MORAMENTO RAFI

To be exact its the Quentin Lambert Anecdote No 20 : « Mélancolie amoureuse mais pas que… » that you have visited frequently this month. The anecdote dedicated to L’âme dans l’eau. Please visit Quentin’s personal page for wonderful anecdotes HERE

L’âme dans l’eau Its a beautiful cover Mylene released in 2020. Yes. Technically it is a cover. The song was actually written by the band How I Became the Bomb called Ulay Oh released back in 2014 on the EP Adonis.

The song tells a beautiful story of Serbian performer Marina Abramović, more specifically her separation and a moving reunion with the German artist and her ex partner, Ulay, who worked together with Marina from 1976 to 1989, by fate they have been separated saying goodbye under the Great Wall of China.

Mylene brought a new life to the song and just as she did with other covers, she made it totally hers. Would you agree?



Collage curtesy of MYNA MORAMENTO RAFI

And here is another cover! I am so happy to see this song making to our top 5 list! This song is very special to me. A year ago I was watching it from Avant que l’ombre 2006 and I was so empowered and overwhelmed by Mylene’s row and honest performance, I have decided to start this website. I felt that its time to give something back to Mylene as a appreciation and respect for all her hard work and talent that she shares with us all for so many years. I love this song in both of her tours and I am glad that you do too.


Maman a tort

Collage curtesy of MYNA MORAMENTO RAFI

Here is the song that started a whole new life for Mylene. She stepped into the music industry – sweet and young – most likely wasn’t not able to even imagining what is ahead of her. Did you know that her mom, when she saw her daughter on TV for the first time, thought the song was a total flap and Mylene won’t make it anywhere in the music industry. Well, I guess maman was really wrong in this instance 🙂



Collage curtesy of MYNA MORAMENTO RAFI

This song remains the most frequently referred by search engines such as Google 🙂 Can you guess why? I personally think this is great song with an incredible message! Speaking of the message, did you know that the title of the song as well as the song’s text was written by Mylene as a “response” to a journalist interviewed her in December 2001 – Dany Jucaud from Paris Match. Here is that infamous phrase that triggered something in Mylene.

Paris Match: You are so uncomfortable as soon as someone looks at you, your latest photos are borderline “porno chic”. Is it necessary to sell?
Mylène Farmer: We still need to define what we call chic porn. There is in these photos, as far as I know, neither pornography nor apparent nudity. To my knowledge – to use your term – pornography has never been chic.

To read an entire interview click HERE.



What a surprise! This barely known song is our top visited title in March! Did you expect that? I certainly didn’t! Regardless the reason: curiosity and a token of affection to the young Mylene or much deeper strife for understanding what moved Mylene then and what matters to her perhaps even now. Thank you for visiting, thank you for paying respect to the priceless legacy of our Mylene!

Mylene dedicated the song to Sainte-Thérèse d’Avila and her father Max. “Dedicated to Sainte-Thérèse d’Avila, and to Papa! It was for rhyme. And for pleasure too.” (Mylène Farmer – FR3 Aquitaine – 03/06/1985).

We must not touch motherhood, even less religion, it is a choice. The dedication to my father is very personal. I had an extensive religious education. I was fascinated for a long time by Saint Thérèse by maintaining a vision of her reduced to a popular image. I wanted to know more, and I looked at her life. She saw God on several occasions, spoke with him. The end of the story is censored.” (Mylène Farmer – ” L’Est Républicain ” – 05/09/1985)

And finally a very special thanks to MYNA MORAMENTO RAFI for creating and sharing these incredible collages of Mylene’s work.

If you’d like to have a gorgeous custom booklet of these compositions – feel free to register to have a chance to win it in MF FAN GAMES 2022 HERE

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