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Que je devienne… is a ninth track from Mylene Farmer 12th album L’Emprise released November 25 2022.

The lyrics of Que je devenir… were written by Mylène Farmer as all except Rayon Vert from the L’Emprise.

The text of Que je devenir makes a nod to Mylène’s 1988 album, Ainsi soit je… , and more specifically and directly to the song Jardin de Vienne quoted in the chorus.

The lyrics of this song quote writers or poets that Mylène is particularly fond of and to whom she has referred in the past.

Stefan Zweig (“Zweig of Love”).

“Stefan Zweig is going to build a work. I built something. I am proud of what I was able to build, without any pretension. I am happy to have met an audience.” ( RTL – 12/09/2009 )

“My bedside author, wake-up call, of good and bad days. Almost a companion that I follow step by step, book by book.” ( Citizen K – December 2011 )

Charles Baudelaire and the collection of poems, Les Fleurs du Mal

We obviously think of Baudelaire’s poem L’horloge set to music for the album Ainsi soit je… in 1988, opening of the concerts of the Tour 89 and final of the Live 2019.
In 2018, on the album Désobéissance , it is the poem Au lecteur which is present.
In 2021, in a documentary devoted to the poet and broadcast on France 5, Mylène offers a reading of the poem Élévation , from the collection Les Fleurs du Mal.

“In a few words, he is a genius, he is someone who speaks to me. I have been reading him for a very very very long time. He is a magician of words, of metaphor. He is someone who touches deeply.” ( RTL – 03/10/2018 )


(“Imagine / Dressed in white / Beyond the ether / See Emily, when the wind blows”)
Emily Dickinson was known to like dressing in white and ether is part of the lexicon of terms used in her poems.
Mylène was inspired by the work of this poetess for the texts of several of her songs .

Edgar Allan Poe
We know Mylène’s affection for this author since the song Allan in 1988. We find in the text of Que je devenir… : “And never again never again” which refers us to the poem The Raven in which the crow repeats: “Never again” or “Nevermore” in its original version. And, unprecedented for Mylène: a link is thus created in a song with her future concerts, here Nevermore 2023 .

“The singer, for her part, does not hesitate as often to slip in references. The most disturbing, undoubtedly, remains the evocation of the gardens of Vienna in the title Que je devenir , a poignant song of carnal, spiritual and eternal love. with astonishing liturgical flights. Jardin de Vienne is also the title of a key song from Mylène Farmer’s second album, So be I… , on the theme of suicide.” ( “Ouest France” – 25/11/2022)

“Singing its pains, its heavy secrets but also its hopes on a collection of ballads, knowing a few bursts during the sublimes That dawn is beautiful and That I become. .., which should create highlights on stage during his Nevermore 2023 tour .” ( Pure Charts – 11/25/2022)

“In their climax and their gothic atmospheres, four tracks are akin, moreover, to prayers: Invisibles who opens the album; Ne Plus Renaître , her rather insignificant collaboration with the English trip-hop group Archive where she whispers in her high-pitched voice “A spark, no more being reborn, a deliverance, I look up to heaven”; Rayon Vert composed with the French duo Aaron and Que Je Devienne . (…) This funeral oration is the top of the record. A 100% Mylène ballad where she invitesThe Flowers of Evil by Charles Baudelaire and “the gardens of Vienna”. The narrator is on her knees, the bells ring behind, a Gregorian choir resounds, a sweet perfume rises from the catacombs. Johnny Hallyday had his Requiem Pour Un Fou , Mylène now has Que Je Devienne which many fans already imagine as the track opening his next tour.” ( “Moustique” – 25/11/2022) “Despite some forgettable songs, there is no doubt that many of them will be sublimated in the high mass that will be the Nevermore Tour – we think in particular of the flamboyant Que je devenir… ” (” Sud Ouest ” – 29/11/2022)

“His ample orchestrations also give full place to a voice which, even more serious than before, will still seek high notes that make you shiver, like on Que l’aube est belle or Que je devenir .” (” La Voix du Nord ” – 02/12/2022)

“In his texts, we hear his anxieties (“Times are dark / Much more than strange”), his sleepless nights ( On the other hand ), a badly ended love story ( Forever ) compensated by the love odes that are Invisibles and Que je devenir .” (” West France ” – 03/12/2022)


lyrics with translation

Les mots, les liens
Juste nous
Plus la lente agonie du monde
Lettre d’adieu
Zweig d’amour

Là sur mes seins
Tes fleurs du mal, tout
Tout pour s’unir et pour toujours
M’ensevelir dans tes débauches

Dans les jardins de Vienne
Un rêve fou
Tous les poètes ensemble
Que je devienne
Muse parmi vous
Juste pour l’amour fou, de vous

Le creux de rеins
À genoux
Et plus jamais de « jamais plus »
Reviens plus fou
Reviens tous les jours

Vêtue de blanc
Par-delà l’éther
Voir Emily, quand le vent souffle
Un parfum doux comme ce parfum
De jour

Dans les jardins de Vienne
Un rêve fou
Tous les poètes ensemble
Que je devienne
Muse parmi vous
Juste pour l’amour fou, de vous

The words, the links
Just us
Plus the slow agony of the world
Farewell letter
Zweig of love

There on my breasts
Your flowers of evil, all
Everything to unite and forever
To bury me in your debauchery
Of love

In the gardens of Vienna
A crazy dream
All the poets together
I shall become
Muse among you
Just for the crazy love for you

The hollow of rеins
On my knees
And never again
Come back madder
Coming back every day

Dressed in white
Beyond the ether
See Emily, when the wind blows
Sweet as the scent
Of daylight

In the gardens of Vienna
A crazy dream
All the poets together
I may become
Muse among you
Just for the crazy love of you

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