What a great great pleasure to talk about this song or should I better say an incredible duet with the legendary Line. It is so wonderful to be able to honor someone while they are still with us, still living and having abilities to feel loved and appreciated. I pray that Line sees this article or at last feels how much love is being sent her way. Mylene is so thoughtful and loving once again creating such a memorable legacy with this song!

I am sure for her Line has been a music icon she grew up watching. I would imagine her parents watched her on TV as little Mylene was probably totally taken by the beauty and an incredible presence of Line Renaud. Would she ever believe then, a little girl with huge dark eyes, that one day Line will pass her a torch of being a French music legend!…pretty cool, I’d say! Pretty cool 🙂

The song is included to the Line Renaud’s album Rue Washington released in 2010. It does not appear on any Mylène Farmer’s albums.

Let’s jump on the time machine and take a little journey to Line’s life, shall we?

Line Renaud born Jacqueline Ente in Pont-de-Nieppe 2 July 1928 is a French singer, actress and AIDS activist. She is 92 and still luckily doing well.

Her mother Simone was a shorthand typist; her father was a truck driver during the week, but he played the trumpet on weekends, in a local brass band. Line showed the first signs of her talent in primary school, when at the age of seven she won an amateur competition.

During the Second World War, Jacqueline’s father was mobilized, spending five years away from the family. During this time, Jacqueline was brought up by her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

Her grandmother had a café in Armentières, where she used to sing for passing soldiers.

She auditioned at Conservatoire de Lille, singing songs written by Loulou Gasté “Sainte-Madeleine” and “Mon âme au diable”. Louis Gasté was at that time a well-known French composer. At the end of the audition, she was approached by the director of Radio Lille who was looking for a singer. She took the pseudonym of Jacqueline Ray and joined the station singing a repertoire based on the songs by Loulou Gasté. In 1945, she moved to Paris and got her first gig in Folies Belleville, where she was introduced to Gasté. She was 16, and Gasté was 37. He became her mentor, changing her image and her name.

Does the story remind you a bit of someone we know well? Perhaps the other in the duet…

Line Renaud made her national debut on Radio Luxembourg, singing on a Sunday morning program. After signing a contract with Pathe Marconi, she recorded “Ma Cabane au Canada”, written by Loulou Gasté, which won le Grand Prix du Disque. She also sang with Yves Montand in the Théâtre de l’Etoile. She toured Europe and Africa extensively, came back to Paris to star at the ABC, and recorded numerous adaptations of American songs such as “Ma petite folie”, “Etoile des neiges” and “Le chien dans la vitrine”.

In 1954, while performing at Moulin Rouge, she met Bob Hope and subsequently appeared in five episodes of The Bob Hope Show in the US. During this trip, she also sang in the Waldorf Astoria (New York) and the Cocoanut Grove (Los Angeles), appeared on Johnny Carson, Dinah Shore and Ed Sullivan shows and recorded with Dean Martin the songs “Relax-Ay-Voo” and “Two Sleepy People”.

In 1959, she started a four-year run of Plaisir de Paris for Henri Varna and then went on to perform in a Las Vegas show at Dunes from 1963 to 1965. In 1966 she returned to Paris and the Casino de Paris starring in a new show, Desir de Paris. In 1968, she returned to Las Vegas for a number of performances. In France, in 1973 she created an American show which she toured for two years around the country. She then helped Casino de Paris, threatened by closing, by putting on a show called ‘Paris – Line’ with Loulou Gasté, which ran for four years.

In the 1980s, she starred in a TV show Telle est Line for Antenne 2 and recorded songs in English and French. At Casino de Paris, she put on a one off show which retraced her forty-year career. Also, in 1981, she served as an unofficial on-air “guide” for Merv Griffin when he taped “The Merv Griffin Show” in Paris, and in 1982 she was a guest on Perry Como’s Christmas special in Paris. In 1989, she toured around Japan as part of a festival which marked the bicentennial of the French Revolution.

In 1950, she married Loulou Gasté and stayed with him until his death in 1995. In 2000, a Golden Palm Star on the Palm Springs, Walk of Stars was dedicated to her.

LAS VEGAS Caesars Palace honored legendary French performer and activist Line Renaud with a street sign in front of the resort on Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017. Renaud’s versatile career as a recording artist, performer and actress has spanned more than 70 years. Her contributions to the Las Vegas Strip include assisting the founders of Caesars Palace with designing various aspects of the resort’s guest rooms and showroom before its opening in 1966, including the selection of linens, marble, flooring and stage platforms. Renaud’s career boasts numerous awards and accolades, including the Grand Prix du Disque for “Ma cabane au Canada,” three César Awards nominations for Best Supporting Actress in France.

Let’s watch one of her famous songs is Ma petite folie (such a cheeky performance!)

Lyrics by Mylène Farmer. Music composed, produced, keyboards, programming and mixing: Laurent Boutonnat

It was Mylène who suggested to Line Renaud the idea of ​​a duo. Line Renaud had long followed and appreciated Mylène’s career, and it was after one of the concerts at the Stade de France in September 2009 that the two artists met in Mylène’s dressing room in the presence of Laurent Boutonnat. It must have been so amazing for Mylene!!

“We decided to have dinner once or twice. And she offered me to sing a duet. I would never have dared to suggest to her. ” (Line Renaud – “La Voix du Nord” – 07/11/2010) Aww..how modest is she!!!

“It was during a dinner that the idea for C’est pas Heure was born. (She sings.) “A sweet dream, a delight”, that’s really it! ” (Line Renaud – ” France Soir “- 08/11/2010)

“I met her at a dinner party and, as everyone seems to say, when you meet Line’s blue eyes… a magic happens. She is a beautiful, quirky and charming woman. I am instinctive, desire wins out in these moments. Her vital energy is impressive. But it is also someone who doubts, it is imperceptible but touching. ” (Mylène Farmer- ” Paris Match “- 12/02/2010)

A possible inspiration from the American poet Emily Dickinson. “Like an old miracle” recalls lines from The Single Hound: “Like some old-fashioned miracle / When Summertime is done / Seems Summer’s recollection / And the affairs of June.”

On September 9, 2010, the daily “Le Parisien – Today in France” announces that Mylène will record a duet with Line Renaud for the latter’s new album.

Many artists participate in the writing of this album: Julien Clerc, Alain Chamfort, Grand Corps Malade, Michel Delpech, Salvatore Adamo, Christophe Maé … On the other hand, it will only include two duets: the one with Mylène and a second with Johnny Hallyday.

This duet with Line Renaud is the first duet of Mylène’s career with a female artist.

On September 13, 2010 a photo bringing together the two artists in a recording studio was posted on the linerenaud.com site.

Everything is done to maintain the secrecy around this duo before the release of the album. It does not appear on the promo album sent to the media.

On October 30, 2010, the title leaked on the net. Warner Music makes every effort to have it removed from the sites.

On November 8, 2010: Line Renaud’s album Rue Washington released.

We find in the album booklet a black and white photo of the two singers (identical to the one posted on Line Renaud’s site a few weeks earlier but then in color). The photographer is Mathieu Zazzo: On the other hand, Mylène does not appear in the DVD included as a bonus in the collector’s edition of the album and revealing the backstage of the recording.

The words of Line Renaud in the booklet: “Two gifts that I did not expect: two duets. The one with Johnny, my godson, it is so symbolic for me. And the one I would never have dared to dream of: with Mylène. I loved the artist since her beginnings, I discovered an exceptional woman.”


lyrics with translation

Like an old miracle, un pas de deux magique
Pour un amour, pour un envol, l'on fait vœux de vie
J'ai beau ouï-dire qu'ils sont chauds, je me dis que c'est beau, oui
Et de se dire, on est KO de leurs jeux, de leurs mots, dis...
Like an old miracle, tu m'as vue grandir
Tu es là, parfois de dos, grave et un peu triste
Je te dis quand c'est trop beau, oui, quand est ainsi
Toi et moi, un peu dingos, pourtant j'ai beau ouï-dire
Qu'ils sont chauds!
C'est pas l'heure de mourir ou de partir, mais reprendre vie
C'est pas l'heure de mourir ou de partir, restons amis
Like an old miracle, doux rêves, un délice
Donnez-nous vos longues nuits, sauvez-nous du vide
Je te dis quand c'est trop beau, oui, quand on est ainsi
Pour un sourire, un mot de trop, pourtant j'ai beau ouï-dire
Qu'ils sont chauds! J'ai beau ouï-dire qu'ils sont chauds!
Mais tout remettre à zéro, leurs on-dit sont des magots
D'or et de placebo, Dieu qu'ils sont chauds!
C'est pas l'heure de mourir ou de partir, mais reprendre vie
C'est pas l'heure de mourir ou de partir, restons ensemble ici
C'est pas l'heure de mourir ou de partir, mais reprendre vie
C'est pas l'heure de mourir ou de partir, restons amis.
Like an old miracle, a magical pas de deux
For a love, for a take-off, we make wishes of life
I have beautiful hearsay that they are hot, I tell myself that it is beautiful, yes
And of say, we are knocked out of their games, their words, say ...
Like an old miracle, you saw me grow up
You are there, sometimes from behind, serious and a little sad
I tell you when it's too much beautiful, yes, when is it
You and me, a little crazy, yet I have beautiful hearsay
They are hot!
It's not time to die or go, but come back to life
It's not time to die or go, let's be friends
Like an old miracle, sweet dreams, a delight
Give us your long nights, save us from emptiness
I tell you when it's too beautiful, yes, when we are like this
For a smile, one word too many, yet I have beautiful hearsay
They are hot! I have heard hearsay that they are hot!
But reset everything, their hearsay is nest egg
Gold and placebo, God they are hot!
It's not time to die or go, but come back to life
It's not time to die or go, let's stay together here
It's not time to die or go, but come back to life
It's not time to die or to go, let's be friends.

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