J’ai essayé de vivre…(I tried to live …)  is a track # 7 from Mylène Farmer’s ninth studio album, Monkey Me released on 3 December 2012

The lyrics to J’ai essayé de vivre… were written by Mylène Farmer. Music, arrangements, programming, keyboards and production: Laurent Boutonnat.

It’s a very “human” song. Mylene once again reaffirms her humility. We all come here without a manual. 😊 And we all do our very best to try to live according to what we believe is right. We all of course make mistakes, we all become lost sometimes, take detours, get discouraged, disillusioned and even jaded by the events that we created consciously or unwillingly.

Un sentiment de n'être
Rien du tout

“A feeling of being
Nothing at all”

How well it links with the previous song I covered yesterday À quoi je sers…

Musically it is another well put together dance tune which is remixed nicely and is a joy – no doubts – to dance to in the clubs.

Jérôme Devoise portrait – sound engineer

Speaking of mixing, I think it’s time to talk about Jérôme Devoise – the man behind the curtains who makes the magic happen for us.

Meet Jérôme Devoise – a sound engineer. His job is record, mix and make the live performances sound as good as studio recordings. The biggest challenge is stadiums and large arenas where sound delays can be a few seconds or more. Long story short he is the wizard of Oz we all want to meet. He is humble and loyal to the artists he like. Mylene happened to be one of such artists. He mixed almost all of her albums since Innamoramento. He also reworked many Mylene’s live performance official videos to enhance the quality of sound. He is apparently also a musician and play many instruments for the recordings.

He works regularly with the group Archive for the mixing but also as a producer on certain titles or albums.

He also collaborated with Khaled (sound engineer on the Kenza album in 1999), Christophe Willem (sound engineer + mixing for the September album in 2008), Enrique Iglesias etc

He works at the Guillaume Tell studio.

Jérôme Devoise is also a loyal collaborator of Mylene Farmer and Alizée: He was the one who played the role of the frozen lover in the clip Moi … Lolita in 2000.

Jérôme Devoise Studio albums work

Jérôme Devoise Singles (or songs)

Jérôme Devoise Concerts

     * 2019: Live 2019 ( Paris La Défense Arena) – Sound (with Stéphane Plisson)





lyrics with translation

Danser sans cesse
Au bord du gouffre
Pourtant l'ivresse comme
Un "entre-nous"

Voir la pénombre
Qui éclaire mon visage
On s'est dit "ensemble
Si c'est là ton voyage"

Un sentiment de n'être
Rien du tout
A vous peut-être
Je dirai tout

Moi j'ai
Moi j'ai essayé de vivre
Ici un sens à ma vie
Moi j'ai,
Tant voulu d'autre
Milliers d'âmes anonymes

Au claire de lune
Mon ami "qui" ?
Suis-je ta plume
Mais quand la nuit...

Où étais-tu alors
Puisque je t'aime
Où étais-tu encore

Es-tu un rêve
Es-tu un frère
Et je manque d'air
Quand tu m'oublies
Dancing without ceasing
On the edge of the abyss
Yet intoxication like
A "between us”

See the darkness
That lights up my face
We said "together
If this is your journey"

A feeling of being
Nothing at all
To you maybe
I'll tell you everything

I have
I tried to live
Here a meaning to my life
I have,
Wanted so much of "the Other"
Thousands of anonymous souls

In the moonlight
My friend "who"?
Am I your feather
But when the night...

Where were you then
Since I love you
Where were you again

Are you a dream
Are you a brother
And I run out of air
When you forget me

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