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Rallumer les étoiles is a sixth track from Mylene Farmer 12th album L’Emprise released November 25 2022.

Rallumer les étoiles becomes the third single from the album L’Emprise after the single À tout jamais and Rayon vert, the duet with AaRON released January 13, 2023.

A Radio Edit version is available since midnight on streaming and download platforms. It has also been sent to radio stations.

The music of Rallumer les étoiles was composed by Moby who also provided the artistic production. With Bouteille à la mer, it is one of the two tracks produced by Moby for the album.

The lyrics were written by Mylène with a potential reference to Guillaume Apollinaire’s poem, “Il est grand temps de rallumer les étoiles”. And of course, the little wink to Sans Logique with these lyrics in common : “Dieu nous fait à son image“.

This Radio Edit version has a duration of 03’29 so shorter than the original version of the album (04’24) and more adapted to the passages in radios.

The cover of the promo is in the continuity of those of the supports of the single À tout jamais.

We can hope for a video clip as for the first two extracts and maybe physical supports and remixes which only the first single has benefited from until now.


lyrics with translation

Compter les heures
L’eau est rare
Et descendre
Au plus profond de soi
L’édifice est solide
Je le vois

Redonner de la vie aux années
Redonner aussi le goût d’aimer
Apprendre à écrire ses blessures
Dans le sable
Qui murmure

I feel it
I feel it
I feel it
I feel love

Dieu nous fait à son image
Et pour mieux tourner la page
Nul regret du passé
I feel lovе

Rallumer les étoiles
Rallumеr les étoiles
Rallumer les étoiles
Rallumer les étoiles

Compter les heures
Même tard
Qu’on n’a plus peur du noir
Accueillir dans ses entrailles
Ses failles

Juste un détail
Ne plus se faire de mal
Juste un détail
Le déluge après moi

Counting the hours
Water is rare
And descends
To the depths of oneself
The structure is solid
I see it

Giving life to the years
To give back also the taste to love
Learn to write your wounds
In the sand
That whispers

I feel it
I feel it
I feel it
I feel love

God made us in his image
And to better turn the page
No regrets of the past
I feel lovе

I feel love
Light up the stars
Light up the stars
Light up the stars

Counting the hours
Even late
To find out
That we are no longer afraid of the dark
To welcome in the depths
of its flaws

Just a detail
Not to harm yourself anymore
Just a detail
The flood behind me

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