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Rallumer les étoiles is a sixth track from Mylene Farmer 12th album L’Emprise released November 25 2022. A gorgeous video directed by Melanie Laurent came out as the best Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2023) gift to her fans. Its packed with Mylene-verse references and make our hearts sing! ❤

Rallumer les étoiles becomes the third single from the album L’Emprise after the single À tout jamais and Rayon vert, the duet with AaRON released January 13, 2023.

A Radio Edit version is available since midnight on streaming and download platforms. It has also been sent to radio stations.

The music of Rallumer les étoiles was composed by Moby who also provided the artistic production. With Bouteille à la mer, it is one of the two tracks produced by Moby for the album.

The lyrics were written by Mylène with a potential reference to Guillaume Apollinaire’s poem, “Il est grand temps de rallumer les étoiles”. And of course, the little wink to Sans Logique with these lyrics in common : “Dieu nous fait à son image“.

This Radio Edit version has a duration of 03’29 so shorter than the original version of the album (04’24) and more adapted to the passages in radios.

The cover of the promo is in the continuity of those of the supports of the single À tout jamais.

I was right when I wrote back in January : We can hope for a video clip. Our dreams came true by Valentine’s Day.

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Mylene conquers us from the very moment her victorious silhouette on the white horse appears. Seriously! How can you resist our Goddess on the white horse in the bright red cape!?

She is triumphal. It’s a sheer Power (how appropriate for the album L’emprise). It is a steps of justice. In the end of the clip, as the white horse rises, so does her spirit. Be aware!

The book of revelations states: “Now I watched when the Lamb opened one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures say with a voice like thunder, ‘Come!’  And I looked, and behold, a white horse! And its rider had a bow, and a crown was given to him, and he came out conquering, and to conquer.” And it is ladies and gentlemen, exact opening image of the RALLUMER LES ÉTOILES. Minus the bow and the crown plus the Lamb (sheep) to be revealed later on.

Isn’t it a direct hint to the four horsemen of Apocalypse riding out on white, red, black, and pale horses?  Is it Mylene’s statement that she believes in the ultimate Judgment Day for the evil doers? White horsemen was often associated with Christ and his pure intentions for humanity. Mylene perhaps relates.

Just like in the dawn of her artistic journey in the unforgettable Libertine and POURVU QU’ELLES SOIENT DOUCES, she chooses the white horse to ride on. The circle is complete. Purity prevails.

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Mylene is in touch with her power more than ever. The white horse represents a purity in the contrast to the blackened sheep drawing, symbolizing innocence lost prematurely or possibly due to grim circumstances. Obvious wink to ” Dessine-moi un mouton ” and perhaps C’est une belle journée and of course The Little Prince himself.

She walks through the abandoned mansion… perhaps haunted by what she experienced there, perhaps by her memories, or forever lost younger version of herself. But wait!  Is it really lost?

Today’s Mylene is super playful and all smiles. As if reminding us: it’s never too late to have a happy childhood! She is youthful as she is ageless. Her gestures and body language are full of liveliness and charming childlike innocence.  Despite it all!…

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Her physical “house” might get worn out – our bodies do age, but her soul is eternally young and filled with joy. In fact, she invites us to play along with her. She flirts shamelessly with us. But not as a seductive sexy cougar but rather as an innocent kitten or a little lamb who opened a mystical seal within herself?

She peels off the layers of the old wallpaper symbolizing her sorrow and pain just to discover something infinitely happy and beautiful.

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The interior of the Château des Faisans, (19th century castle) is somewhat reminiscent of the one we saw in the horror suspense film starring Mylene  – Ghostland. But in contrary to the film, this house despite being a fixer upper is filled with light.

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She walks towards the light, and she lets it illuminate all of her, even her memories. Hint, the title of the song?

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I hope you also have noticed a reference to Plus Grandir. I am not imagining it.

Once again, there is a confusing blend of passion and violence playing over Mylene’s younger self. It is questionable how old that version of her is. but it is appears to be juvenile.

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Plus Grandir
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The images are intentionally darkened and blurred out only to offer us a vague picture of what had happened.  Isn’t it how memories tend to be, especially if they are traumatic?

I am not insisting on the “violent loss of innocence” interpretation, but it seems to me our muse wants to share something very personal and dark in this impressionistic vision of her past. 

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What sealed the deal to me was a sheep (as in lamb, as in Agnus Dei) smudged over with a black paint.  A tinted childhood and the loss of innocence is not a foreign theme for Mylene.

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And perhaps, for so many of us? If you speak Mylène, you can’t imagine any other meaning. How often do survivors of sexual abuse have mixed and contradictory feelings and memories about their perpetrators. Stockholm syndrome is at its finest if you will. In the larger scale the edge between pain in pleasure is forever obscured for us, humans, but in our youth the trojan horse of a “consensual love” dominates the bastions of our naivete. Only with wisdom of time do we look back and come to the full realization of the wrongdoings we have endured.

But enough of the darkness! Let’s step out to the light just like our Mylene did. She is happy now. She declares it openly and bravely. She is no longer afraid, she doesn’t regret it, she doesn’t feel pain or sadness even in front of the bed where her passions were insidiously ignited.

She chooses love. And everyone who embodies it for her. She sees a vision of her paternal grandfather Paul-Albert. The sculptor, dear person in her life, who she knew only from stories told by her beloved grandma Jeanne – Paul-Albert widow.

Because of the premature death of her husband, she accepted her son’s invitation to move to Canada. There she helped Max and Marguerite to care for their 3 babies. The youngest Mylène – is her very favorite (but shhh…it’s a secret!)

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“My grandfather, whom I didn’t know, was a sculptor. So gifted! I have a seated child of his, sculpted in plaster, a fragile figure who with his hand will search inside a human skull placed between his legs. Definitely, genetics does not lie.”

Mylene already paid tribute to Paul-Albert in the REDONNE-MOI video directed by François Hanss.

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She mentioned him in the The Ultimate Creation and now again made him a reincarnated into the reality played by J.Paul Dix….this time more vivid than ever. She plays with him as if in a dream, like she never really could in reality… In the house of her memories, he is alive. It’s a beautiful tribute and a loving acknowledgment of her predecessors, with whom she feels strong connection.

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J Paul Dix and Mélanie Laurent

The role of Mylene’s grandfather is played by J.Paul Dix, who thanked the director Melanie Laurent on his Instagram account: “The latest video clip of Mylène Farmer was released this evening in which I play her grandfather… A big thank you to Mélanie Laurent, who directed it, for choosing me for this role.”

What else, dear friends, did we notice?

The chair! Love it. She sits comfily and cozily on it. I had no idea it could be used in so many different ways, lol.

Did you also notice the back is heart-shaped if she sits in the middle. Playful reinforcement of the idea of LOVE. Just like in the Rolling Stone there are many different objects and subtle reminders that love is in fact everywhere.

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In her resting spot where she just sits with her memories, being comforted by them, peekaboo with them, she completes the circle of transformation and rediscovers her essence. It is Love.

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Never in the history of Mylène’s videos did she smile so much and radiated so much happiness.  Happiness, of course, isn’t a place, happiness is an internal childlike state of Love. And she feels it! (Over and over!). We all rejoice with her as she deserves it.  Being through many dark corridors ourselves, we know the truth too: the essence of joy is only found within ourselves.

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I am sensing a vibe from N’OUBLIE PAS here as well. Flashbacks to the childhood from the perspective of an adult.  This time she is nostalgic not for the Other but to her younger selves (!).

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Did she come to her house to free her ghosts, to reclaim her innocence, to step into the joy over the shambles of the past – at last? The liberation is more than obvious. The state of wholeness is a state of happiness.

But what’s the deal with Mylene as The Red Riding Hood? She sure is gorgeous in this outfit and the strong feminine symbol didn’t pass unnoticed. But is the legendary fairytale character here just for giggles or does it perhaps unassumingly states the very main theme of this video and the poetry behind the RALLUMER LES ÉTOILES . It is a classic connection to childhood, perhaps even a bit of a cliché which we will gladly forgive Mylene for.  What is the takeaway of one of the favorite bedtime stories?

The story revolves around a predator, so artful and strong, who pretends to be someone he is not, and a little girl who is too trusting. The moral of the story is that characters in our book are not always who they appear to be…

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Sometimes an attractive demeanor detains a perpetrator inside and sometimes perhaps a humble appearance (like her grandfather Paul-Albert) covers an extraordinary talent and a heart of gold. Mylene comes to terms with the losses and gains of the journey through the different archetypes.

It’s not new. It has been communicated even through Baudelaire’s AU LECTEUR

Mais parmi les chacals, les panthères, les lices,
Les singes, les scorpions, les vautours, les serpents,
Les monstres glapissants, hurlants, grognants, rampants,
Dans la ménagerie infâme de nos vices…
— Charles Baudelaire Au Lecteur

But among the jackals, the panthers, the lice,
The monkeys, the scorpions, the vultures, the snakes,
The yelping, howling, snarling, crawling monsters,
In the infamous menu of our vices...
— Charles Baudelaire To the Readers

Perhaps Oui mais…non is a good cherry on top of this tastefully prepared masterpiece.

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Amour, le loup c’est ton nom” (Love, the wolf is your name) declares Mylene. Undoubtfully from personal experiences. YET in the end of the song just like this video “L’amour rend tout plus beau” (Love makes everything more beautiful). There is no wolf intimidating enough to hijack your innocence. You always have the Power.  

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Look how far she’s come! Can you hear her laughter? The knight on the white horse finally arrived! And it’s not a mysterious unpredictable Other who speaks foreign tongue and shows up (as always) way to late! (like Rasoukine in Tristana). This time it’s Mylene herself as her Prince, her Redeemer and the Greatest Love of all.

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She came out victorious at last! Her wild and pure spirit is intact. She playfully mimics the horse’s moves with her feet while on the chair. In the clip’s finale she shares a deeply intimate moment of communion with the horse. Does she see her own reflection in the familiar face… of the Authentic Other?

screenshot 1

It’s not a secret, only animals are completely honest. They are who they are. Humans? Not so much…Perhaps, it is a continuation of our beloved video Je te diS tout. This time she tells it to us. Do we hear?

The message is beautiful.  It’s all about love. Love everything: happy, painful, daunting, confusing. It is all Love. Love every stage of your life. It’s all a blessing if you see it through the light of Love. Love is everything. Wouldn’t you agree?

Many thanks to Melanie Laurent for this beautiful treat. As long as there is the “Laurent” in the director’s name we are up for a treat. 😊  Mylene and Melanie became close friends while being judges of the Cannes film festival last summer. Mylene found a true friendship in the midst of a deep grief after the loss of her beloved dog Liloup.  Life went on, deep bonds are formed sometimes in the most unexpected circumstances.

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Mélanie Laurent played the role of Lili in the film Je vais bien ne t’en fais pas, directed by Philippe Lioret. One of the songs from the film’s soundtrack, U turn (Lili) was composed and performed by the group AaRON and jumped started their career. It’s a small world after all, isn’t it? Myleneverse is all interconnected and don’t we just love her for it.

More on L’Emprise here: https://mylenefarmerbook.com/news-on-upcoming-12th-album/

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lyrics with translation

Compter les heures
L’eau est rare
Et descendre
Au plus profond de soi
L’édifice est solide
Je le vois

Redonner de la vie aux années
Redonner aussi le goût d’aimer
Apprendre à écrire ses blessures
Dans le sable
Qui murmure

I feel it
I feel it
I feel it
I feel love

Dieu nous fait à son image
Et pour mieux tourner la page
Nul regret du passé
I feel lovе

Rallumer les étoiles
Rallumеr les étoiles
Rallumer les étoiles
Rallumer les étoiles

Compter les heures
Même tard
Qu’on n’a plus peur du noir
Accueillir dans ses entrailles
Ses failles

Juste un détail
Ne plus se faire de mal
Juste un détail
Le déluge après moi

Counting the hours
Water is rare
And descends
To the depths of oneself
The structure is solid
I see it

Giving life to the years
To give back also the taste to love
Learn to write your wounds
In the sand
That whispers

I feel it
I feel it
I feel it
I feel love

God made us in his image
And to better turn the page
No regrets of the past
I feel lovе

I feel love
Light up the stars
Light up the stars
Light up the stars

Counting the hours
Even late
To find out
That we are no longer afraid of the dark
To welcome in the depths
of its flaws

Just a detail
Not to harm yourself anymore
Just a detail
The flood behind me

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