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Dear friends, it is time for our most visited MF songs of August 2022. It’s no surprise A tout Jamais hit out top position this month as its been released on August 26, 2022. There are other wonderful choices to follow. You can find all the songs’ full stories and links here

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Mylene Farmer L’INSTANT X (Top song of August 2022)
Collage curtesy of MYNA MORAMENTO RAFI

We got a beautiful flashback this month all the way to the mid-90s and Anamorphosée. Once again the song is very actual and we are once again up against unknown future in the light of illnesses and wars. Once again, we are uncertain about our future as individuals, countries and the planet in whole. Mylene seems to always have a perfect soundtrack to what is here and what is yet to come. 

Mylene kept this song dear to her and included it in the 6 (!!) of her albums! The title L’instant X is present on the album Anamorphosée (1995), Live à Bercy (1996) , the best of Les mots (2001), RemixeS (2004) and Histoires de (2020)

One thing stood out about this single. This video premiered on television on 17 December 1995 in the French show Déjà le retour; but in an early version and was not much appreciated by her fans, Rigal even considered the video “disappointing”. The highly anticipated Anamorphosée marked a “big return” of Mylene and subsequently that’s how now the press is calling upcoming L’Emprise. The history repeats it seems…until it does NEVERMORE 🙂

There were a few memorable live performances of the song. The first (perhaps your favorite?) is the “kiss” performance on March 1996. Playfully, Mylene (and Valery) dropped the bomb by sharing a sweet mouth-to-mouth in the end of the song. It has a ripple effect as everything Mylene does… it seems

Mylene Farmer L’INSTANT X (Top song of August 2022)

The L’Instant X was performed in concert during the 1996 tour. Version close to that of the single but ending with the instrumental of “Santa’s hard remix” during which Mylène changes her outfit.

In the Tour 2009 the song was performed live again but exclusively for the five stadium concerts from SEPTEMBER 4 to 19, 2009. Arrangements for the stage: Laurent Boutonnat .



Mylene Farmer L’AMOUR N’EST RIEN  (Top song of August 2022)
Collage curtesy of MYNA MORAMENTO RAFI

L’Amour n’est rien … is a song from Mylène Farmer’s sixth studio album, Avant que l’ombre … (2005). It is the fourth single extracted. As you all indicated this song is a number 3 favorite from the album right after AVANT QUE L’OMBRE (one of the greatest songs produced by Mylene and LB) and PEUT-ETRE TOI. There is a lovely anecdote about this song by Quentin Lambert. Visit it HERE

In addition to this unforgettable strip-clip, Mylene gave us 3 live performances of this song in 3 of her subsequent tours : Avant que l’ombre….concerts in Bercy from January 13 to 29, 2006, Tour 2009 on two dates in Russia (St. Petersburg and Moscow since the song is a huge hit in Russia). During Timeless 2013 L’amour n’est rien … was performed in Belarus ( October 27, 2013 ) and Russia ( November 1st and 4th, 2013 ) as well as on the second part of the tour in France , Belgium and Switzerland (from November 13 to December 6, 2013 ), the song taking the place of ELLE A DIT in the show’s setlist.

Avant Que L’Ombre…
Tour 2009
Timeless 2013

I also made translation and subtitles for this Timeless performance: French, English and Russian. Hope you like them




Mylene Farmer L’AUTRE (Top song of August 2022)
Collage curtesy of MYNA MORAMENTO RAFI

Thank you for picking this iconic Mylene Farmer song for your top 3 favorite in August 2022. This song for sure deserves it. L’autre Is a third title from the third studio album with the same name L’autre and the best selling Mylene’s album of all times. And coincidently it is out number 3 favorite song of the month 🙂

Mylene performed the song twice during her tours: 1996 tour and 10 year later in Avant Que L’ombre… series of concerts but was sung only in ten out of the thirteen dates (the other three had Ansi Soit Je…in the setlist instead)



Mylene Farmer L’ANNONCIATION (Top song of August 2022)

This song made it to the top 5 second time this year: the first tine it was your number 1 choice in March . Why? I think there are two reasons. First off, the song is still quite unknown for a lot MF fans and it picks the interest. The second reason is I dedicated Facebook community post to this song – this time as a part of “MF Chanson du jour” rubric which I continue through the year. Thank you for finding my posts relevant and visiting my webpages for more reading about our Mylene.

L’annonciation (The Annunciation) is a song proposed on Side B of the single ON EST TOUS DES IMBÉCILES (1985).

Lyrics and music both by Laurent Boutonnat. And yes, it is definitely a unique experiment.



Mylene Farmer A tout jamais (Top song of August 2022)

Well! Not a surprise at all considering the song only came on August 26 as a first single from the future album L’Emprise to be released to our impatient fan’s crowd on November 25 , 2022 (right around Thanksgiving for me here in the states – and sure something to be very thankful for!) The video came out on September 12 – Mylene’s 61st Birthday – and made a big tsunami through the fan’s community . Many jaws are dropped, many heads are scratched and many eyebrows are raised. In short, mission accomplished! Thank you, dearest Mylene for this gift. The song is written in collaboration with Woodkid, the video is done by Tobias Gremmler. More news about the song and the upcoming album here: NEWS ON L’EMPRISE.

Let’s comment below what you think about the A tout jamais and the video. Thank you all as always for being here! This website is my joy and pride, heart and soul and most of all – the reflection of the greatest love of my life – MYLENE ❤

And finally a very special thanks to MYNA MORAMENTO RAFI for creating and sharing these incredible collages of Mylene’s work.

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