AIME Mylene Farmer

Aime (love) is a song # 8 from Mylène Farmer’s sixth studio album, Avant que l’ombre … released on 4 April 2005.

The lyrics of the song Aime were written by Mylène Farmer.

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This song appears to be a tribute to Serge Gainsbourg, whose vocabulary, puns and techniques, Mylene loves and uses in her test writing. It also quotes the title of a 1969 song written by Gainsbourg: “L’Anamour”.

In this esoteric text, Mylene evokes passionate love that makes her suffer. The range of interpretation is totally a personal choice. You may only see it as an emotional pain or poetic description of the dysfunctional love dynamic which both magnetizes and causes pain by inflicting constant struggle. Some might even interpret it as a picture of a “date-rape” being described from the woman’s standpoint. If this is the case, kudos to Mylene for her bravery and a courage to speak up regardless if it happened to her or anyone else. Women become more empowered as the wind of changes blows over the planet. “Me too” movement is only the first steps and let’s do the best we can to leave sexual crimes and abuse far behind us.

For the sake of a rhyme of for the special memories, Mylene even name the location where the story takes place: Palermo.

The dance beat somewhat resembles “C’est une belle journée” and give out a dance like cheery vibe which is not the first time the music contradicts the lyrics.

Mylène quotes in the lyrics:(“Aime la lie, L’anamour “) is a famous song by Serge Gainsbourg:

Here is Françoise Hardy version of 1968.

Music composed, produced, programming, keyboards and arrangements: by Laurent Boutonnat.

Percussions and xylophone: Pol Ramirez del Piu (aka Lauren B)

Shortly after the press conference of December 16, 2004 announcing the new album and the concerts in Bercy in January 2006, an insistent rumor will spread on the net according to which the first single from the album would have the title: “Aime”. Aime will be one of the songs on the album but will never be released as a single. False rumor or last minute change? We never knew.

Aime has never been performed in concert.

The song itself is not the “cream, de la cream” of Mylene’s creations and I therefore this chapter is historically short. There is something remarkable today on this page though: the album Avant que l’ombre…is now officially completely covered by me – every single song is visited, celebrated and written about, it makes it to be the very first complete album in this project. More of course to follow within the next several weeks.

Here are the rest of the songs from the album:




lyrics with translation

Souvenir de nos
En bataille
Souvenir des mots
Flux de taille !
Un feu de failles

Souvenirs d'émois de mai
Qui affolaient
Tous les sols... et
Soutenir le monde "aimer"
A la force de nos poignets... d'amour

Tous les maux sont les mêmes
Quand on aime
Du pareil au blême
Aime la lie, l'anamour
Quoi de mieux quand on saigne
Moi j'aime... les "je" de l'amour
Qu'il pleuve ou qu'il vienne

Souvenirs de Palerme
Qui s'élèvent
Dans le ciel
Souvenir d'un soleil
Un seul être
Me pénètre

Sous réflex, je pose à nue
Je suis surex
Rien ne m'ex...
...pose plus qu'à l'inconnu
Je lui demande si l'amour est tendre
Remembering our
In battle
Remembrance of the words
Flux of size!
A fire of faults

Memories of the emotions of May
Which were panicking
All the grounds... and
To support the world "to love"
With the strength of our wrists... of love

All the evils are the same
When we love
From the same to the pale
Love the dregs, the anamour
What's better when you bleed
I love... the "I" of love
That it rains or that it comes

Memories of Palermo
That rise
In the sky
Memory of a sun
Only one being
Penetrates me

Under reflex, I pose naked
I am sure
Nothing ex...
...poses more than to the unknown
I ask him if love is tender

AIME Mylene Farmer
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  1. J’aime tant lire tout ce que tu écris, ce travail de tant de recherche, tu es généreuse dans ce que tu nous offre, chaque mot à une tonalité particulière, ces écrits sont un bouquet de fleurs on en sent le parfum…❤️

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