Mylene Farmer L'amour c'est rien by MyleneFarmer.com
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L’Amour est rien … ( Love is nothing…) is a song from Mylène Farmer’s sixth studio album, Avant que l’ombre … (2005). It is the fourth single extracted.

As you all indicated this song is a number 3 favorite from the album right after Avant que l’ombre (one of the greatest songs produced by Mylene and LB) and Peut-etre toi.

Oh Mylene, this clip is the sweetest torture one can be voluntarily subjected to.

The lyrics of the song L’Amour est rien … were written by Mylène Farmer as most of her songs
There appears to be some influence of Etty Hillesum and her book Une vie upheavals which seems to have inspired Mylène for various texts from the album Before the shadow …
Mais n isn’t that too “physical” a thought? / And too personal? “ could have inspired Mylène for “Obsessed with the worst / A little too physical …” and “I have a tendency to asceticism” for this part of a verse: “The desire to shudder / Is pharaonic! /. ..fi of asceticism! / My life is darkened “.

Another probable influence with an author whom Mylène has loved for a long time, Emil Cioran, since we find in his work Ébauches du vertige the expression “Les obsédés du worst” that Mylène reused in her own way to open the song: “Obsédée du worse / And not very verbose “.

music video

Mylene Farmer L'amour c'est rien by MyleneFarmer.com

And this is when, my dear friends, such a simple stripping dance becomes a seduction in the purest form.

I am hot and I am aroused, i am melting into the pure state of sensuality and very clearly acknowledged desire…in fact i am nothing but the desire. Mission accomplished, Mylene! 💖Mission accomplished!!!

But where was I?…

As I am following her moves on the screen, something started glowing inside of me slowly like a newly lit candle but with her every move and word it seems to burn brighter and stronger, becoming an untamed flame that has no stopping point. I want it never to end but I am afraid I will just explode if doesn’t.

Mylene Farmer L'amour c'est rien by MyleneFarmer.com

I want her all! With every single piece of such girlish white lingerie or should I say better without.  Oh please, don’t be a hypocrite and tell me that you don’t feel the same? This is what it was intended for, no?

Mylene Farmer L'amour c'est rien by MyleneFarmer.com

Well, this is how its done! Playfully, naturally, no equipment or gadgets just her perfectly sexy body in motion…I think I hear myself moaning every time she gets to her panties, and showing off her delicious peach shaped ass…please please have mercy! 💖 By the way, who of you here think that the bottom part is not edited and in fact real? Well, I chose to believe that it’s totally authentic and belongs to Mylene in its full entirety – so god bless the woman! 🤗

And then i find this cold and unaffected fact in the Wikipedia:

L’Amour n’est rien…” was illustrated by a music video which was perhaps one of the simplest in singer’s career, and in which she performs a striptease.” Right!.. That’s basically what I just said 🤗

Mylene Farmer L'amour c'est rien by MyleneFarmer.com

This clip is going to divide fans – what is there to fight about??
Some see it as a snub to the paparazzi who had published a few weeks earlier stolen photos of Mylène on vacation in the Seychelles (oh yeah! I remember those!) after her concerts at Bercy and they are charmed by the beauty and obvious happiness of Mylène who reveals for the first time on screen her new look (shorter hair since the concerts in January 2006).

Mylene Farmer L'amour c'est rien by MyleneFarmer.com

Others criticize the too great simplicity and the lack of creativity and imagination. oh please…how ridiculous! Why is it so scary after all to admit when something is super sexy and a striptease is absolutely top notch? 👌 well i have no problem to say it – BRAVO, Mylene! Thank you!

L’Amour n’est rien… had a huge success in Russia, probably the biggest hit for Mylène in this country. Well, that explains why she replaced Elle a dis in Russia with L’Amour n’est rien… during Timeless 2013

Mylene Farmer L'amour c'est rien by MyleneFarmer.com

The title remained ranked for more than a year in the official top of the most broadcast titles on radio in Russia and it was among the ten most broadcast titles in Russia in 2006. It even became the most played title on radio Europa. Plus (Moscow’s largest radio station) in 2006.

Ahh…now it explains it 🥰 must be the Russian in me!

The lyrics as usual seem to content autobiographical material and Mylene’s overall view on “politically correct / lukewarm sex life” .Unlike many others Farmer’s songs, “L’amour n’est rien…” is an optimistic song, in which “the singer kindly laughs at herself” and also delivers once again profound philosophical concepts with the deductive playfulness and flirtation. In short, perfect mix!

Mylene Farmer L'amour c'est rien by MyleneFarmer.com

Directed by Mylène’s companion for a few years by then, Benoît Di Sabatino, under the pseudo M. Liberatore, he staged Mylène, radiant and natural, performing a full striptease. Doesn’t it feel like a home movie when two lovers are just being silly and having fun filming each other? Well, it just might be the truth…

Speaking of Benoît Di Sabatino, there are definitely numerous speculations about the nature of their involvement. Mylene herself doesn’t deny that it was a connection at the first sight. Without going much deeper under the sheets, I’d say she certainly looks glowing when they are together especially in the early 2000s. They have met and “clicked” (according to them both” while making an animated clip C’est une belle journée in 2002. Unfortunately, their union ended up in separation this year and we can only be grateful for their relationship as it was a beautiful creative collaboration. Best of luck to their both in their personal lives. 🙏

Mylene Farmer L'amour c'est rien by MyleneFarmer.com

IAs you know, Benoit was a driving force behind the Amazon special L’Ultime Creation

He made 3 videos for Mylene: in 2002 C’est une belle journée, in 2006 L’amour n’est rien and in 2008 Appelle mon numéro.

No television performance on the song L’amour n’est rieN…
Broadcast of advertising spots for this single and the album Before the shadow … on TF1, France Télévisions and M6 from March 25, 2006 . Two versions are available, one incorporating images from the clip L’amour n’est rien … then a second with the images from the clip L’Amour est rien …
Very unusual fact, an advertisement for this single is also broadcast in Russia.

Mylene Farmer L'amour c'est rien by MyleneFarmer.com

Released in April 2005, Before the shadow … , has already sold nearly 450,000 copies at the beginning of 2006 but despite the first three singles and the launch of the concerts Before the shadow .. . at Bercy on January 13, 2006, the album had a little trouble maintaining its ranks and did not give birth to a real hit. Fans are therefore waiting for a new single with sufficient potential to become a hit, and it is L’Amour est rien … which is chosen.

First radio broadcast of the title on January 24, 2006 at 1:13 p.m. on NRJ (this broadcast is totally unexpected and was not preceded for once by any rumor; it takes place only three weeks after the release of the single Give me back which falls very quickly in the rankings and is hardly broadcast on the radio; Mylène then triumphed at Bercy since January 13). This is a radio edit version of the song shortened compared to the album version with removal of a chorus at the end of the title.

First radio broadcast on March 24, 2006 of the remix “The Sexually No Remix” which we owe to The Bionix

Mylene Farmer L'amour c'est rien by MyleneFarmer.com

The title L’Amour est rien… will meet a radio success higher than the other singles of the album. He enjoys regular broadcasts on NRJ which, after the radio edit version, broadcasts “The Sexually No Remix”. The so-called “senior” FM radios (RFM, Chérie FM, MFM ….) favor the radio edit version. Finally, Fun Radio broadcasts the version “The Sexually No Remix”. This radio station had not regularly broadcast any Mylène track since L’Âme-Stram Gram in 1999.

We find on December 05, 2011 L’Amour est rien … in its single version on Mylène’s second best-of album, 2001.2011 .

L’Amour est rien… is also present – again in its single version – in the track listing of the third best-of, Histoires, released on December 04, 2020 .

Avant que l’ombre…a bercy 2006

Mylène performs this title during the Avant que l’ombre….concerts in Bercy from January 13 to 29, 2006 .Arrangements for the stage: Yvan Cassar

I have to tell you something funny about trying to find a live L’amour n’est rien in Berci 2006.

It was almost nowhere to be found (except a very few very blurry or edited versions of it. Then i got lucky and came across this video and noticed something during the song. There are interesting art effects appear from above the stage – and yes sure enough – thanks to the naughty Mylene – there were phalic shapes going in and out of the ceiling – whoa!- that’s why it is “hard” (a pun intended) to find this live performance…Mylene plays along really well by raising her head with teh mic high up facing those shapes – completing the picture! It is so raw but tasteful all at the same time – how does she do it?! Not a touch of vulgarity no matter how far she take it – I am baffled 9with delight of course)

TOUR 2009

L’amour n’est rien … is sung only on two dates in Russia (St. Petersburg and Moscow) of the 2009 Tour the 28th June and 1st July 2009 .
The performance does not appear on the live album N ° 5 on Tour .


L’amour n’est rien … was performed on the 2013 Timeless tour for dates in Belarus ( October 27, 2013 ) and Russia ( November 1st and 4th, 2013 ) as well as on the second part of the tour in France , Belgium and Switzerland (from November 13 to December 6, 2013 ), the song taking the place of Elle a dit in the show’s setlist.

However, we will not find the title on the live album or on the video Timeless 2013 The Film .

video with translations

French subtitles




lyrics with translation

Obsédée du pire
Et pas très prolixe
Mes moindres soupirs
Se métaphysiquent...
J'ai dans mon ciel
Des tonnes de célestes
M'accroche aux ailes...
Et tombe l'ange Gabriel!

Obsédée du pire
Un peu trop physique...
L'envie de frémir
Est pharaonique !
...fi de l'ascèse !
Ma vie s'enténèbre
Moi sans la langue
Sans sexe je m'exsangue !

L'amour, c'est rien !
Quand c'est politiquement correct
On s'aime bien,
On n' sait même pas quand on se blesse
L'amour c'est rien
Quand tout est sexuellement correct
On s'ennuie bien
On crie avant pour qu' ça s'arrête

La vie n'est rien...
Quand elle est tiède !
Elle se consume et vous bascule
Le sang en cendre de cigarette
La vie est bien...
Elle est de miel !
Quand elle s'acide de dynamite
Qui m'aime me suive!

Obsédée du pire
Et pas très prolixe
Mes moindres soupirs
Se métaphysiquent...
J'ai dans la tête
Des tonnes de pirouettes
Le saut de l'ange
n'a pour moi rien d'étrange

Obsédée du pire
Et pas très prolixe
Partager mes rires
Plutôt plutoniques
J'ai dans ma sphère
Un effet de serre
Mon sang bouillonne
Je bout de tout, en somme
Obsessed with the worst
And not very verbose
My slightest sighs
Are metaphysical...
I have in my sky
Tons of celestials
I cling to the wings...
And fall the angel Gabriel!

Obsessed with the worst
A little too physical...
The desire to quiver
Is pharaonic!
...disregard of asceticism!
My life is ingrained
I am without the language
Without sex I am exhausted!

Love is nothing!
When it is politically correct
We love each other 
Without even knowing when we are hurt
Love is nothing
When everything is sexually correct
We're bored
We shout to stop it

Life is nothing...
When it is lukewarm!
It consumes you and turns you upside down
The blood in cigarettes ashes
The life is good...
It is of honey!
When it is acid of dynamite
He who loves me follow me!

Obsessed with the worst
And not very prolix
My slightest sighs
Are metaphysical...
I have in my head
Tons of pirouettes
The jump of the angel
is not strange to me

Obsessed with the worst
And not very verbose
To share my laughter
Rather plutonic
I have in my sphere
A greenhouse effect
My blood boils
I'm boiling over, in short

Mylene Farmer L'amour c'est rien by MyleneFarmer.com
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