November 4-11, 2022

RAYON VERT is released!

Hashtag NP made the release of Mylène’s new album, L’emprise official: Friday November 25, 2022.

Seven titles by Woodkid (including one with Tanguy Destable)
Two titles by Moby
Two titles by Darius Keeler from the group Archive
One title from the group AaRON


1. Invisibles (Woodkid / Mylène Farmer) 03:35
2. À tout jamais (Woodkid / Mylène Farmer)
3. Que l’aube est belle (Woodkid / Mylène Farmer)
4. L’Emprise (Woodkid / Mylène Farmer) 03:54
5. Do You Know Who I Am (Darius Keeler / Mylène Farmer)
6. Rallumer les étoiles (Moby / Mylène Farmer)
7. Rayon vert (AaRON / Mylène Farmer)) 03:45
8. Ode à l’apesanteur (Woodkid / Mylène Farmer)
9. Que je devienne… (Woodkid / Mylène Farmer)
10. Ne plus renaître (Darius Keeler / Mylène Farmer)
11. D’un autre part (Woodkid & Tanguy Destable / Mylène Farmer)
12. Bouteille à la mer (Armen Paul / Dimitri Ehrlich / Moby & Pete Gordeno / Mylène Farmer)
13. Rayon vert (Piano/Voix) 03:12
14. Invisibles (Piano/Voix) 03:32

All the texts were written by Mylène except for the song Rayon vert to be credited to the group AaRON and Simon Buret particularly. Its a very rare case when the text is not by Mylene herself.

iTunes Digital Edition Pre-Orders Open – Amazon Music – Apple Music Info & Pre-Orders for physical media (CD, Vinyl, Collector)  

It will be available in digital version and in physical formats CD (standard, limited cover sleeve, collector large format) and vinyl (standard) .
Hashtag NP clarified on twitter that, regarding double vinyl, there will be: standard, red and crystal

image 102
François Hanss

This is Mylène’s twelfth studio album. Woodkid, AaRON, Archive and Moby are the collaborators. The duration of the album of its digital version is 56 minutes. This is Mylène’s 4th longest studio album after Avant que l’ombre…, Innamoramento and Anamorphosée . 

The first single produced by Woodkid, A tout jamais was released on August 26.

Mylène shot a clip at the beginning of October for the song “Rayon Vert” in duet with the group AaRON. François Hanss is the director. He is responsible for a few of Mylene videos before. Which is your favorite?

August 26, 2022 – NEW SINGLE “A tout jamais” released. New video came out September 12, 2022. See detailed articles below

May 13, 2022

It’s now official

Pascal Nègre via a Hashtag NP press release announces Mylène’s new album for the end of 2022.

We already know that Mylene has planned to release her new album in the end of this year. But the big question: who is she working with? We just received an info she would be in collaboration with Woodkid. His most notable works include his music video direction for Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream, Taylor Swift’s “Back to December”, Lana Del Rey’s “Born to Die” and Harry Styles’s “Sign of the Times“.

WoodKid – Yoann Lemoine was born in Tassin-la-Demi-Lune, near Lyon to a mother of Polish-Jewish origin. He studied illustration and animation at the Émile Cohl school (, where he completed his diploma with honors. He then left for the UK to follow a silk screen printing process course at Swindon College. In 2004, Yoann moved to Paris. After a brief experience at H5, he joined Luc Besson’s crew and worked on the project “Arthur et les Minimoys” for a year. In 2006, Yoann directed a series of roughs for Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette.

On 28 March 2011, Lemoine released his first EP Iron EP. On 18 March 2013, he released his first album titled The Golden Age, which is an autobiographical record. He released his second album S16 on 16 October 2020, more than seven years later, following some single releases.


On 7 May 2019, Woodkid released the EP Woodkid For Nicolas Ghesquière – Louis Vuitton Works One, featuring Jennifer Connelly and Moses Sumney.

Woodkid teamed up with Paris 2024 to compose a new song called “Prologue”, this song was featured in the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 and the 2020 Summer Paralympics closing ceremony and was released on digital platforms on 8 August of that year.

On 27 October 2021, Woodkid announced on Twitter that he had made an original song for the Riot Games series Arcane. The song in question, “Guns For Hire”, was featured in the sixth episode of the series released in November 2021. On 30 November 2021, Woodkid made a post regarding a group supporting politician Éric Zemmour’s use of his music in propaganda. The post quickly gained popularity, gathering over 48,000 likes in just 7 hours.

In June 2010, he received 5 Lions for his AIDS Awareness campaign Graffiti at the Cannes Lions Advertising festival.

In 2012, Lemoine received the award for Best Director of the Year at the MVPA Awards in Los Angeles and was nominated for 6 MTV Video Music awards for his videos for Lana Del Rey, Drake, and Rihanna. In short, he is a full package. No wonder rumors about him and Mylene collaboration have been persistent for years. How unlikely are they? Well, you decide. In my opinion, it is very much a possibility since they do know each by working together on “Arthur et les Minimoys” and having Luc Besson as a mutual friend. I guess the time will tell but I believe it would be very fruitful collaboration.

The singer would also be in collaboration with the group AaRON (JOHN MALKOVICH’S favorite group – another unexpected connection to Mylene) and other names already well known to fans as Moby and Archive.
If its true, we are going to see very modern album with the electric and techno arrangements similar to the upgraded Depeche Mode style (aka Woodkid, AaRON and Archive). I am personally very excited. And you? Comment below what you think!

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