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The second single from upcoming L’Emprise Rayon Vert (duet with AaRON) came out November 4, 2022 and following the very successful A tout jamais . We now know the video for this title was directed by Mister Francois Hanss himself!

Mylene Farmer / AaRON Rayon Vert


Rayon Vert’s video delivers a highly cryptic message wrapped in elegance itself. Many of us, seduced by the clip’s aesthetics and Mylène’s beauty, will probably look no further. The video is a sheer perfection. And yet, it is filled with embedded meanings.

Let’s start with the title – Rayon Vert (Green Ray) “L’heure divine qui s’installe” (“The divine hour that settles”)

Mylene Farmer / AaRON Rayon Vert

In the nature, the green ray / green flash is a phenomenon that occurs at sunset and sunrise when conditions are favorable, and results when two optical phenomena combine: a mirage and the dispersion of sunlight. As the sun dips below the horizon the light is being dispersed through the earth’s atmosphere like a prism.

In the metaphysics, The fifth divine ray is the Green Ray of Healing, Science and Truth.  It radiates balance, abundance, and harmony. 

Mylene Farmer / AaRON Rayon Vert

This ray has an emerald green color with golden influences.  It is associated with the Heart Chakra and vision, as Heart chakra energies support the abilities of imagination and clairvoyance that we can visualize and manifest truth and healing with.  Heart chakra energies stimulate our discerning perception, investigative and inquiring mind, imagination to create solutions, and use of scientific principles.  Gaia, the intelligence of Earth, also radiates the Green ray for growth, and in her continued mission to find balance and harmony with her residents.  By connecting to Earth intelligence, you can move into balance and harmony with the Earth.  It is believed as it is communicated to us through the extra dimensional beings – we are making a shift toward the 5th dimension which can only be entered by activating the 4th chakra – Heart energy center associated with a green light .

Mylene Farmer / AaRON Rayon Vert

Each of the three kingdoms – Human, Angelic and Nature – have masters that direct the use of the Green Ray.  You can connect with any of them in meditation to direct the use of the Green Ray in your life.

Archangel Raphael, also known as the ‘Mystic Illuminator’, is a healer for humans and animals alike works with the Green Ray. The love energy from the heart is potent healing energy.

Mylene Farmer / AaRON Rayon Vert

Love is an active giving (a masculine energy) and passive receiving (a feminine energy). Together they bring balance and healing. Throughout the whole video we see a man and a woman are being present with each other as equals, being connected on a deep level with no superficial seductions, power games or other primitive expressions of their profound communion. They are together facing each other, being with each other, completing each other like a yin-yang symbol as their journey continues. Even white chairs and black clothing they both wearing bring this symbolism forward. They are in the process. They might appear inactive and just waiting to approach the new planet they are aiming towards. The new planet might be an allegory for the new World we are in the process of creating.

Mylene Farmer / AaRON Rayon Vert

The truth of what is important to your soul is found in the HEART. It is often masked by what society, your family and friends, or your country suggest as your truth. Only you can clear through the illusory answers to discover what is authentically yours – what your soul essence is about, what is of value to you that your missions through your lifetimes have been based on. The ‘Great Pause’ during this pandemic offered us all the still time to discover this truth. Perhaps this is what the inactive man and a woman in this video hint at?

The Green Ray is about balance and harmony. Earth resonates the Green Ray. Gaia nurtures growth, provides vital life energy like a nurturing mother, and continually strives for balance. Humans are made of Earth, and so as you move towards being your Higher Self, you move into balance and inner harmony. You then also move into harmony with the Earth, and this is fundamental in contributing to the well-being of the planet. As all grow to love and respect themselves, they will love and respect the Earth, and change their destructive ways into harmonious and mutually beneficial choices. The New Earth will then be created – one of love, peace, harmony, beauty, and grace. Use the love energy within your heart to nurture and manifest the vision of the New Earth.

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The divine connection is also mentioned in this video by recalling a powerful image created by Michelangelo for the Sistine Chapel – the creation of Adam. Perhaps it is the creation of a new, more harmonious human being, this time not by an external force (“God”) but rather by the discovery of our own power based on mutual love and understanding – two human hands reaching out to each other and creating a green light of healing.

Mylene Farmer / AaRON Rayon Vert

But this is where it gets even more interesting. What is God? Why at the end of the journey (video) we see alien creatures resembling electric stingrays (!!!) are making contact with us (humans). If you are willing to follow through with this message, you will ask yourself the same question many of us are asking today: what if God and aliens are ultimately the same thing? Is our creation as a human race a product of intergalactic nourishment and interaction? What are we humans? Are we being watched? Are we being involved into the co-creation of ourselves? Let me know what you think – comment below!

Mylene Farmer / AaRON Rayon Vert
Mylene Farmer / AaRON Rayon Vert

Many of us also are perplexed by the blue elixir Mylène and Simon got served by Olivier. What does it represent?

At first, I thought it could be an elixir of eternal life by the philosopher’s stone as a representation of the eternal soul (and a bit of a wishful thinking to not die especially while traveling in space). But I never found a reference to a blue color for such an elixir which, alchemically speaking, should be blood red or orange.
And then I got the idea out of the blue 🙂 based on my favorite cocktail – HPNOTIQ.

What an elegant way to remind us again that we are indeed hypnotized and that this hypnotic cocktail was served to us all. And we all drank it as it was intended to manipulate our perception of reality. But it is only when it is no longer ingested by us and when it will be spilled away – we have a chance to see reality as it is.

Mylene Farmer / AaRON Rayon Vert

Let us honor the raven as a messenger of Truth, no matter how daunting it might seem. Will he bring us a good news or otherwise…only time will tell. But what a beautiful allusion to the tour title NEVERMORE and Mylene’s beloved Edgar Allan Poe.
Speaking of Nevermore… I only recently realized that the English word borrowed from Poe’s famous poem, Raven, pronounced in French, sounds like “no-veut-mort” (“not wanting death”)

Mylene Farmer / AaRON Rayon Vert

Let’s talk a bit about numerology, shall we?

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The combined numerical code for the year 2022 is 6 (the number of the planet Earth). The numbers 11 (November), 22 (this year) and 33 are known as the master numbers, which command additional strength and the presence of cosmic (divine) energy. Rayon Vert was released as a single on November 4, 2022.
11 + 4 = 15 = 6 (again the number 6). Therefore, 11/4/2022 = is a very balanced number. A good omen. The video was released on November 15, 2022 and follows the same energy signature as the release date of the single = 11 /15/2022 = 6 .
L’Emprise is released on BLACK FRIDAY – nice touch.
11/25/2022 = 11 + 2+5 + 6 = 6 (again!)

image 65

According to Tesla, the numbers 3, 6 and 9 represent the magnetic expression of all matter and energy and are therefore the key to the universe. Perhaps, Mylène already knows this because she has 2 divine numbers in the day of her birth = September 12 (9 and 3) . When using signature of 6 whenever possible (see above) she creates a full sequence of the Tesla’s key numbers – unlocking the power of the universe.

And that is all for the RAYON VERT esoteric messages. Let me know your thoughts, use comment box or send me an email

For more news on the upcoming 12th album visit HERE


Mylene Farmer / AaRON Rayon Vert
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  1. Ella mon amie c’est juste divin et magnifique comme interprétation, j’adore et ressens la même chose que toi en ce qui concerne l’ésotérisme tu as tout compris, merci infiniment mon amie j’en ai des frissons à te lire car je pensais la même chose que toi, sache que je t’aime mon amie, merci de ce travail que tu mènes dans l’interprétation des messages encodés de notre Mylène adorée, très affectueusement, Sabrina.

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