A tout jamais (Forever) is a song released on August 26 2022 after a long silence and impatient waiting period. We – the fans – were hoping the rumors are true and we will see something wonderful soon as a result of Mylene Farmer first collaboration with Woodkid (Yoann Lemoine).

When 2 stars collide, the newly created star is not only much-much brighter than its separate counterparts but it also leaves a powerful afterglow as a result of such a union.

A tout jamais Mylene Farmer Woodkid

We are witnessing  such a phenomena right now, dear friends, when 39 years-old Yoann Lemoine (aka Woodkid) released first collaborative work with a mega star of French music Mylene Farmer.

What an event of an astronomical caliber illuminated a musical sky in the summer 2022 far beyond the limits of Francophone music!


The A tout jamais came out with a big bang of the loud tribal beat which sets your heartbeat to the certain rhythmic pattern you can’t jump off of like from a speeding train – you are in for the ride and the Woodkid is a conductor.

So, who is he and how those two such different French music stars happened to meet on the same orbit and even creatively collide? Could we foreseen such unlikely event, or did it come about completely out of the blue from the depth of an unpredictable music universe?


Well, I won’t lie saying we didn’t see this union coming. Yes we did it we knew this with high anticipation at least since may when monsieur Pascal Negre himself pulled up the curtains and reveled a secret of the upcoming 12th MF album .

And we all sighed and swallowed such delicious news with even more anxiously exercised patience and self-control…but we glanced at the sky hoping the collision of such stars will light us up with a whole new brightness…but before the announcement even the most psychic of us – could we really predict this event?


Yes!!  if you are Luc Besson 😄

MYLENEFARMER.COM À TOUT JAMAIS Mylene Farmer and Luc Besson Arthur

Let me back up so it starts making sense.

Yoann Lemoine back in 2006 worked with Besson on the Arthur et les Minimoys…as a visual artist animator. 

In 2007, he directed his first clip, Evergreen for Axelle Renoir. “I first made music videos for friends, then for Yelle, and then word of mouth worked: Moby, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Drake, Lana del Rey etc

To clarify his words, we owe him the clips for Ce Jeu pour Yelle, Faut-il, faut-il pas? for Nolween Leroy, Mistake for Moby, Born to Die and Blue Jeans by Lana Del Rey, Take Care for Drake and Rihanna or even Teenage Dream for Katy Perry.

Curiously, back in his work as a graphic designer he didn’t take his passion for composing music and singing seriously enough to make a living out of it. But he met Mylene during the project and who knows?

As in parallel, I was trained as a musician, I started to inject music into my videos. Then in 2008, I met Pierre Le Ny, manager of the independent label GUM, who signed me”, he launched the Woodkid project.

Perhaps something inspiring of astronomical proportion shifted him from his orbit to another realm when he one day woke up as a song writer and released his first album The Golden Age on 18 March 2013 (only 2 days after his 30th birthday) . And the star is born!

He confides: “It’s a very intrusive project, very heavy to manage emotionally. I had to refuse very tempting offers, I said no to Madonna and the Rolling Stones. Not out of snobbery, but to devote myself entirely to the album. »


Although we don’t know exactly whose bright energy helped with such a shift (could be all those stars he made music videos for in the meantime like Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and many others or was it is magical Mylene / Selenia presence on his path of a young animator (as a Mylène bonified fan I would like to believe that’s the case!), one thing for certain – the collision took place and took place in the super busy Woodkid’s life after being on the European tour for over a year and only now wrapping it up on September 2, 2022

I don’t know how he did it but he made himself available for a princess Selenia once more creating very “Visible” magical outcome this time for us all to see…


But what about the other star? Or should I correct myself: the mega star whose light has been shining on us through the years – Mylene Farmer ? Did she need to change her trajectory for a sake of this collaboration? Even in the tight schedule for creation of a NEVERMORE tour album?

My guess is yes. Its Mylene. If she believes in something she will make it happen even if it requires certain sacrifice.

Perhaps Mylène was ” shopping around” for a new composer for a few of her tracks and remembered a guy she worked with before ( and that would be Mylène typical ways to create partnerships). Mylene believes in personal connections and professional network of hers relies on the personal referrals and allies.  In short she knew the guy. No surprise she probably already noted his forthcoming power tracks Iron( with the wolves!!), golliah,  I love you and Run boy run.

What a sick beat!! How can you not get under its spell?

By the way the song was first done by the 50s American guitarist Link Wray (he is known for inventing the power chord for a guitar) . Did you spot the beat?

And while it’s chosen for a theme for a Olympics Paris 2024

Perhaps its an American rock and roll is to thank! And of course, Woodkid’s genius

But if you are not convinced that Mylène was impressed by him for a while let me rewind once more

Do you remember Mylène’s surprising martial art arrangements of Sans Contrefaçon during timeless tour 2013 ( about a year after run boy run by Woodkid was released).

Lets take a look:

Are you convinced now? Well I am!

So the dots are connecting even more when we realize just like Mylene did that Boutonnat is  no longer in the picture for neither music nor video making – Mylene no doubts recalled Woodkid ( or should we say Woodman now) who possess a multitude of incredibly useful talents especially for the creation of a big ( and possibly final 12th album).

MYLENEFARMER.COM À TOUT JAMAIS Mylene Farmer Woodkid photo

Even without a crystal ball I can predict that the A tout jamais single music video will be directed by noone else but mister Woodkid himself! And perhaps he will direct a few others from the album.

Why am I so sure? Well, its really no-brainer- he is one of the sought-after music videos producers in the industry and even 3 times Grammy nominee for the best video. He is exclusively Anglo speaking in his songs and striving for the the world beyond French speaking birders and so does Mylene and I feel that her time has finally come to break through the mental blockages of the American pop and get her foot even further down the door previously opened by Moby and Sting (and LP if you care)

Plus, its a very familiar territory for Mylene: a creative partner who is a composer is also a video director and producer- very deja vu…and a proven recipe for…success!

I personally find Woodkid to be very innovating with a Leonard Cohen like richness in his voice and clear highs which are frankly nothing I can compare to. He is deep and dark with haunting melodies way different from Laurent’s but yet framing Mylène’s luscious vocals shine through like a diamond. He is a gem himself and if I was Mylene I wouldn’t let him pass by either.

My personal favorite of him is I love you – just brilliant, don’t you think?

Gorgeous song- mature deep honest and sensitive to the core. Perfect match for Mylène . Plus symphonic arrangements are just jaw dropping beautiful – its a whole new level and I would not offend it by calling it a pop.

Now lets talk about the afterglow of the lyrics.


Mylene did it again!

Memorable Fuck them all is now evolved into ” fuck you too” with no less passionate rage behind it…and A-T-ON JAMAIS into A tout jamais…

We know Mylene is generally slow to anger and there are only in a few titles we see that side of her…in her lyrics, she is usually melancholic, introspective and accepting of the circumstances…almost too accepting sometimes- but not this time! The freshly baked single just joined an exceptions list.

So who is that Devil incarnate (and his double) who she curses back to hell using eloquent anglo expressions?

MYLENEFARMER.COM À TOUT JAMAIS Mylene Farmer photo with Benoit Di Sabatino

And here is where fans are divided: while some compassionately see enraged Mylene after possibly a painful betrayal of someone she trusted (and we know it is a deal breaker for her!) or some even visualize Benoit Di Sabatino who Mylene no longer with after 20 years together? Let’s get this cleared out though. Mylene confirmed only a few days ago in her interview with Gala that she and Benoit have separated amicably and remain friends. So any hints to him in the lyrics.


Others in the fan community see it with no doubts: to Putin! Modern time Hitler who started devastating war on Ukraine in February this year and who’s responsible for death of thousands innocent victims. It fits! Abso- fuking- lutely..

If this is the case- BRAVO MYLENE! I LOVE YOU more than ever before and although its not easy to do – you did it! You set the bar higher than ever calling things (and people!) as they are. Its C’est dans l’air on steroids! The text is enigmatic but that’s where its strength lies. It is so much more powerful this way!
Personally, I would not be surprised that the lyrics might actually be a middle figure to one man who made her (and Benoit) life a nightmare for many years now. I will mention him as “Joel V”. I personally wish him to burn in hell.

I think my reviews would not be complete without a special note of how beautifully Mylene controls her vocals in this track. She mastered it to the perfection. Thanks to her long-term work with Karen Acampora Nimereala – her wonderful vocal coach.

It certainly paid off – such a pleasure to hear her mature velvety mid-register which took Mylene some time to fully grow into.  Her highs we are so in love with since the 80s are still there to bring a smile to our faces. There is a sensitive yet very well controlled powerful voice and flows effortlessly through the hard beat of a song. It’s a gift! It’s as close to perfection as the first single can get. It’s a masterpiece! It will be beautiful performance during the NEVERMORE. Looking forward to it!

The single A tout jamais stirred a nice commotion – got a quarter of a million views on YouTube in the first 24 hours of its release! I hope Mylene is pleased to see such a reaction. And the approval is unanimous.


Today we have finally saw a clip for a first time. The clip was directed by Tobias Gremmler who notably worked with Björk. (yes i totally missed to boat hoping it will be Woodkid 🙁 )

As far as a first impression, here it goes…

MYLENEFARMER.COM À TOUT JAMAIS Mylene farmer cover of Tetu by Robin

The clip’s purely digitized production as much as creates a good synergy with the song’s lyrics, at first glance lacks imagination, seems rushed and far from a masterpiece. I do love the color scheme, lots of blood, dark daunting figures, tentacles or snakes perhaps sucking the blood out of our Mylene…its glamourous even if there is very little of actual Mylene there – rather a blurry naked figure with her hair pulled back away from her face (a few times seen like that). Another time is a famous Tetu image by Robin.

It would be a great backdrop for the future NEVEMORE for this song’s performance, don’t you think?

20 000 views in first 30 min. Some of you probably like – watching it over and over 🙂

What else to add in conclusion – thank God there are more songs to come! 🙏

Thank you all. Please comment below, like, subscribe and visit MyleneFarmer.com for everything Mylene.❣ Please comment below and share you thought on A tout jamais

For more news on the upcoming 12th album visit HERE



lyrics with translation

Tout n’est qu’un jeu de masques
Poussière d’anthrax
Qui s’insinue dans nos blessures
Au demon, lui qui
Consumes nos vies
Souffle le chaud le froid
Qui d’autre que moi le voit?
Lui dire “fuck you too”
À tout jamais
Requiem pour tout recommencer
Plus de sorry, sorry
Plus dans ma chair
Toi et ton double ami
Retourne en enfer
Vois, violente est l’emprise
Et pas de limite
L’âme sœur dénuée d’un cœur
Quand tout est mensonges
Qui blessent et me rongent, là
Je doute et je saigne
Qu’importe, la vie me enseigne
Lui dire “fuck you too”
À tout jamais
Requiem pour tout recommencer
Plus de sorry, sorry
Plus dans ma chair
Toi et ton double ami
Retourne en enfer
Sentiment d’être seule au monde
Il sait atteindre votre cœur
Tout bascule en quelques secondes
J’n’ai plus peur, seul reste un haut-le-cœur
Lui dire “fuck you too”
À tout jamais
Requiem pour tout recommencer
Plus de sorry, sorry
Plus dans ma chair
Toi et ton double ami
Retourne en enfer

It’s all a game of masks
Dust of anthrax
That penetrates into our wounds
To the devil, he who
Consumes our lives
Blows hot and cold
Who else but me sees him?
Saying “fuck you too” to him
Forever and ever
Requiem for starting over
No more sorry, sorry
No more in my flesh
You and your double friend
Go back to hell
See, violence is the power
With no limit
The soul mate without a heart
When all is lies
That hurts and corrodes me, so
I doubt and I bleed
No wonder life is teaching me
To say “fuck you too” to him
Forever and ever
Requiem for starting over
No more sorry, sorry
No more in my flesh
You and your double friend
Go back to hell
A feeling alone in the world
He knows how to reach your heart
Everything changes in a few seconds
I’m not afraid anymore, only a retching remains
Tell him “fuck you too”
Forever and ever
Requiem for starting over
No more sorry, sorry
No more in my body
You and your double friend
Return to hell

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