My dear fan friends,

For all of you who are “Malin comme un singe” (and yes the pun is very much intended!) and would like to be a part of MF FAN – GAMES 2021, here are the are the rules of this exciting torment. Ready, top MF fans?

There will be as many rounds to the MF FAN-GAMES as the Tours Mylene has done up to this date. So please keep it in mind!

Only after all the rounds are completed, the Top Fans will be announced, and the prizes given. Depending on how fast you, my dear fan-friends, will be able to conquer the challenges, we should be all set by this Christmas! 🎅🏼🎄


It will be announced through the (the home page) and the Facebook fan groups. The choice is yours how you would like to receive it.

But for those of you “des singes super malins” here is a way to get the new challenge faster. Subscribe and you will get an email notification the second I post it. (The magic of technology!) The subscription box is available on every page of the – scroll to the bottom of the page!!!

Each challenge will have a BONUS question: it is a higher complexity question. If you can answer it completely and fully  – it will place you ahead of the others.


Submit your answer as a comment on the Web page (please make sure you are commenting on the page where the challenge is announced!) The reason: there is a timestamp for each comment received so we all can tell who submitted the answer first and also who’s answer is the most correct and complete.  PLEASE NOTE: the Facebook comments don’t have a timestamp and therefore I won’t be able to tell who gave the answer first. I hope it makes sense. We want to play a fair game here, don’t we?


There will be 24-hour window for you to submit your answer as a comment on the corresponding web page of

THE BEST PART: you all can see the answers as they come in the order they came in – so you all can be the judges and the juries of this exciting FAN GAMES! I count on you all as I want this to be nothing but an open book 😊


The ROUND 1 challenge:

Please look at these adorable photos of Mylene with a monkey…My heart melts every time I see them together. I am sure you have seen them before as well? Do you like them?

Well, now they are all here in one collection!

We all know Mylene’s lifelong love for monkeys, right? Would you be able to recall when and how Mylene got her first monkey? (it should be very easy one for you, right?)

Now is BONUS question (it will take you ahead if you answer it correctly!)

What is the name of the monkey Mylene has such a tender moment with? How did Mylene discover her?  Where and when this photoshoot took place? And who is the photographer?

Good luck to all my dearest friends!! Happy MF FAN -GAMES!

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4 thoughts on “MF FAN-GAMES 2021 – ROUND 1

  1. Mylène a acheté E.T en 1985 lors d’une promenade sur les quais de la scène.

    Quant au singe sur la séance photos de 2012 il s’agit de Betty. C’est son ami Vincent Lindon qui lui avait envoyé une vidéo du petit singe lors du tournage de l’un de ses films. Mylène a contacté le zoo où le singe vit pour pouvoir le rencontrer et faire ces photos 🙂

  2. Mylène Farmer a découvert E.T. sur les quais en 1985, quand au singe sur les photos, il s’agit de Betty.

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