MF FAN GAMES 2021 ROUND 1 answers and results:

BRAVO to those of you who participated in the first round: as you can see on the Round 1 page – there are correct answers from Antony Lee and SéverineBRAVO to you two! 💗

For the rest of you who didn’t get a chance to play yet– don’t despair – there will be more rounds (as many as Mylene’s tours up to date – so please do the math!) the Top Fans will be chosen by the combined results of ALL ROUNDS! So jump aboard and don’t miss the Round 2 announcement – coming soon – promise 😊

If you not sure about the rules of the MF FAN GAMES 2021  – read them here – Good luck!


Mylène poses with Betty a four-year-old female gibbon. It is thanks to Vincent Lindon that Mylène discovered Betty. Vincent Lindon made a video of her during the filming of the movie Augustine.  

“This is Betty, a 4-year-old lady, who was stolen when she was 3 months old and found eight months later. I crossed her path thanks to Vincent Lindon, who one day sent me a little video of her on the set of her film Augustine. I immediately contacted the Bois-d’Attilly zoo, where she lived. It was an unforgettable encounter, such a strong emotion. She was so sweet. incredible.” (TV Magazine – 23/11/2012)

These enchanted photos were taken by the dear friend of Mylene’s – talented photographer Nathalie Delépine in November 2012


There is more to the story of Betty though. And here it goes…

What could be more touching than a baby gibbon reaching out to humans for a hug? This unusual image delighted the owners of the Bois-d’Attilly zoo in Ozoir-la-Ferrière. They have just recovered the animal, born on the spot, which had been stolen on January 30, 2010.

In the middle of the night, several people had fractured the enclosure, injured the mother of the little monkey and stole Betty, only a few months old.

The thieves wanted to sell this white-handed gibbon, a protected species, to an animal specialist. He immediately realized that this monkey was trafficked and hide behind this proposal so the animal could then be recovered by the gendarmes of Loiret, at the end of April, during a false transaction, a trap set for the arrest.

The investigation continues to try to arrest the thieves. “They did not really mistreat Betty, but her jaw was fractured the night she was stolen and she melded badly, regrets Jeanine Masquefa, historic owner of the zoo. She was also severely malnourished. They made her eat cakes, candies and chocolate when she needs fruits and vegetables! “

Very emaciated, little Betty has been installed in a protected part of the zoo and is not visible to visitors for the moment. “She can no longer do without humans and if we tried to put her back with her parents, they would not recognize her, they would kill her”, explains Romain Masquefa, grandson of Jeanine, who also works in the zoo.

Betty earned a nickname from from her caretakers – Betty Woop, because of the little cries (“woop woop”) she emits when she wants to express herself. For now, she is regaining her strength and shows no signs of mistrust or aggression. An enclosure will be specially created for her. “We first want to allow her to grow normally, to recover from this ordeal. Then we will do our best to find a young male for her within a few months ”, assures the manager of the park. In this 16-hectare estate, which is being modernized, visitors can discover around 650 animals of some 200 different species, including a large number of babies born there each year.

I don’t have any recent information about Betty so if you know anything – please let us know!

No doubts that this rendez-vous brought a lot of tenderness in Mylene who was still grieving a loss of her first monkey ET (only a year or so after ET’s passing) and also a lot of compassion and love for the difficult fate of Betty who discovered for herself both human mistreatment and greed as well as human love and affection of those who take care of. I doubt Betty really knew about Mylene’s fame and probably never saw her on stage 😊 but what she did saw is Mylene’s love and tenderness which hopefully was appreciated.

Now it’s a good time to talk about E.T.  – . Mylene’s beloved companion since 1985 for almost 26 years until her passing on January 1, 2011 (This year happens to be a sad anniversary of E.T. passing 10 years ago). Some of you wondered if the Monkey Me album was a Mylene’s way to honor ET’s memory and looks like you are not far from the truth.

But first thing first – let’s see how the love story of Mylene and ET began, shall we?

“With the money I earned for Maman a Tort, I bought myself a little monkey, a beige capuchin with a little puff on his head. I called him ‘ET’ and he’s really adorable. as soon as I saw it, I fell in love and although it cost a small fortune I could not resist”

“I bought it while walking on the banks of the Seine and since then we have not left each other. We spend a long time playing together, she listens to me rehearse with interest and she learns to draw. ” The first photo of Mylène (still brunette) with ET at the start of 1986.

(Girls- 23/08/1986 )

During the summer of 1986, it was a small photoshoot in her apartment, a few photos of Mylène with ET in her arms were taken by Bernard Leloup.  

She takes up little space and waits for me when I’m not there” Said Mylene in 1986

“ET is the best accomplice in the world. She scribbles. She is also super sensitive, she perceives things and often I have the firm impression that she understands everything I say to her, in fact, it is like a baby and yet it’s just a monkey. I know it sounds confusing and many people think I’m nuts! But between ET and me, it’s perfect harmony, so why would deny it?” (Graffiti – December 1987)

Elsa Trillat photographer and then close friend of Mylène is surprised by the intelligence of ET:

 “We spend whole days at her place, rue Quincampoix, sitting on the floor, eating hamburgers while sipping coke, watching TV, and especially “changing the world”, with ET on our head that squeals our hair. We give her papers and pens, and she draws. This monkey is incredible; she even knows how to fill in the markers!

They both are smiling

Here are the rarest shots of ET from the home video – she is just adorable 💗❤😊

At the end of 1987, Mylène acquired a second monkey. A ‘boy’ this time, Leon. He will live less long with Mylène, cohabitation with ET may have been quite complicated.

“I have a second (a monkey). He is three months old, magnificent. I adore these animals, a receptivity which is astonishing, a how they copy. They write, they read, they do incredible things ” (Nulle Part Ailleurs – Canal + – November 23, 1987 )

I have two monkeys, sapajou-capuchins! The mother’s name is ET, and the baby, who is only five months old, is called Leon. They live in a large cage and in the evening, before going to bed, I put them in a bassinet. It is probably because of them that I do not like being away from home. It makes me feel guilty to leave them alone! ” ( Foto Music – July 1988 )

Unfortunately, I could not find any photos of Leon. Neither I can tell what happened to him. But still being Mylene’s pet family, I wanted to mention him here as well.

In 1989, during a trip to India, Mylène was charmed by a langur monkey. Photo: Marianne Rosenstiehl (1989)

It’s hard to talk about monkeys without thinking of Mylène playing gorilla in front of Marianne Rosenstiehl’s in 1991, but beware, a very classy gorilla dressed by Issey Miyaké.

In 1995, Mylène went into exile for several months in California where she wrote and recorded the album Anamorphosée. ET was not able to accompany her on this long journey. It will however be credited in the acknowledgments of the album:

An animal brings a lot of things. It is a companion, these are games, these are all things that make you smile.” ( Already back – France 2 – December 17, 1995 )

In the clip Optimistique-moi (Photo: Claude Gassian in 2000), a little monkey on Mylène’s shoulder who plays the tightrope walker.

In 2008 in the clip If I had at least (included in the short film The Farmer Project) a monkey saved from the cruelty of certain men by a Mylène with supernatural powers (it is not ET who appears in this clip).

Monkey Me album was released in 2012

Mylène obviously thought of ET passing a few months earlier by choosing this title: “I first necessarily thought of my little monkey with whom I lived for more than twenty five years. And, I thought of this facetious side, this playful side. ” ( News from 8 p.m. – TF1 – 12/02/2012 )

The photo from the album which can also be found on the tour poster can evoke the monkeys of wisdom. Photos: Hervé Lewis

For the first time in her career, Mylene Farmer proposed to her fans to create the official cover of the single “Monkey Me” and to post their creations on Twitter or Instagram so that she can choose her favorite one. The contest was won by Richard Vanloot. And could it be because it has a striking resemblance to E.T

Japanese sculpture of the wise monkeys by Hidari Jingoro

The wise monkeys are three in number. In Chinese mythology, it was an ape who was the companion of the pilgrim Xuanzang, and who helped him find the holy books of Buddhism. It is this aspect that is used in the symbolism of three little monkeys: seeing nothing, hearing nothing and saying nothing. The three monkeys are called Mizaru (The blind man), Kikazaru (The deaf) and Iwazaru (The mute). More precisely, their names mean “I do not say what not to say”, “I do not see what not to see”, and finally “I do not hear what not to hear “, because according to the principle of the original sect, if we respect these three conditions, evil will spare us.

“There – It’s another me – It’s Monkey Me” The photo was taken by: Michel Marizy (1986) but there is no further information on the circumstances of the photoshoot. Let’s leave something to the mystery – this is Mylene after all 😊

In 1986, photos appeared in OK! and Télé 7 jours are taken in Normandy in the farm of Gaëtan, a friend of Mylène who breeds wild animals, notably for the cinema. And, among the animals with which Mylène poses, a monkey named Cheta. So basically Mylene was cheating on E.T 😂😂


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