L’Horloge (The Clock)

This song is the unforgettable finale of the 2019 concerts as it was the opening of the 1989 tour… The great beginning and the great end. One could even argue which one is more important…for Mylene indeed to this day (and hopefully NEVERMORE 2023 will raise the bar even higher)…but…to this day the 2019 performance of L’Horloge is unmatched…

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Le Plaisir vaporeux fuira vers l’horizon
Ainsi qu’une sylphide au fond de sa coulisse
Chaque instant te dévore un morceau du délice
A chaque homme accord‚ pour tout sa saison
Trois mille six cent fois par heure, la Seconde
Chuchote: Souviens-toi ! – Rapide, avec sa voix
D’insecte, Maintenant dit : Je suis Autrefois,
Et j’ai pompé ta vie avec ma trompe immonde !
Charles Baudelaire

I haven’t seen it in person so I can let my imagination run wild and fill in the gaps of absence. For those of you who have been there – you are in luck! Please let me know what your feelings are regarding the last scene of Mylene leaving the stage.

I found this video – it’s in 4K – so unbeatable quality. Enjoy!


I get goosebumps every time I see it…. Especially the moment she enters the fire…. as if she is being swallowed by the flame of time, by the crematorium of human life expiring inevitably and irreversibly… She does not run, however. What is the point of running… Only by stepping towards the Clock, voluntarily and without fear, does one conquer time, go beyond one’s own end – and perhaps… into the history… and into the eternity?

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