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First off – thank you ALL for visiting this website dedicated to our beloved MYLENE! Thank you all for participating in the MF FAN GAMES 2021 – please let me know how you like it! I would love for this fun learning become a tradition. What a way to celebrate our Mylene! Plus all those exciting prizes for the winners!

BRAVO to Séverine (our finalist of the Round 1 and now 3) and GURRIERI FRANCK – excellent answers from both of you! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

For the Intro into the L’Ultime creation, Séverine gave us incredibly comprehensive answer! WOW! I have very little to add but…I’ll try 😊 L’Ultime Création is a documentary in three episodes revealing the creative process and behind the scenes of the Live 2019 show offered by Mylène at Paris La Défense Arena. It has been available on Amazon Prime Video since September 25, 2020.

See the complete video here:

Many fans were captivated by the graphic beauty and originality of the credits of this documentary designed by Très Cool Studio (located in Santa Monica USA). A work rewarded with a “Platinum Muse Award” (the highest distinction of the Muse Creative Awards):

The thrilling ideas was to include as many references to the shows, clips and albums/songs of Mylene as possible. The It took almost four months to design this intro. And it is ladies and gentlemen, nothing less than a masterpiece
Here are some noticeable references.

LONELY LISA CLIP with the dark daunting clouds over her

The angel like figure reminds us of Mylenium Tour intro as well as Vertige – 1996 concerts intro. On very personal note could it be a subtle hint to the song Ange, parle-moi

C’est une belle journée clip is referenced twice:

Also, have you notice the halo shaped like descending in the same manner as Mylene did at the opening of her 2019 SDF concerts?

I also noticed a wink to the Que mon cœur lâche clip, haven’t you?

The transition from clouds to water awoke the songs with the water refernces (including the very one used as soundtrack for this into – how clever!)

L’âme dans l’eau , Retenir l’eau, Eaunanisme, Chloé / Nuit d’hiver  but most of all the entire Innamoramento album.

About the golden scull with MCMXCI on it – it is no doubt a Latin numerals for the year 1991. We can also see a quote from Désenchantée “Si la mort est un mystère – La vie n’a rien de tendre”. It is the year when Mylene’s life turned around touching her by fame.

Why did Mylene wanted this to be on the scull? What are the special significant of it to her? We can only guess…I don’t disagree with GURRIERI FRANCK who mentioned a tragic incident taken place 30 years ago on November 12, 1991 in the Polydor studio.

Perhaps it is a tribute to the ultimate “L’autre” – Jean-François Pigaglio, the switchboard operator of the Polydor record company, who was shot by a lunatic who claimed to be a fan of Mylene. RIP dear soul…

Needless to say, this tragedy affected Mylène to a great extent. It is a scar she must to carry in her heart for the rest of her life…
In her own words:
Elle, 12/23/1991
I was offered to protect myself, I refused. One should not think of oneself, but of the one who died, who was not for nothing. Shocking? Of course. Guilt-ridden? Of course.

Podium, the 01/02/1992
One proposed to me to protect me, I refused. In these cases, one does not think of oneself, with what could arrive to you, but with the family in mourning, with this man who died and who was for nothing there. Faced with such a tragedy, we feel totally deprived of words and means. One feels guilty, inevitably. This death is so unjust…

Vogue (Germany), the 01/03/1996
It was very painful. An unbalanced person who wanted to meet me burst into my record company, shooting around with his rifle. He killed the 28 year old switchboard operator. This was one of the most important events in my life.

Télé Moustique, the 13/10/1999
These are extremely disturbing moments to live. I do not know if they are inherent to this job. I don’t want to think about it too much. I don’t consider myself to be exceptional enough to think constantly about these always possible slips. That said, I am protected.

7 to 8 – TF1, 08/01/2006
Perhaps this person was disturbed, even before… it is always a little dangerous to have this kind of words. And, it is painful enough, believe me, for me to live this kind of things.

I think I also see a silhouette in the cavities of the scull resembling Mylene’s figure in her 1989 En Concert Tour video – is it just me? The left cavities also reminds me of a face…Please comment what you think

One thing for sure – we cannot imaging Mylene without wearing scull jewelry (“tête de mort” rings especially).

During the report “A day with… Nathalie Rheims”, the author proposed to discover Lydia Courteille’s boutique located in Rue Saint Honoré in Paris.
Lydia Courteille is the creator of many rare jewels, including the “skull and crossbones” rings worn these last months by Mylène, which we could discover in detail on Robin’s photoshoot for the magazine “Têtu” in August 2008.

Skulls (“têtes de mort”) have been used as decoration and jewelry since the dawn of humanity.
In the past, skulls have been used as good luck charms in various cultures, as they were believed to keep diseases away and protect against evil spirits.
On the spiritual level, the skull, as a receptacle of a sacred power of divine origin, protects its owner against all kinds of perils and provides health, wealth and triumph… The head being the seat of life, it is believed that one can easily enter into relationship with the dead through the skull.
Many cultures believe that your loved ones who have passed to the other side can communicate with the living through a skull (the real one in the dark spectrum or created from metal or crystal for the best conductivity) .

I am not stating this as a fact of course, but it may be the way Mylene feels the presence of her deceased loved ones with her. We all know how difficult it was for her to accept the sudden death of her father Max Gautier in her 20’s, then about 10 years later her brother Jean-Loup was taken so prematurely and tragically in October 1996. Then her mother Marguerite left in July 2016 (the losses have continued to occur every decade it seems). July also holds a dark promise for her as both of her parents and even Liloup was taken that month. The hardest loss of all, especially for such a young Mylene, was the death of her paternal grandmother Jeanne. She was in her early teens when the loss hit her so hard. It is therefore fair to suggest that this is Mylene’s attempt to comfort herself in some way and also to create a spiritual connection with the people who have passed away and whom she loves and misses so much. Four skull rings (or five in some cases) is what we see the most and it makes sense because she misses four of her close relatives the most (as we know of).

But speaking of the references, it is no doubt C’est dans l’air comes to mind and the cover for Désobéissance

Now we see the scull next to Liloup who is now also moved to another world

and of course stage of the Tour # 5 (2009)

The sword (and the masks) hints to : Fuck them all , Pourvu qu’elles soient douces and to the Desobeissance album cover – see just above (but it is put to rest this time…for whatever that means)

If we would like to see the upper part of the sword as a cross, we will find tons of other references including a concert stage decorations for Avant que l’ombre, and many other songs and clips, would you agree? Mylene’s Catholic upbringing are deeply seeded in her.

Although the clips and songs with the cross are way too many to mention (please feel free to comment!) I will bring the Point de suture is it is one of Mylene songs I would put into the time capsule along with Avant que l’omber and Désenchantée (those I also the songs Mylene holds especially dear)

The letter M – a definite connection to the Je te dis tout

Don’t hold it against me but I do see Mylene’s white dress from her 2009 Tour # 5 in teh sliver of light in this video frame. Does it make sense?

It would be absolutely impossible for me to miss the nod to the Je te rends ton amour

The transition to teh hazy water links me right to the black and white clip for À quoi je sers…

One of the last frames of the video revokes 2019 at Paris La Défense Arena stage décor in particular for Interstellaires

The transition to the flame colors are so easy to recognize in the L’Horloge last scenes during 2019 concerts

The last image of the credits also refers us to the 2019 concerts with Mylène’s throne on Je te rends ton amour but also the play of light forming an “M” 

THE SONGS ARE IN THE L’Ultime creation:

  1. AINSI SOIT JE… – Studio instrumental, Répétition live
  2. POURVU QU’ELLES SOIENT DOUCES – Studio instrumental
  3. L’ÂME-STRAM-GRAM– Studio, Répétition live
  4. SANS LOGIQUE – Studio instrumental
  5. INNAMORAMENTO – Studio instrumental, Répétition live
  6. DES LARMES – Répétition studio
  8. INTERSTELLAIRES – Répétition a cappella
  9. DES LARMES – Répétition studio instrumental
  10. SANS CONTREFAÇON– Studio, Impro intro et reprise live
  11. COMING FROM THE VORTEX – Live edit
  13. CALIFORNIA – Répétitions live
  14. RÊVER – Fin alternative live
  15. DÉSENCHANTÉE– Studio, Introduction piano
  17. UN JOUR OU L’AUTRE – Instrumental

L’Ultime création credits:
A film produced by Stuffed Monkey
with the support of SACEM
Production: Benoît di Sabatino
Executive producer: Paul Van Parys

Director: Mathieu Spadaro
Director of photography: Mathieu Spadaro

Camera operator 2nd live camera: Marc Morineau
Editor: Mathieu Spadaro
Sound editor & Mixing: Jérôme Devoise
Sound designer: Romain Saule
Calibrator: Erwan Le Gueldon
Calibration supervisor: Jean-Christophe Savelli
VFX supervisor: Hugues Namur
VFX project managers:Loriane Lucas & Marie-Ange Rousseau
Control PAD: Gilles Boivin
Production manager: Thomas Jodeau Audio
description: Emeline Chetaud

Credits: Très Cool Studio (Léo Pia & Caroline Valette)

Executive production & Post-production: Overside Production
Mixing: DES studio
Calibration: Serial B Studio
VFX & PAD Laboratory: Mikros Image

Nathalie Rheims
Martin Kierzsenbaum
François Hanss
Papeliy Milanian
Jean-Noël Tronc
François Besson
Olivier Fernandez
Hotel Raphaël

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