My dear fan-friends!
Thank you all for the participation in this exciting games!

The Grand Prix is 2 tickets to the NEVERMORE 2023 and wonderful books about Mylene for the top 3 participants! the game is on!

QUESTION: Which songs did Mylène create as a tribute to someone?
BONUS: Who is the song dedicated to and why they are special to Mylene?

Please comment below on the page – HAVE FUN! 😊❤

Mes chers amis fans !
Merci à tous pour votre participation à ces jeux passionnants !

Le Grand Prix est 2 tickets pour le NEVERMORE 2023 et des livres merveilleux sur Mylène pour les 3 premiers participants ! le jeu est lancé !

QUESTION : Quelles sont les chansons que Mylène a créées en hommage à quelqu’un ?
BONUS : A qui la chanson est-elle dédiée et pourquoi est-elle spéciale pour Mylène ?

Veuillez commenter ci-dessous la page – HAVE FUN! 😊❤

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9 thoughts on “MF FAN GAMES 2021 – ROUND 4

  1. hi ella. 5 i guess. supper was very very fast…lol. So in “Pourvue Qu’elles Soient Douces”, Mylene refers to another literary source…the Kama Sutra, which i believe is a cook book…ha ha (Pates au sel?). Also, in “Sans Contrefacon” she refers to the Chevalier de leon, a historical figure who was a transgender Napoleonic soldier. Then again with another anime character i don’t remember the name of offhand- “Elle a Dit” is about a lesbian super-heroine with blue hair……..and lastly, maybe we can chat about the other figure that looms in some mylene songs…yikes…the big D!….ha ha. So people who hate mylene and think she is a satanist, they cite “L’autre” and “J’ai essaye de Vivre” as 2 places where mylene talks about her love for the devil. Then there’s that weird song by Laurent…i guess it doesn’t count- it’s Laurent. But i prefer to think that mylene is a Jungian- and therefore understands the Yin-Yang of the Universe…..and so she eloquently cites the Christian Arcangel in “Ange Parle- Moi”. Thank you ella. good night….lol

  2. number 4….actually, the song “California” has another literary reference- Jack Kerouak- who wrote “The Dharma Bus”- and whose mother was a French Quebecer- like Mylene’s mom, and who spoke the quebecois slang that i speak, and mylene spoke before the speech-therapists of Paris wiped it from her lips. Every time mylene sings about going on a road-trip, she is referring to Jack Kerouac. Jack Kerouac was a darling of the Woodstock generation. Also, i would like to add more about salvador dali. he is also all over mylene’s imagery. Those “anamorphose” drawings i talked about?…well when you watched Jurassic Park and you saw the scene where you see “objects in the mirror are closer than they appear”?…..well that’s what “anamorphose” is. As well, the stage-set up for the 2009 shows- with the 2 sculptures akin to the 2 thieves crucified along with jesus- well that’s imagery by salvador dali. Also, the famous pic of mylene crucified (that Madonna stole….lol), and that horrible image of mylene bathed in blood in her video for “Je te rends ton amour”…the video that shows a scene similar to Stanley Kubrik’s elevator-blood scene in “The Shining”….this is all mylene referencing Dali, i believe

  3. ahhhh…one more. In “California”, she cites Marlboro Man”- the famous cowboy who got everyone to smoke cigarettes in the 1970s….and also “Anamorphose” whixh are those weird drawings by salvador dali- where he would put a cube at the center of a paper, and draw the paper while looking at the cube

  4. ok….round 2- these are the more personal ones….1-Pas le temps de Vivre-her love for her brother. 2-Dernier Sourire-her father.3- N’aie plus D’amertume-her sister brigitte. 4- Lonely Lisa-one of her nieces 5-Effets Secondaires-the horror monster Freddie Krueger. 6-Leila-the famous model Leila Pahlavi.7-L’histoire d’une fee-the mythical Melusina. 8- M’effondre-the director Mathieu Kassovitz.9-Ave Maria-her love for Schubert. 10-Des Larmes-she again cites Baudelaire but also Cameron (the guy who wrote the book about the flooding of Atlantis.11-Interstellaires-is about the cartoon character….i forget his name…’s a French cartoon anime series…..and the last one is a guess…..12-Rolling Stone-it’s about the River Styx but it’s also about the Beatles and the Stones….just a guess

  5. hi ella. ok so you mean literary sources, musicians, poets…etc….ok here goes. So 1-Allan expresses mylene’s love for Edgar Allan Poe.2- Greta- her love of Greta Garbo. 3- Innamoramento- author Francesco Alberoni. 4-A Rebours- her love for Andre Malraux. 5- Dans les Rues de Londres- her love for Virginia Wolff. 6-L’amour Naissant-her love for director David Lean. 7-Tous ces Combats-her love for Etty Heddison. 8-Souviens-Toi- her love for Primo Levi and Elie Weisel. 9-Love Dance-her love for her coutirier M. franck. 10-Dessine Moi un Mouton-her love for St.Antoine D’exupery. 11-L’ame dans L’eau-her love for performance artists Ulai Oh and Marina Abramowitz. 12-J’ai essaye de Vivre- her love for the poem “Mon Ami Pierrot”. 12-Beyond My Control- Her love of the movie and book “Liaisons Dangereuses”. 13-Rever- she cites Boris Vian. 14-Les Mots refers to the painting “The Raft of the Medusa”. 15-Je M’ennuie-refers to the book Madame Bovarie. 16-L’horloge-her love for Baudelaire. 17-Q.I.-refers to her love of the scultor Auguste Rodin. 18-Mefie-Toi- she refers to Buddha and to the Egyptian book of the Dead.19- Avant que L’ombre- her love for Jesus. 20- L’amour N’est rien-she cites Joan of Arc. 21-L’ame Stram Gram-her love for Sigmund Freud. 21-Je te rends ton Amour-her love for the painter Egon Schiele. 22-Point de Suture- her love for the movie “Scarface”….i will try some more tonight

  6. Bonjour, Alors je ne suis pas vraiment sûre. De prime abord, je pense à Allan, hommage à Edgar Allan Poe, Dernier sourire, hommage à son père, Pas le temps de vivre, dédiée à son frère Jean-Loup, Souviens-toi du jour, hommage aux victimes de la Shoah, Léîla, hommage à la fille du Shash d’Iran qui a eu un triste destin. N’oublie pas est aussi un hommage à son frère, L.P. en avait parlé lors d’un interview. Je te rends mon amour pour Egon Schiele, L’amour naissant pour La fille de Ryan, Laisse le vent emporter tout, un hommage à son père, Greta pour Greta Garbo, Jardin de Vienne pour une connaissance qui s’est suicidé de cette façon et pour finir L’âme dans l’eau qui nous est dédiée.
    Voilà, bonne soirée

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