MF FAN GAMES 2021 ROUND 4 answers and result

Thank you once again to all of you who played and especially who commented so generously on the ROUND 4 for page. I hope we all learned from your unmatched knowledge of Mylene and the inspiration behind each of those songs we love so much! Click below or on this link to view the answers! Peter Ferrera and Séverine – BRAVO! You really raised the bar! You made Mylene proud 🙂

On my end, I probably should not repeat what you already so eloquently explained but rather give you my very much focused vision on the direct tributes only.

Two most obvious references from the dawn of Mylene’s music releases are ALLAN and GRETA. The first one to Edgar Allan Poe and the other to Greta Garbo.

Both of the songs are early songs inspired by the literally genius Mylene adores all her life and according to the Lisa-Loup et le Conteur (the book Mylene wrote back in 2003), it is her grandma Jeanne who read Edgar Poe stories to her…definitely a bit darkened material for a good night story…but hey! Its our Mylene – we are not really expecting clichés, do we? Interesting connection though: it’s thanks to Charles Baudelaire (another huge influence in Mylene’s life and art) introduced Edgar A. Poe’s work to French readers with his masterful translations. What struck me about Edgar and Charles is how short their physical lives were (only 40 and 46 years respectively) but what a mark they have left on the humanity…

Greta Garbo’s mystifying persona stood out from the Hollywood crowd of her time and therefore didn’t enter Mylene and Laurent’s world by chance. There are a lot of synchronicities between Mylene and Greta – visit the page and see for yourself…Please comment what similarities did you notice.

NOTE: please click on the song’s name to launch the dedicated page (which I have created for every song now)

Dans les rues de Londres is a song dedicated to the English writer Virginia Wolf

Mais tu sais, son âme est belle
Dans les rues de Londres
J’ai puisé plus de lumières
Qu’il n’en faut pour voir…
Dieu a des projets pour elle
Et les rues de Londres
Souffleront sur des mystères
D’une autre fois…

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Leila is a beautiful tribute Leila Pahlavi (who was apparently a fan of Mylène), the youngest daughter of the Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and the Empress Farah Pahlavi. Her tragic short life touched Mylene enough to dedicate the song to her.

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I hope you enjoyed this round! Join us all for the Round 5 – coming up really soon!

Thank you and all my love to all, dear fan-friends! ❤

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