My dear fan friends and fan family, we have finally reached the very last round of the FAN GAMES 2021.

I hope you all have a lot of fun participating, testing your own knowledge of Mylène and celebrating the holiday season. I thank you all once again for being a part of this initiative and for supporting my website (and now its newly added sister site It is made for you and I hope you visit me here often for my new posts, articles about songs A to Z, videos, photos, concerts, Lisa-Loup book by Mylene and so much more.

The GRAND FINALE (ROUND 7) QUESTION is: How many live shows Mylène performed during all her concert tours? (combined number) The multiple choice is given to you for help.

BONUS: list all the tours with their dates and the number of shows in each

good luck to you all! ❤

For the FM FAN GAMES prizes and additional info visit this page:

with LOVE,

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4 thoughts on “MF FAN GAMES 2021 – GRAND FINALE

  1. Bonjour, bonjour,
    J’opte pour 205 même si j’en compte 207.
    1989 46 dates
    1996 21 dates
    1999 43 dates
    2006 13 dates
    2009 36 dates
    2013 39 dates
    2019 9 dates
    Que de bons souvenirs et cette ambiance, mémorable !!
    Bonne journée

  2. hi ella. ok now you hit us with a killer. i am going from just my memory. So mylene’s first tour was in 1989. Before that she did tons and tons of lip-sync on TV….mind-numbing amount….and my assumption-everyone including mylene wanted her to be a real singer. Our muse was waiting to be born. So they got some seasoned vets- and a musical director Bruno Fontaine- and she did i think about 30 shows in Belgium, in May and June of 1989 (La Veuve Noire is the song that describes these nights). Her last show was in Brussells, and it’s her1st live album as well. Her next tour was in 1996 and she did about 160 shows all across Europe. This is the tour known as “Vertige”. Here she established herself as a serious rock singer who can knock your socks off in concert….and her first shows with Abe Laboriel and Yvan Cassar were during these shows. Then her next set of tours were from 1999 to 2000. The Mylenium shows- which farmerians will take to their graves (lol). I believe this tour was in 2 legs- one that lasted from summer 1999 until the turn of the century, then a small break and back again until almost the end of 2000. I believe this is the first time mylene went to Russia?…not sure. Then came her 2006 tour called “Avant Que L’ombre, where mylene had an entry- and a hairstyle- that rocked me to “sublime-town”…oh, we’re supposed to be talking about her concerts….lol…..back to the topic. So these shows lasted from i think from January until September. It was about 100 shows i believe- all across the Eurasian land-mass. Then the next tours were called “5”, and these shows lasted for the duration of 2009 until 2010. Then mylene went on tour again in 2013, and this time for sure i know she went to Russia because of the orange dress….ha ha. This was a massive tour that-was well was split into 2 legs. Then came 2019, where mylene did a residency in Paris that was from June 8 to June 22. Ok…hope that was fun to read…. “But really, as far as exact dates of everything?…well it would take me searching on the net- or Olivier’s book, and i don’t want to be disingenuous. There’s my answer in 15 minutes……Thanks ella.

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