MF FAN GAMES 2021 ROUND 6 answers and result

Success inevitably changes things, more in relation to the mind than in everyday life. I think it's a mixture of anguish and heightened pleasure, and one goes hand in hand. It is a pleasure that bruises you
MYLENE FARMER Rock News, le 01/04/1988

John F. Kennedy once saidAsk not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country This phrase can be and should be a motto for us all in the MF fan community. Perhaps, its not only what Mylene can do for us that creates this beautiful life-long love story but also what we can do for our Mylene. Perhaps, by supporting her creative genius any ways we can and allow her freedom to be inspired without fear of judgement, rejection and worst of all, abandonment.

Perhaps, it is a safety of being surrounded by friends and supporters, it is an easy feeling in your body and in your mind when you in the company of those who love you and who see and appreciate you for who you really are. All of those necessary ingredients create a magical symbiosis, this unexplained phenomenon of Mylene Farmer and her fans… Put simply, we are match made in heaven, and if you feel like you found your Soulmate in her – you Heart tells you the truth and you, without a doubt, just like thousands of us know the joy and the magic of the profound connection that has no comparison, no definition no even reason per se…it’s a feeling…its a Love.

But like in any LOVE story, we all have an active part in it. We are not only those faceless and nameless folks who year after year buy records and concert tickets, collect memorabilia, photos, videos and anything else Mylene…We are The Other….She said it to us many times and we all know she meant it “I love you!” And we love her back! We do what we do because she wakes our hearts up and fills them with love – to the very edge, to the very limit…it hurts!….but then the miracle happens….and the heart just grows bigger… to be able to love even stronger, even deeper even better than ever before… It is the most spiritual and enlightening experience of all. And it is because we are ready to be a part of this magic.

Thanks to this magic, Mylene is able to have EIGHT diamond records. Eight is a special number. Its a symbol of infinity and also a great omen for her EIGHT live tour – NEVERMORE 2023. I was hoping from all my heart even before the announcement in June that I still have a chance to see her live performance. And dream of so many of us came true this year. Guess why? Because she misses us just like we miss her…Because when you love and you love from all your heart, how can you live without each other? Well, at least lucky for us, we can always hear her voice, see her beautiful face, re-watch the concerts, but for her – when she misses us all – what is the consolation? Have you thought of it? It must be the emptiness of the size of a Milky way…the love of your life is not longer with you…and all you have left in the end is a memory… sweet intoxicating memory of being together…and…of course the dream of seeing each other again…

So that is the reason for the EIGHT Tour perhaps? What do you think? It seals the deal…The eight is like two wedding bands joint together (the performer and her fans)- being entwined for infinity…And let it be so. I feel, personally, my soul will never be separated from Mylene’s.

So what about the the Diamond records, you’d ask… Lets see!.. First, how does the record gets certified? Its a bit of a gray area it seems: depending on the country and even who counts establishes the certification. You will see below what I mean.

Certification thresholds in France:
Gold: 50 thousand albums sold.
Platinum: 100 thousand albums sold.
Diamond: 500 thousand albums sold.
Mylene has eight diamond albums, five of which have sold more than a million copies in France
The press releases about Mylène announced eight diamond albums in France for Mylène:

  • according to the Snep


  • according to the Snep

3 . Anamorphosée

  • according to the Snep

4. Innamoramento

  • according to the Snep

5. Les mots

  • according to the Snep

6. Avant que l’ombre…

7. Bleu Noir

  • according to the Snep

8. Monkey Me

Six albums are certified diamond according to the Snep website – FIVE studio albums and ONE compellation

Sources and more details on albums, singles and live albums:

So the bottom line: the answers are all correct if you think it is 5, 6 or 8 (it all depends on the certifying organization). There is no doubt at this point that it is hard to find a person in any French speaking country who doesn’t know Mylene or doesn’t have at least a few of her records.

So how does Mylene herself feels about her success?
“I refuse to run after a number. Today, record companies are killing artists and worrying about performance, restricting some freedom. The artist has become his own compilation of a compiled compilation… I never wanted to live the ‘myth of the accursed artist’. If what I’m doing appeals to an audience, why should I change?

“Je refuse de courir après un chiffre. Aujourd’hui, les maisons de disques tuent les artistes et sont préoccupées par le rendement, entravant une certaine liberté. L’artiste est devenu sa propre compilation d’une compilation compilée… Je n’ai jamais eu envie de vivre le ‘mythe de l’artiste maudit’. Si ce que je fais plaît à un public, pourquoi devrais-je changer ?
Télé 7 jours , 11/11/1996

I could be very hypocritical and tell you that I am not interested in sales but, after all, it is the revelation, the revealer of the number of people who want, again, to listen to you

Je pourrais être très hypocrite et vous dire que les ventes ça ne m’intéresse pas mais, c’est après tout la révélation, le révélateur du nombre de personnes qui ont envie, là encore, de vous écouter”
Wit FM , 04/06/1999

Thank you all again, dear friends, for playing MF FAN GAMES 2021.

With LOVE,

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  1. thank you Ella. It’s a long time i haven’t read such eloquence in describing Mylene and her relationship with her fans. Your post for today is sheer poetry! Yes, “L’autre” means “Us”. When i subtitle Mylene’s first name in my videos, i sometimes hyperbolize the exclamation marks and place 7. It’s totally intentional, and it signifies 2 things for me; Born in the September of antiquity- when it was the 7th month of the Christian calendar, and it mirrors our english expression “Seventh Heaven”, which i think is a French expression as well. You’ll never see 6 exclamation marks after mylene’s first name in any of my translations. It’s either one or two- or straight to seven…

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