MF FAN GAMES 2021 GRAND FINALE answers, results and WINNERS

My dear fan-friends!

Today is the truly exciting announcement! I have the names of the TOP FANS of 2021 – those beautiful fans who not only love and appreciate Mylene and her work, they also do truly know her and care to share their knowledge with us all! So many of you have said to me “I don’t play for the prize, I am just so happy to participate in this game and share with others what I love and know about Mylene!” .Those incredible qualities are easy to find among Mylene Farmer’s followers…It is a mystery, it is a magic, it is an Inspiration to us all!

BRAVO again to all of you who have participated and not only those who won the prizes (big round of applause please!) and most of all thank YOU ALL and EACH of you, my dear fan friends, for your support of this initiative which hopefully will become a yearly tradition and will take the fan’s community by storm much wider than any virus! 🙂

It is a celebration: celebration of 60 years of our Mylene on this planet which many of us shared at least a half of this time with her (including me), it is celebration of us all together, loving all that LOVE, LIGHT and PEACE in this world, embracing all that is JUST, EQUAL and RESPECTFUL, all that brings us all together in one beautiful movement – awakening of the SOUL. So let’s celebrate that! Let’s celebrate us!! I love you all! I thank you all – please visit me here – I will do everything that is in my power to make your journey in the Myleneverse the best experience ever. Please, spread the word if you like my website – now I am much easier to find with a new web address:

And now let’s review the answers for the GRAND FINALE. Below are the previous Tours that Mylene Farmer started with her first in 1989 and ending 30 years later almost to the day with her last Tour (SDF concerts). There are a bit over 200 concerts all together- I have counted 205 in total (hopefully it is accurate – please correct me is I miscalculated) . Luckily we now have something to look forward to – her Tour # 8 NEVERMORE 2023!

Mylène Farmer en concert –

45 concerts
May 11 1989 – Dec 8 1989

Tour 1996 –

21 concerts
May 25, 1996 – December 15, 1996

*The tour had to stop and re-start due to the injury*

Mylenium Tour

September 21, 1999 – March 8, 2000

Avant que l’ombre… à Bercy (tour) –

January 13, 2006 – January 29, 2006

Mylène Farmer en tournée (Tour # 5)

May 2, 2009 – September 19, 2009


7 September 2013 – 6 December 2013

Mylène Farmer 2019

9 concerts
7 June 2019 – 22 June 2019

That is all for now, my dear friends! If you like my pages, please comment, subscribe and give me your likes. Also visit my group on Facebook:

thank you all! Merry Christmas and Happy upcoming New Year 2022 🎅🏼❤🎄

I leave you in the LOVE and in the LIGHT! LOVE TO ALL!❤

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One thought on “MF FAN GAMES 2021 GRAND FINALE answers, results and WINNERS

  1. ella this is wonderful! What a fun time was had by Mylene fans on your domain! On their behalf (and “Moi” too…lol) we thank you for your prolific, imaginative and mind-boggling abilities illuminating our muse to the world! I am honoured to be one of the finalists, and congratulations to Severine! Felicitations Severine! We love you too ella….lol

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