A History of one photo – Mylene Farmer and Lisa Gautier

My dear fan friends and readers, today to continue my rubric “History of one photo” let me scratch the surface a bit and talk about Mylene’s family member – Lisa Gautier.

The photo was take June 8, 2018 at Arena of Nimes, France

Program “The song of the year” broadcast live in prime time on TF1 and presented by Nikos Aliagas. In short, its a big deal and important step in promotion of the new album.
Mylène performs Rolling Stone surrounded by six dancers (to the right of Mylène in the photos: Lisa Gautier, Feroz Sahoulamide, Nicholas Menna, Aziz Baki, Manu Gouffran, Ivo Bauchiero).

Mylène was the special guest of the show “La chanson de l’année” broadcast live from the Arènes de Nîmes on TF1. She performed Rolling Stone , the first single from her eleventh studio album to be released in the fall 2018. The performance was almost identical to the one on the show “The Voice” on TF1 on May 12 2018. Small difference: Mylène was surrounded by 6 dancers as opposed to the eight in the Voice.

The performance was broadcast with a very slight delay: the stage was not at the Mylene’s standard of performance. They had to clean up the confetti and other papers prior to Mylene approving the stage condition for the performance.

In “The Voice”, the dancers and Mylène wore the inscription “Désobéissance” on the back of their jackets; rumors indicating that it could be the title of the next album.
This evening, “Désobéissance” had given way to “N’oublie pas“, the rumors specifying this time that it would be the title of Mylène’s next single (in duet with the singer LP and which could be available from the 22 June).

Another curious connection between Mylene Farmer studio album “Désobéissance” and Lisa Gautier. Apparently this was her who introduced Léon Deutschmann and his compositions to Mylene.

Being a close friend to Lisa Gautier, he had a chance to show Mylene his work. Its not at all done by Laurent Boutonnat as some insinuated being probably blown away by the familiarity of the cords and overall melody.

“He (Léon Deutschmann) has a classical training. I think he is going back to university. He plays the trombone very very well, and we met, he had some compositions, and I admit that I fell in love with his melodies, and he is a very nice boy, moreover …” (Mylène Farmer – RTL – 03/10/2018)

You can say that thanks to Lisa, Mylene got 3 wonderful tracks in her album Désobéissance: Désobéissance, Parler d’avenir, Retenir l’eau.

Laurent Boutonnat and Lisa Gautier

Lisa holds a special place in Mylene’s creative heart. In her beautiful autobiographical literally work published in 2003 Lisa-Loup et le Conteur she introduces an adorable character Lisa to us. She goes even further adding “Loup” to it as if immortalize her brother Jean-Loup who has tragically died in October 1996. Those names are forever linked in Mylene’s heart and to find out why – spend a few minutes reading till the end. of the article.

Originally, the character of Lonely Lisa was a drawing created by Farmer. In 2002, it was used to illustrate the music video for “C’est une belle journée”, then served as trademark registered by Farmer on 15 June 2007 to promote goods derived from her tale Lisa-Loup et le Conteur.

In 2008, Farmer started the website lonelylisa.com on which visitors could leave their artistic works — photographs, paintings, drawings… — inspired by the character of Lonely Lisa. Unfortunately, as of now the website is no longer running ☹

Mylene took the idea one step further and recorded a song LONELY LISA which became a third single from her 2010  album # 8 Bleu Noir. It was released digitally on 16 May 2011, then physically on 4 July.

Lisa Gautier performs “Down on my knees”

Clémence Gautier as young Lina Jacquou Croquant

Lisa was born August 26, 1997 while her aunt already successfully released her forth studio album Anamorphosée, completed her Tour 1996 and tragically lost her brother Jean-Loup in October same year. Sadly, Lisa had never known her uncle. Within the year a Gautier family experienced an awful loss and the most joyful addition to the family – little Lisa.

Lisa is a daughter of Michel Gautier – Mylene youngest brother. Mylene was always protective and nurturing towards Michel as he is 8 years younger than her born in late 1969. His appearance in the Gautier family also became very significant for Mylene.

Mylene and Michel

Not only she was no longer the youngest child in the family but the family also moved back to France after almost a decade in Pierrefonds Canada where she was born and spent all her life up this point. The change was not easy on Mylene and having little adorable baby brother undoubtfully helped to cope with the harsh reality of trying to get used to her new life in France.

Lisa is also a cousin of Clémence Gautier (born in July 1994), daughter of Jean – Loup Gautier (Mylene’s diseased big brother).

Jean-Loup and Clémence

She studied in a school called “Enfants du Spectacle” or “Children’s show” for the practice of dance. Lisa started dancing at the age of 5, fifteen hours a week, combining classical and jazz, dancing on stage at the Opéra Garnier. She played the role of the young girl in “Medea’s Dream” which was choreographed by Angel Preljocaj.

Lisa also ventured into cinema, having a small role of a peasant in film Jacquou Croquant by Laurent Boutonnat, alongside his cousin Clémence Gautier. I am sure her aunt had something to do with them being chosen for the roles. Very important family ties.

Some say, when Lisa sings, she takes on a characteristic melancholy tone that she shares with her aunt, the singer Mylène Farmer. Would you agree?

In 2007, Lisa performed the song Funny by Creepie , which was released as a single on September 8, 2008. In 2009, she participated as a dancer in the design of stage images for the song Disenchanted for the 2009 Tour concerts (she is on the left on the picture).

In 2018, Lisa was one of the dancers surrounding Mylène for the two television performances on the song Rolling Stone on May 12 in “The Voice” on TF1 then on June 8 in “The song of the year” also on TF1.

The producer of the cartoon Funny De Creepie, wanted someone to perform the theme song and also someone to write it. Mylène and Lisa therefore shared the tasks.

Mylène talks about Lisa: “She is very sensitive, already asks herself billions of questions, has her feet on the ground despite her young age and adores, just like me, Sigur Rós.” (Stubborn – 08/20/2008)

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