A HIstory of one photo – Interview with Mylène Farmer in “Le Parisien”

The site leparisien.fr posted an interview with Mylène a few hours before the release of the documentary Mylène Farmer L’Ultime Création .

to read in full on: https://www.leparisien.fr/

Interview of Mylène by Eric Bureau (seen in the photo next to her). Mylène had not granted an interview to this daily for more than twenty years, since November 29, 1996 precisely.
Mylène on the front page of the leparisien.fr site on Thursday evening then on the front page of the paper version of the daily dated Friday, September 25.

“It was naturally the right moment for me. I wanted to capture on film all the magical moments shared and offer those who have followed me for a long time more intimate moments. Once my decision is made, I had to be sincere. Show myself often without artifice. It’s a necessary exposure. It’s just the fact of being “closer” that reveals what I am: ‘one who likes to laugh, who doesn’t like to cry unless it’s strong emotions.

What worries Mylène:
“The disease. The death of the people I love. It’s the ultimate abandonment. Animal suffering…”

If Mylène had not been an artist:
“It’s hard to answer. This exchange with the public is so vital. In another life, I think my love of animals would prevail. Ideally I would be both a veterinarian and a shelter.”

The birth of the song L’âme dans l’eau :
‘Thanks to a video that overwhelmed me (she takes her smartphone and shows it). It is filmed at MoMA, in New York. Here, it’s Marina Abramovic, an artist I really like, and the man walking towards her is Ulay, the photographer with whom she worked and had a great love story. It’s a suspended, painful and magnificent moment of emotion.”

L’âme dans l’eau

The current period (Covid)
“This period is really frightening and painful for so many people… I often think of those who the epidemic has isolated even more such as the sick, the elderly but also of those who have no choice but to die on the front line and who are dangerously exposed. As far as I am concerned, disappearance and I often walk together. And I don’t really see the mask as a constraint, I can disappear under it (she smiles). “

Sans contrefaçon and its influence
It was above all a spontaneous act. A provocation. I’m happy if this could help shift the lines of political correctness, but I’m not sure that a great wind of freedom is blowing in our time where everything is exposed, scrutinized, sometimes commented on without filter or respect for the person? Transparency is a dictatorship. Living your sexuality freely should no longer be a subject.

His friend Jean Paul Gaultier:
“We have in common the desire to disobey. I like his creative unreason, his enthusiasm and his attention to detail. When we prepare the scene, we talk a lot about the creation of the costumes. I feel very close to him.”

“He’s a huge author and composer. Always curious, always wanting to be where you least expect him. The man is magnificent.”

Mylène is very fond of Billie Eilish.

During confinement took care of a family of mice who took up residence in her home. 🙂

Finally, to the question we all ask ourselves: “You call this documentary “L’Ultime Création“.

Could this show be your last creation?
Mylène answers: only God knows (laughs).
Mylène specifies that she will continue to write “of course”.

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