Marie Laforêt and Mylène Farmer interview

You probably already know how much mutual love and respect Marie Laforêt and Mylene Farmer had for each other. And no wonder! They have so much in common…And above all, their love for music and cinema.. Somewhere deep down they are each other dream come true, would not you agree?

Marie Laforêt and Mylène Farmer have met in person on December 15, 1987 on Domcile A2 – Antenne 2 where Mylène performed La ronde triste and Tristana. Afterwards she joined Marie Laforêt – the guest of honor of the show (who chose to invite Mylène). The interview by Marc Bessou

The entire interview is super playful, and you can tell how warmly Marie felt towards young Mylène.

Who knows? Maybe it is because of this interview, Mylene felt drawn towards Marie’s songs?

Marie Laforêt: Oh really, I love her [Mylene], I’m unconditional about what she does. I find it sassy, ​​fine, intelligent, very up to date. It’s really another way of being, another way of moving, of saying the words. It’s really, really very good, there you go!

Mylène Farmer: It’s very nice! I would like to return the compliment to Marie Laforêt because she is a woman that I love very much, that’s it. (smile)

Marc Bessou: Tell me, it’s true that now we are used to it, there have been several successive examples, when we hear your songs we expect the clip to follow, it is often there that the best things are happening!

Mylène Farmer: But there you will have nothing! (laughs)

Marc Bessou: But uh! (pretends to cry) But for sans contrefaçon [play of words with the name of the song – literal translation “without counterfeit”] you’re up to something, right?

Mylène Farmer: I came back last night from the shoot! It took place in five days in the Cotentin. These are the only things I can reveal for now!

Marc Bessou: Okay.

Marie Laforêt: Big surprise! She’s right !

Marc Bessou: But it’s always going to be in Hollywood, yes…?

Mylène Farmer: It is in any case always the same director, Laurent Boutonnat. We have practically the same team as on the previous clip, and then that went wonderfully well.

Marc Bessou: We have the impression that you take a particular pleasure in doing that, that you wouldn’t do any more songs without it now.

Mylène Farmer: I don’t know, in any case it’s a passion. It’s two different things, but it’s true that cinema has always attracted me!

Marie Laforêt: How bizarre what she says, I can’t understand that at all! (laughs)

Marc Bessou: But you know that there are people who sing and who also make films! There are a few examples!

Marie Laforêt: NO! I can’t see!

L'actrice et chanteuse Marie Laforêt est morte à 80 ans | Le HuffPost

Mylène Farmer: Me neither! (smile)

Marc Bessou: And when will we see the next one? When is this thing will be visible?

Mylène Farmer: So it is being edited … I think it’s a week of editing, mixing: at the end of December, I think.

Marc Bessou: So it might be in January!

Mylène Farmer: End of December, beginning of January.

Marc Bessou: Okay!

  • section devoted to cooking.

Marc Bessou: Mylène Farmer, are you very much into cooking?

Mylène Farmer: No, at all. Very, very bad cook! I go to restaurants more, in fact.

Marc Bessou: Yes, I understand that. Finally, you still invite a few companions, no?

Mylène Farmer: No, I have two monkeys at home now! (laughs)

Marie Laforêt: Ah, yes, that’s busy!

I hope you enjoyed the interview! I thought it was one of the most lighthearted we have with Mylene. At least at her earlier era she showed us her funny side. And how endearing it is to see it!

As you already know, Mylene gave another life to Marie Laforêt songs: JE VOUDRAIS TANT QUE TU COMPRENNES and FRANTZ (coming soon as a new post)

But did you know to repay to Mylene, Marie Laforêt planned to include “Ainsi soit je…” in her triumphant return to the Bouffes Parisiens in 2005 but the plans got changed.
She explained it to the magazine “Platinum”. “It’s announced, yes but I won’t sing it after all. I wanted to pay homage to her as she did by performing “JE VOUDRAIS TANT QUE TU COMPRENNES“. I tried but as much as I love this beautiful song, it does not fit my singing tour. Yet we tried everything: to sing it up, down, to slow it but decided to leave it out.

Marie Laforêt passed away in November 2019 in the age of 80.

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