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Mylene Farmer in series Condemn to Kill (Condamner a tuer),Mylene Farmer new film,Holt McCallany,Xavier Gens,Michel Catz,Mylene Farmer,Милен Фермер
Mylene Farmer in series Condemn to Kill (Condamner a tuer)

Dear fan friends, it looks like it is really happening (let’s hope nothing will change its course). The website has announced it to come out on November 1, 2022!

New motion picture “Condemn to kill” where Mylene Farmer plays the leading role of the writer who’s writing comes to life in the most horrific and mysterious way. Co-

At this point there are a lot of unknown elements as the project have been in the works for quite some time. A year ago the rumors started to spread about Mylene working on the new TV show…In fact, when the teaser shows up for NEVERMORE, many of us thought it was the name of the new TV show…Well, luckily not so many of us (if any) got disappointed with the new Tour announcement instead.

starring Holt Mccallany
Projected release Date: November 1st 2022
RUNTIME: approximately 90 mins
DIRECTOR: Xavier Gens
WRITER: Michel Catz
STUDIO (reported by): Big Band Story

Mylene Farmer in series Condemn to Kill (Condamner a tuer)

But here is what we have heard a year ago:

Six-episode mini-series is being worked on by its producer Michel Catz (he is also a writer for the screenplay)

The six-episode miniseries, which will be called “Condemn to Kill”, is described by The Point as being halfway between the film “The Cell”, with Jennifer Lopez, and the series “The Third Day”, with Jude Law. She would also be very motivated by this project “firmly anchored in the fantastic”.

Mylene Farmer in series Condemn to Kill (Condamner a tuer)

Unfortunately, both Amazon (despite the latest success of L’Ultime Creation documentary), didn’t see the appeal of investing into the “Condemn to Kill”. Neither did Netflix (at least a year ago)

But its producer Michel Catz does not intend to be defeated and would try to find other potential broadcasters. If he succeeds, the red angel will take on the role of a writer of thrillers, the victim of prophetic nightmares and whose novels seem to be mysteriously linked to very real murders.

One thing for sure – Mylene has a co-star ready to go – Holt McCallany, actor with high regards for David Fincher, seen recently in “Mindhunter”. In the “Condemn to Kill”. he plays the role of an Interpol inspector.

This year we have quite a different story – the miniseries seems to be no longer the case. Instead, we have a promise of a film. If it come to life (and I sure hope it does) – it will be Mylene’s 3d motion picture.

Mylene Farmer in series Condemn to Kill (Condamner a tuer)

After appearing in the films “Giorgino” (1994) and “Ghostland” (2018), the French singer is expected to make her comeback as a main character in the movie. Film “A l’ombre” almost happened based on Mylene’s friend Nathalie Rheims book

Mylene said 09/12/2009  to Le Grand Studio – RTL:

Mylene Farmer in series Condemn to Kill (Condamner a tuer)

“I have a project for a feature film. It is a project that was initiated by Claude Berri, whom I loved deeply, taken from a work by Nathalie Rheims and whose director will be Bruno Aveillan. it will be for him his first feature film and, my faith, afterwards, the future will say… It will be for me a first role, a second film and, I hope, a meeting with the public. “

Mylene Farmer in series Condemn to Kill (Condamner a tuer)


it’s a “A-HA” moment !!! thoughts, my friends?

But lets go back to the future 😊

What do we know about the director Xavier Gens?

Mylene Farmer in series Condemn to Kill (Condamner a tuer)

He is a director of Hitman (2007), Frontier(s) (2007), The Divide (2011) and a producer of  Cell (2016).

He is also a president of Noisy-le-Sec, France-based production company Ink Connection SAS, better known as “The Ink Connection”. So I wonder if he is the producer Mylene was searching for.

As far as the writer for the movie Michel Catz, he is also not the beginner in the craft.

He has quite a long list of the recent experiences:


2019 Love in Saint Petersburg (TV Movie) (writing supervisor)
2019 Coup de Foudre en Andalousie (TV Movie) (writing supervisor)
Strictement platonique (TV Series) (creator – 26 episodes, 2012) (writing supervisor – 26 episodes, 2012)


Bellefond (TV Movie) (producer) (post-production)
2021 J’irai au bout de mes rêves (TV Movie) (producer)
2019 Love in Saint Petersburg (TV Movie) (producer)
2019 Coup de Foudre en Andalousie (TV Movie) (producer)
2019 Colombine (TV Series) (producer)
2013 Manon Lescaut (TV Movie) (Artistic Producer)
Strictement platonique (TV Series) (producer – 25 episodes, 2012) (series producer – 20 episodes, 2012)
2010 Histoires de vies (TV Series)

So let’s hope the new screen play even condensed from the 6 episodes to just one 2 hour or so film will deliver the story worthy of our Mylene. I hope she has the chance to show her dramatic talent

Mylene Farmer in series Condemn to Kill (Condamner a tuer)

And finally lets talk about the Mylene Farmer’s co-star Holt McCallany

He is born September 3, 1963 in New York City, New York, USA (another Virgo just like Mylene) 😊

In a career spanning over 30 years, Holt McCallany has worked with some of the world’s best directors including David Fincher, Guillermo del Toro, David O’Russell, Guy Ritchie, William Friedkin, Lawrence Kasdan, Walter Hill, Clint Eastwood, Brian De Palma, and Michael Mann among others.

Holt currently stars in the Netflix series Mindhunter where he plays Bill Tench, an FBI agent researching serial killers in the late 1970s. He also has roles in three upcoming films: Nightmare Alley by Academy Award winning director Guillermo del Toro, Wrath of Man by Guy Ritchie and The Ice Road by Jonathan Hensleigh. Holt has appeared in memorable supporting roles in movies like Fight Club, Three Kings, Alien III, and Men of Honor to name a few. In 2011, Holt was the star of the raw and gritty FX series Light’s Out where he played a boxer with pugilistic dementia. He followed this with roles in films like Sully, Shot Caller, and Blackhat, among many others.

Mylene Farmer in series Condemn to Kill (Condamner a tuer)

His first French language film was released in September, 2019, an adaptation of the George Feydeau comedy Le Dindon (unfortunately, it didn’t get good reviews) Did you have a chance to watch it?
Holt was born into a theatrical family, Holt’s father, Michael, was a Tony Award winning Broadway producer and his mother was the legendary cabaret singer Julie Wilson. At 14, Holt ran away from home and took a Greyhound bus to Hollywood with dreams of becoming an actor, but he ended up working in a screwdriver factory. His parents eventually tracked him down and sent him to a boarding school in Ireland.

At 18, Holt traveled to France where he studied French at the Sorbonne, art at The Paris American Academy and, later, theater at L’École Marcel Marceau and L’École Jacques Lecoq. He went on to study Shakespeare at Oxford and later worked extensively in theater in the United States and abroad. He Speaks fluent French (and it is helpful as the film is being created in French)

He maintains homes in NYC and Los Angeles. He is also trained in Mixed Martial Arts. His father was Irish. His mother, from Nebraska, had Swedish and English ancestry.

Born in New York City and grew up in Nebraska and Ireland.

Mylene Farmer in series Condemn to Kill (Condamner a tuer)

Personal Quotes:

I love boxing. I really respect the guys and admire the guys who do it. But, I’m very, very happy with my career as an actor. I made the right choice and things are really working out for me right now, but I won’t pretend that there isn’t a part of me that always secretly wanted to be a boxer.

Not all television scripts are created equal. And the process is ridiculous. They send you a script and want you in the next morning. That’s not how acting works. You can do anything to me as an actor; I’m a very resilient guy. Just don’t rush me. If you ask me to do it immediately with no time to prepare, I know you have contempt for actors.

Mylene Farmer in series Condemn to Kill (Condamner a tuer)

I would say that one of the really special gifts about playing an athlete is that it’s the best motivation you’ll ever have to get in top shape and stay in top shape because you know that you’re going to be expected to deliver.

I’ve always believed my success in the entertainment business is an inevitability. You have to believe that; you have to be an optimist.

Mylene Farmer in series Condemn to Kill (Condamner a tuer)

The greatest gift that an actor can have is good scripts because then you’re relieved of the responsibility of trying to elevate the material.

I had been in the gym training for many, many years, but I definitely stepped it up when it was time to get into shape to play ‘Lights’. I began trying to live the life of a boxer, and that means everything that you would expect.

I take my hat off to my friend, Mark Wahlberg, because I know that it took him a long time to make ‘The Fighter’, and he overcame a lot of obstacles to do it, and now the film is an unqualified success.

I always wanted to play a boxer because some of my favorite films, as a boy, were those great boxing movies, like ‘Raging Bull’, ‘Rocky’, ‘The Set Up’, ‘Fat City and Hard Times’. I just loved those films.

I love boxing, and boxing has always been my favorite sport. I was always into it, and I boxed recreationally all of my life.

I love the whole world of boxing and the sense of community that exists there.

You’ve got to wake up every morning and believe, ‘I was born to do this.’

Mylene Farmer in series Condemn to Kill (Condamner a tuer)

When I do a movie, I have the script. I know how it begins and how it ends. I know what my character does and where he’s going. If I have ideas I want to express or changes I want to make, there’s one guy: the director. It’s different in television.

I’ve done a lot of fight scenes, and I always find that it’s better that they be meticulously choreographed. You want them to look as real as possible, but you don’t want anyone to get hurt. So I believe in really working it out in rehearsal, and when you get to the set, just go for it 100 percent.

One of the most gratifying things about being a professional actor is the fact that you get to walk in other men’s shoes for a time and you get to really try to understand everything that you possibly can about their work, and their lives, and their beliefs. And what you hope for is fascinating subject matter.

Mylene Farmer in series Condemn to Kill (Condamner a tuer)

Let’s hope he will be a suitable collaborator and a co-star for Mylene Farmer, and we will see their acting duet blossom. And most of all, lets hope this project does come to life and bring the delight to all of us, Mylene’s fans 💗

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