Mylene Farmer in NRJ Music Awards 2000

An NRJ Music Award (commonly abbreviated as an NMA) is an award presented by the French radio station NRJ to honor the best in the French and worldwide music industry.

The awards ceremony, created in 2000 by NRJ in partnership with the television network TF1, traditionally took place every year in mid-January at Cannes (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France) as the opening of MIDEM (Marché international de l’édition musicale). It is now held in the month of November. They give out awards to popular musicians in different categories.

The name “NRJ” means “Nouvelle Radio des Jeunes” (new radio of the young). It is a play on words between the pronunciation of the French letters as NRJ in French sounds like “énergie” (energy).Clever!! 😍

The NRJ Music Awards 2000 took place in the Palais des Festivals in on January 22 , 2000 in Cannes. The ceremony was presented by Ophélie Winter.

During Awards Mylène wears a black dress with a plunging neckline designed by Thierry Mugler. I am sure you remember the neckless well. She wore it during Optimistique-moi song in Mylenium Tour.

Please, note that the neckless was included into the digital clip for the song Insondables . Obviously, it is a special piece for Mylene.

Mylene is indeed in very good company. She is in the sister-categories with the big names. An international best female artist of the year went to Mariah Carey while the equivalent award for the French speaking countries went to Mylene Farmer. Not bad at all! But that’s not all. Ready? in the best album category she took the award in the French territories for Innamoramento while Whitney Houston took the award for the album My Love Is Your Love in the international category. That is incredible! 😊💓 So proud of our brown eyed girl who has transformed herself into the real contender in less than 15 years in the music industry…BRAVO Mylene! And that was also only the beginning…only the modest previews of what is yet to come!

Voici maintenant quelques photos du Mylenium Tour - Optimistique-moi -  Mylenium Tour Point de Suture ♥

2000 Award Winners – 1st NRJ Music Awards
Francophone Breakthrough of the Year : Hélène Ségara
International Breakthrough of the Year : Tina Arena
Francophone Male Artist of the Year : David Hallyday
International Male Artist of the Year : Will Smith
Francophone Female Artist of the Year : Mylène Farmer
International Female Artist of the Year : Mariah Carey
Francophone Song of the Year : Zebda – “Tomber la chemise”
International Song of the Year : Lou Bega – “Mambo No. 5”
Francophone Album of the Year : Mylène Farmer – Innamoramento
International Album of the Year : Whitney Houston – My Love Is Your Love
Francophone Duo/Group of the Year : Zebda
International Duo/Group of the Year : Texas
Music Website of the Year : Indochine
Best concert of the Year (MYLENIUM TOUR): Mylène Farmer

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Francophone Female Artist of the Year : Mylène Farmer. Mylène wins this prize and joins the stage to the music of Souviens-toi du jour (the sweet guitar mix, version of the track regularly broadcast by NRJ at the time). This award was presented to her by Dolores O’Riordan (singer of the Cranberries) and Richard Anconina.

Mylène begins a speech of thanks and will quickly be overwhelmed by emotion.
The audience applauds him and chants his first name.

” I know I’m not verbose. That’s why I prepared a few lines, just in case. (She unfolds a piece of paper and reads it) I would like to say first of all that I am very honored to receive this award, even if the idea of ​​meritoriousness is a little foreign to me. I wanted to thank the public for welcoming this album in this way. Each album is for me a piece of life that we put on score. Achieving this was more difficult than the previous ones. Maybe the fear of not finding the people who loved me, the fear of disappointing too. I chose to do this job. Over the years, I have been fortunate to be able to find an answer, a dialogue, sometimes a communion. Thank you very much. Finally, I would like to tell you that I am in love with words. I like to share them with others. (looking at the audience) With the other. I love this present moment. And I love those who love me. (Mylène cries)Thank you very much “

Second prize of the evening for Mylène, that of the musical show of the year for the Mylenium Tour .
It is presented to him by actress Rossy De Palma and Enrique Iglesias. Mylène wears a new outfit also created by Thierry Mugler. (Mylène wears two different outfits for this ceremony, both created by Thierry Mugler : a black dress with a plunging neckline then a bustier-pants set from the spring-summer 1997 collection entitled “Insects”)
” I would like to thank the audience again. Without the audience, I’m nothing. Thank Thierry Suc who is the producer of this show and who is crazy enough to have said yes to me. And I think that’s it. Thank you very much. “

After the broadcast of extracts from the Mylenium Tour, Mylène performs for the first time on TV her new single Optimistique-moi . It identical to that of the concerts with the six dancers.
The sequence broadcast on TV is an ampex which was recorded before the evening but, Mylène simultaneously performs this title live on the stage of the Palais des Festivals for the public present in the room.

Third (and last) prize for Mylène: French-speaking female performer.
Also selected in this category were: Celine Dion, Lara Fabian, Axelle Red and Ophélie Winter.
This prize is presented to Mylène by Lynda Lacoste and footballer Christophe Dugarry.
It is this evening which will have allowed the meeting of Mylène with the host Lynda Lacoste to whom she will grant a long interview broadcast on MCM in June of that same year.
Thank you for this emotion. I would like to thank Laurent Boutonnat. If my path had not crossed mine (sic) , I believe that I would not be there. I am even sure of it. Thank my record company, Pascal Nègre . And finally, to thank NRJ who supported me from the beginning, it’s important. And, to conclude, I would like to thank the public. I didn’t have the taste for prices, but I think I’m starting to like it . Thank you very much … “

We can see Mylene’s manager Thierry Suc is also in the audience. Mylene had thanked him publicly more then once for supporting her “crazy idea” of the Mylenuim Tour and other tours for that matter which he was the organizer of. Even newly announced NEVERMORE is not an exception. We know that Mylene had called Thierry and asked him to do another tour and he of course agreed! And despite the Covid scare and uncertainties we all feel these days, the tickets flew off the presales and early days of sales. The fans didn’t let her down. She teared up when heard of the success in the box office…What can I say? The true love lasts for a lifetime 🙂 And more than any awards that can be given, one thing is for sure – we have given her our hearts. And I hope she knows it 💓

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