Julia “Chut” Eurovision France 2022 nominee. What is the story?

The latest update – Julia was not selected to participate in Eurovision 2022.

Only yesterday we saw a tweeter announcing Julia’s new song Chut release and its nomination for the Eurovision France 2022. Today we have seen the newly released song. What do you all think?

I see very mixed reviews and more questions than answers. Our first assumptions that this is a Laurent/Mylene creation were swiftly violated. The truth is quite different (how often do we see it happening, right?)

Let’s get this story straight and the best way to do it is to hear it from Julia herself. Big thanks to Julien Gonçalves from purecharts.fr for talking with Julia today.

How did you come to “Eurovision France” ?
A bit by chance. Wladimir Pandolfo (the casting director for Eurovision) called me to ask me if I was interested, but I tell you that, it was less than a month ago! (Laughs) It happened super fast. He proposed the project to me and I thought about it a little on my side and finally I said: “Ok why not”. I wanted to embark on a new adventure.

Did you project yourself in Turin? Because Eurovision is a very strong exhibition and a huge mechanism…
At the moment, no. When I eventually thought about going to the castings, because there were castings, I didn’t think about it, and I think it allowed me not to be too stressed, not to put an oversized issue in my head I think that’s what allowed me to keep this aerial side, “we’ll see what happens”. Thanks to that I am here today, so much better!

“It was important for me to assert myself” so this song, “Chut”, how was it born?
Wladimir introduced me to Alban Lico, an incredible author who has done a lot. We got along extremely well and we co-wrote this title together. I’m super proud! The title was written and composed in two days. It was very very fast! (laughs) On casting day, I came up with a song that I had only known for a day. We believed in it, because you have to be optimistic, but we were waiting to see… When I was taken, it was incredible. It was the culmination of two days of hard work. The song was written especially for Eurovision.

It is a feminist title in its lyrics. What did you mean with “Hush”?
I really wanted to represent French glamor, all these sounds a little Gainsbourg, France Gall, although it is brought up to date in a modern way. We really wanted to put that forward in the title. I wanted a title that talks about me, who I am, the woman I have become today, with all my past experiences. I wanted to talk about this “fight”, which is changing. The way men can sometimes look at women in the street… It’s about tolerance, respect and love. It was important for me to affirm myself, I am not a baby doll, I am who I am.

Is it a transition? Did you want to mark a shift from what you did on your first album?
I would say it’s more of an evolution. There is always a continuity, I will never forget what I did before, it is still relevant, it does not stop. It’s not like lines that stop, I see it as a continuous line, it’s part of my story.

“Whether people talk about me for good or bad, I don’t care”… When you look at the selection, which opponents do you fear?
I don’t see them as formidable adversaries. They are very talented artists, but of course it’s still a competition. There are some who have a crazy level, but I don’t see them as a threat. On the contrary, it boosts me to do even better than what I already do. In this panel, there are so many different styles, different rhythms, different colors, but it’s very subjective, it’s very personal. Each song has its identity.

How do you live the excitement around your participation, your song, rumors about Mylène Farmer …
Yes it’s true… Listen, I live it well! At my small level, I’m only 20 years old, I have a little bit of experience behind me. I know it speaks, so whether it speaks for good or bad, the important thing is that we talk about it. This is what is good because it feeds a topicality. Me, I take it very well! I admit that I am a weasel, I love going to watch what is said on the networks. I can not help myself. (Laughs) It’s cool, you need people who like it, who don’t like it… It takes everything, I love this effervescence.

The fans thought your song was going to be written by Mylène Farmer and composed by Laurent Boutonnat, who accompanied you on your first album “Passe… comme tu sais” . Was it ever considered?
No. It’s not that I wouldn’t have wanted it, but it didn’t happen that way.

What’s next for you?
The premium already! Afterwards, of course, I’m thinking about what’s next, but I like to keep a bit of mystery. We cross fingers !
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To read more about Julia CLICK HERE

Well..I hope the interview helped to clear the air somewhat. Of course, there are questions…Of course there are speculations of what exactly happened between the power duo Mylene/Laurent and Julia. Well perhaps the time will tell, perhaps it won’t. One thing for certain – they grow so fast – those rebellious “daughters” of theirs 🙂

Lets pick into our Julia album for a few more minutes and watch her grow in front of our eyes, shall we?

Cradled by the sounds of The Queen and Nirvana from birth, Julia began singing lessons at the age of eight. “I wasn’t already dreaming of a career, but I sang constantly, especially the songs of Joyce Jonathan, and I wanted to perfect my technique,” said Julia. In 2015, then aged 15, the young girl left her native Haute-Savoie and landed in Paris for the castings of “The Voice Kids”

“A caster spotted me in a singing competition and I tried my luck at the auditions, for fun, without too many ulterior motives”, she explains. During the show, she is revealed by the song “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston and makes Louis Bertignac turn around. The latter eliminates her during the first battles but Julia does not know the most important part of the competition.

A few months later, Mylene Farmer and Laurent Boutonnat contact the young girl who does not believe her ears. “Mylène and Laurent contacted me. I didn’t measure my luck right away. I knew Mylène’s titles, I knew she was a star of French song, but I really discovered their work , while exploring the Internet” admitted Julia. “We immediately got along. It’s a relationship of trust. I feel both listened, because I know how to say when something does not please me, and I feel guided, because I know also that I can benefit from their experience.”

Julia Fiquet released her first single on Mylene’s 57 birthday – September 12, 2018. Perhaps it as a little present to herself… On this unique day, Julia’s very first song, “SEXTO”, written by Mylène Farmer and her accomplice Laurent Boutonnat was published on YouTube.

Provocative words, taken on by Julia, punctuated by an electro-pop instrument which is reminiscent of the particular style of the Farmer/Boutonnat duo. It is a lovely production – nothing bad to say other than perhaps slight underaged oversexualization but hey! SEXTO sells 🙂 And who we are to argue…

Some sharp tongues quickly called Julia Lolita 2.0

If the Farmer touch is more than present in this first single, Julia defend her own identity at the microphone of RTL.:

I knew that Mylène Farmer and Laurent Boutonnat had produced Alizée but I don’t want people to compare me to her. Alizée is Alizée. I am Julia, I have my own personality. I am not a Lolita 2.0 as some people say and I don’t think that’s what Laurent and Mylène wanted to do” she explained.

If Julia denies being a Lolita 2.0, she is all the same connected in a certain way to the beautiful Alizée since the choreography presented in the clip of “SEXTO” was imagined by her companion, the dancer Grégoire Lyonnet.

Grégoire Lyonnet, Alizee and Julia

Julia’s first album written but Mylene and Laurent “Passe… comme tu sais” was released 19 June 2020.

The song with the same name meant to become a locomotive for the album

However, the “Et toi mon amour” is probably the catchiest song from the album…what do you think? In a way it goes a full circle painting another Maman a tort picture of a mental case young girl (although super cute one )And it is perhaps my only problem with the topic

The sales and ratings for the album were quite weak and probably not what Requiem Publishing was hoping for. Is this the reason for a cool-off and teh collaboration that is on pause or perhaps termination? Well….we don’t know

But what we do know that we can vote for our favorite Eurovision nominee and it is perhaps Julia for you.

To view all Eurovision France 2022 candidates CLICK HERE. Happy voting!

As far as my 2 cents – I can’t help but having a flashback to the famous hit from 20 years ago:

And in the conclusion – here are few tweets about “Chut” today. And what do you think?

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