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Puisque (Since) is a song proposed in Face B of the single Pourvu qu’elles soient douces (1988).

Lyrics of Mylène Farmer. Music composed, produced and arranged by Laurent Boutonnat.

This song has the most haunting in a good way kind of melody, doesn’t it? It is in my head and my emotional body since the first time I have heard/saw it on my old VHS tape. It is just very special. It touches you deeply in the wave of profound sadness. It is, in short, truly unforgettable song.

The lyrics are simple and uncomplicated in every aspect of it but yet it goes straight to your heart like a super-sonic rocket. Even now being very familiar (if you read my chapters you’d know) with Mylene-Laurent work, I still can’t figure out what made this song so unique.

The arrangements are pretty simple, nice powerful beat, but its kids’ play in the terms of modern music production with the software that practically composes for you. But, perhaps, that’s the answer – this song is created from the heart by two young people who just channeled their sadness and pain into it. It is something you can’t fake, program by computer, embellish with all the “fancy schmancy” tricks and shticks. It is a real deal. I love this song! 🧡

The title Since was unveiled in 1988 on several supports of the single Pourvu qu’elles soient douces . It was not until 2001 and the best of Les mots to find this studio version of the song on an album but exclusively on the collector’s version of the best of.

The instrumental version of Puisque is used for the end credits of the clip of Pourvu qu’elles soient douces

A televised performance was once: On the side of Fred November 1988 – Antenna 2

“Since” / Interview of Mylène Farmer by Frédéric Mitterrand

Tour 1989

Puisque was sung on all dates of Tour 89 as you can see right after the Déshabillez-moi.

Arrangements for the stage: Laurent Boutonnat.

setlist tour 1989

Plus grandir
Sans logique
Maman a tort
Déshabillez-moi (Juliette Gréco cover)
Pourvu qu'elles soient douces
À quoi je sers...
Sans contrefaçon
Jardin de Vienne
Ainsi soit je...
Mouvements de lune, partie I
Je voudrais tant que tu comprennes (Marie Laforêt cover)
Mouvements de lune, partie II

English translation


lyrics with translation

Puisque je vais vous quitter ce soir
Puisque vous voulez ma vie
Je l'ai compris
Puisque ma vie n'est qu'un long sursis
Je veux un nouveau berceau le paradis
Lasse je m'efface
Lasse je m'efface
Si nous n'avons plus rien à nous dire
Sans rougir je peux l'écrire
Je vous aimais
Puisque plus rien ne peut me blesser
Aux gens qui ne savent aimer
Je vais sourire
Lasse je m'efface
Lasse je m'efface
Since I'm leaving you tonight
Since you want my life
I understand that
Since my life is just a long reprieve
I want a new cradle the paradise
Weary I'm fading away
Weary I'm fading away
If we have nothing more to say to each other
Without blushing I can write it
I loved you
Since nothing can hurt me anymore
To people who don't know how to love
I will smile
Weary I fade away
Weary, I'm fading away

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