MYLENE FARMER California filming by Marianne Rosenstiehl 

Marianne Rosenstiehl 

Observant, free and attentive, Marianne Rosenstiehl is a virtuoso portraitist.

However, nothing predestined this mathematician’s daughter to become a photographer. After learning her skills by observing cinematographers on film sets, at the age of 23 she became a member of the Sygma agency. In 1998, 13 years later, she joined the H&K agency until 2009.

The most imposing and the most demanding passed in front of his lens, great actors, sublime actresses, politicians with coarse hair. Marianne paints her portraits as one charms sumptuous wild animals. But she loves her job too much to succumb to the song of the sirens parading in front of her lens. She has accompanied the careers of Isabelle Adjani, Carla Bruni, Mylène Farmer, Amélie Nothomb and Juliette Binoche, whom she adores photographing more than anything, a story that has lasted for more than 25 years.

Marianne Rosenstiehl 

Mylene worked with Rosenstiehl since very beginning of her musical career and there are many precious early Mylene shots thanks to this collaboration. California filming is the last time Marianne officially worked with Mylene. The series of photos is simply incredible. It shows so many angles of Mylene – it is beyond words. So enjoy!

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  1. I love your site – especially because i can read all Info in german; nearly like Mylene herself. This Collection is great! I would like to find more Sites about Mylene with Info in german.

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