NO to Russian invasion of Ukraine!

My dear friends,
Z-attack and genocide in Ukraine 💔affects not only Ukraine. We all are affected. There is no faraway place on this small planet. We all are one body, one life, one World.🌏 Wake up Humanity! STOP this terror!

In response to this horrifical act of war Mylene Farmer has canceled all her planned concerts in Russia for the tour NEVERMORE 2023

As many of you know I am born in Russia. Although I live almost 30 years in the USA my Russian heritage is with me. I am heart-broken. 💔😪

I am a grand-daughter of a Russian solder who fought against Hitler, who got wounded in the battle and who always remained the most loving person in my life. I am a daughter of a Russian officer who always did his best to protect and wear his military uniform with honor. He is deeply saddened by what he sees in his old age. I am a wife of a Jewish man who’s family is historically from Ukraine. Many members of his family were killed by fascists during German occupation.

My children is a beautiful mix of so many cultures and background which are inseparable. What is happening now is as devastating as a civil war since Ukraine and Russia were entwined throughout the history. What is also going on is a testing of how far we can be pushed as a Humanity. Will we tolerate another tyrant or will we stand up and say NO!! Together! 🌏

My heartfelt wish for each of you is to stay focused on Peace, healing and Freedom. I thank all of you who are helping the refugees and supporting NATO’s initiative to continue to defend its strong position. The invasion of Ukraine is an attack on all our human rights and values of freedom, equality and independence. Together we will prevail.
I ask you to take a few minutes today to thank all those who lost their lives in this terrible unjust war. May their souls rest in peace. 🙏

I know we will bounce back. I have no doubt that Mylene is like all of us now waking up and going to bed with a heavy heart. We are a community of fans but above all we are part of a united humanity and cannot remain indifferent to the agony inflicted on our world. I am with you all. I am heartbroken and the tears keep rolling down my face. But I know that together we will prevail in the end. Together we will shake off tyranny and redefine the free world.
Most sincerely yours, 💙🙏💛🌏

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2 thoughts on “NO to Russian invasion of Ukraine!

  1. Ton texte me touche au plus profond de mon être, à un point que tu n’imagines pas.
    Mon chemin de vie est similaire au tien. Différent, certes, mais… presque identique. Je ne suis pas Russe, je ne suis pas Ukrenienne, mais mes origines, le sang qui coule dans mes veines pourrait raconter tant de mélange et d’histoire.. lorsqu’on est des personnes comme cela, on peut ressentir tant de choses…et posséder tant de générosité de coeur. Le monde va mal… nous en sommes bouleversées, (és) on s’identifie tellement à ce peuple en exode.
    Tout cela ne devrait pas arriver.. l’humanité devient pauvre en sentiments, incapable de sagesse.
    Souffrance, larmes… Le mal sera repoussé, car la volonté de L’Ukraine est plus forte que le pouvoir

  2. Hi Ella. I am saddened to hear of the invasion, and the conflict that is happening between the two beautiful countries of the Ukraine and Russia. I feel for the fact that the heritage of your family is entwined with both countries. It must be doubly difficult and scary for you, knowing you have loved ones who might be in harm’s way, and as well having these horrible ghosts of the past haunting you again. World Wars and Genocides must not repeat themselves ever again!!!! I am saddened by the aggressive stance of Russia. This is terrible news- foreboding, and yes, the people of the world must express opposition. The Russian people are good people! The whole world has survived 2 years of a world contagion, and now this?….People must join up and oppose all aggressive military actions in this post-covid new world we find ourselves in

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