Mylène Farmer Live 2019 (Paris La Defense Arena) team – part 1

Today I would like to introduce you a few very special people – those incredible folks who work together creating a magic of Mylene Farmer live spectacles. Those people are rarely talked about yet they are a crucial part of success. So let’s read what a keyboardist Johan Dalgaard said about his participation in live concerts 2019

Johan Dalgaard


Last show tonight with Mylene Farmer at the Paris La Défense Arena. This has been one intense and fun ride! 15 days of music and dance rehearsal, 12 days of production rehearsal, 130 people crew, 9 shows, 240.000 people in the audience, 16 dancers, 190 tons of equipment hanging from the ceiling, 1800 people to build the stage. The numbers are unbelievable

I will have many fond memories of this time, but the most powerful thing I take away from the experience is the friendship that has developed within the band.

My fellow band members:

Charlie Paxson is an American drummer who has toured, performed and/or recorded with Stevie Nicks, The Chicks, Ben Harper, Charlie Musselwhite, Lindsey Buckingham, Christine McVie, David Crosby, Beyoncé, Alanis Morissette, Lady Antebellum, Don Henley, Sheryl Crow, Ravi Coltraine, Jerry Goodman, Dave Stewart, Mike Campbell, Johnny Rivers, Adam Levine and many more. His organ trio “The Casualties of Jazz” (with bassist Chris Golden and Matt Rohde on B3 Hammond Organ) recorded a critically acclaimed record of Black Sabbath songs performed as organ jazz called Kind of Black (2004 Bel Aire Records, produced by J.J. Blair). He is the first son of Philadelphia Jazz musicians – Drummer Jimmy Paxson Sr. and Pianist Sunnie Paxson. Jimmy is an avid fisherman, inventor, chef, satirist and humanitarian who no matter where he lays his hat, still and forever will claim Ocean City N.J. as his home. (right next door from me)

Sébastien Chouard is a French guitarist born January 20, 1976 in Paris.
He grew up in a family of artists, his mother being a dancer and singer and his father a guitarist.
At the age of six he joined the school “Les enfants du spectacle” which allowed him to take his first steps on stage.
It was at the age of 12 that he discovered the guitar before participating in the first groups, including the one he founded, Planet Jam.
He was guitarist on the albums or concerts of Gérald de Palmas, Sinclair, Fred Blondin but also Johnny Hallyday, Céline Dion as well as on several Enfoirés tours.
He was musical director on Florent Pagny’s 2003 tour and on Jenifer’s concerts.
with Maxim Nucci) or producer of young bands.
He is a guitarist at 2019 concerts

Joel Shearer, is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and sound artist. From Academy Award nominated film scores like 127 Hours to multiplatinum selling records like Alanis Morrisette’s “Jagged Little Pill,” Shearer has recorded, toured and collaborated with Dido, Annie Lennox, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Joe Cocker, Damien Rice, Michael Bublé, Sarah McLachlan and Rhye, among others.

Working remotely around the globe or out of his studio in Los Angeles, Shearer’s approach to his craft is rooted in creating emotive moods and soundscapes through the manipulation of analog instrumentation. He is a guitarist in 2019 concerts

Evolving in a family of musicians, it was at the age of three that Vincent touched his first piano. Very quickly he shows a pronounced taste for jazz and enjoys improvising on the imposed melodies of classical music. At the same time, he took drum lessons for four years. In 2000, Vincent entered the CNR in Metz where he obtained the gold medal in jazz piano while continuing to accompany various formations: gypsy, salsa, electro or even Latin jazz. He moved to Paris in 2004 and discovered the Jam Sessions of famous jazz clubs such as Baiser Salé, Sunset and Sunside. There he rubs shoulders with great musicians who will quickly contact him for various projects. He plays keyboards and piano for 2019 concerts

JONATHAN NOYCE was born 15 July 1971 in Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire. He grew up in the cathedral close of Lichfield Cathedral where his father, Peter, was choirmaster and assistant organist. Mother Jane was a town planner. His first instrument was piano, later also drums and guitar which became a stepping stone to the bass guitar. In his teens Jonathan studied formally, principally classical percussion, which included classical snare drum, timpani and xylophone, also classical contrabass. His first paid gig with the bass was at the age of 18. He is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music in London.

All are as talented, professional and experienced as they are warm-hearted, funny, open-minded and completely crazy. Love them all! Enormous gratitude to the one and only Olivier Schulteis

for bringing us together and doing such a fantastic job of preparing the arrangements and being the calm, efficient and all around lovely band leader that he always is.

The enormous crew is a collection of the best and nicest talent in France, and it was just remarkable that we made it through the entire run without any tension, conflicts, ego problems or unnecessary shows of authority despite the millions of euros at stake. Everybody worked perfectly together from beginning to end across the board – carpenters, riggers, blockers, catering, production, lighting, backline, music, security, stage management, design, etc etc.

Usually the vibe of a production directly reflects the mentality of the protagonists, and the fact that everything went so smoothly is a great testimony to the humanity and vision of the people that were at the center of the storm – Thierry Suc,

Laurent Boutonnat and of course the one person the whole thing revolves around: Mylene Farmer. It’s awe-inspiring what they have built together over all these years, and I’m proud to have been a small part of it this year! A great thanks and shoutout to Olivier Blanchard and Clavia for their support over the years, and for the Nord Stage 3s they provided for the show. The absolute reliability, the ease of the use necessary to deliver results quickly and most importantly the quality of the sounds are all at the highest level, and I couldn’t imagine doing this kind of show with any other keyboard.

Johan Dalgaard is a keyboardist, songwriter and radio host born in Aarhus , Denmark on January 31, 1977. He has lived in Paris since 1998.

During his first years in France he evolves in the middle of Franco-American blues. In 2000 he was voted best blues keyboardist in France at the France Blues Trophies .

In 2004 he began a transition to more “mainstream” styles. He took part in tours by Johnny HallydayMylene Farmer Camille Benjamin BiolayJean-Louis Aubert Yael NaïmChristophe Maé Louise Attaque Damien Saez Piers Faccini  and Gaëtan Roussel .

He has participated as a studio musician in more than 140 albums , in particular records by Christophe Maé ( Mon paradis , On trace la route , L’Attrape-rêves , La Vie d’artiste ), Calogero ( Les Feux d’ artifice , Darling Liberty) , Johnny Hallyday ( It will never end , Tour 66) , Benjamin Biolay ( Grand Prix , Songbook), Vianney ( N’attendons Pas ),Gaëtan Roussel ( Ginger , Orpailleur , Trafic) , Camélia Jordana ( Camélia Jordana ), Imany ( The Shape of a Broken Heart , Under the Girls’ Skirts , The Wrong Kind of War ), Bénabar ( The Benefits of DoubtIndocile Happy ), Kyo ( L’Équilibre ), Renan Luce ( Le Clan des miros ) or Revolver ( Music for a While , Let Go), totaling over 10 million records sold.

He is also active as a record producer. In 2018 he produced Le Désordre des choses by Alain Chamfort , a disc well received by critics, nominated for the Victoires de La Musique 2019 in the category “Album of songs” and whose song Everything is pop received the grand prize of the song of the year from the National Union of Authors and Composers (UNAC)  . In January 2021, the album “L’Indocile Joyeux” by singer Bénabar was released , a record on which Johan Dalgaard produced 10 out of 12 songs. It went straight to number one on the top  albums and had a positive reception in the media.

He presents with Jean-Jacques Milteau the soul/blues show Bon Temps Rouler on TSF Jazz 

Well..i hope you enjoyed meeting those incredible people who created a live music for the 2019 concerts. In conclusion, I would like to post a few incredible photos from the 2019 concerts shared by Jonah

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