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Laurent Boutonnat composed Que mon coeur lâche , but he practically did not participate in the arrangements of the song, already very busy with the preparations for the shooting of the film Giorgino. Thierry Rogen and Mylène made them.

Mylene wrote the lyrics. And what a powerful stand she takes in them! She is not afraid to show her teeth even if not quite a pleasing smile as everyone expected from the young rising star.

Ahh!! I love this song and the video and the entire controversy that it has created (as well as my posts among some of the “fans”)

But as Mylene never stopped doing what she is doing because a few stones flying around her here and there, neither will I! 😊 Thank you for fueling my determination!

For those of you, dear friends, who left me encouraging messages and comments, let’s dive into the scandal at once, shall we?


When the video was released in the early 90s, AIDS and its ravages were in the focus of the humanity. (Strangely how it got magically forgotten now once the modern plague Covid has appeared). But back then it was of course all about promoting the “safe love” aka use of protection. Condoms became our salvation. And then comes Mylene in the midst of it all trashing the plastic love out loud (at least this is how many took it)

She explained her point of view: “In this song, I am simply making an observation about love these days. A love perverted by the threat of disease, by the question of the condom which arises from the outset as soon as one feels an impulse towards it. It’s sad, but it’s a daily reality that everyone, including me, is faced with.” (Mylène Farmer -” Télé 7 jours “N ° 1699 – December 14, 1992)

Mylène offered an unpublished version of the song Dernier Sourire for the compilation Urgences, a project by Etienne Daho whose sales profits were intended for the fight against AIDS as her contribution to the cause.


I have an anecdote for you today, ready?
It has often been written, especially in biographies devoted to Mylène, that the song Que mon coeur lâche was originally intended for the Urgences compilation and that as if Etienne Daho had refused it.
It is actually one of those false facts that circulate around Mylene sometimes (or quite often)
The truth is different – in fact, it was always expected that Mylène re-record Dernier Sourire for this compilation and that the new title Que mon coeur lâche would be the single from the Dance Remixes album. So not all the info out there is true! But something tells me you already are aware of it.😊


Speaking of ETIENNE DAHO, here is what he said about Mylene in November 2007 when he was asked who he would rather work with: Mylène Farmer or Madonna?
“I have contacts with Mylène, we send each other text messages, she is someone I love a lot, to whom I feel quite close. I could work with her without a problem indeed. “
So there is always Hope, ladies and gentlemen 🙂

This photo is a flash forward for the California

I can’t really say if it was a hit or miss on her part or this is something she did on purpose. Regardless, we probably never expected the “political correctness” from of her anyways, did we?


I do see the point. But in 2021 condoms seem to be such a small sacrifice to compare to the entire planet wearing muzzles just to survive the pandemic. So, I guess it’s all relative.

But back to the Que Mon Coeur Lâche! The video is a pisser! One of my all-time favorites for sure. But no coincidence I am talking about it right after the Rolling Stone. It has always been about Love to Mylene (or at least whatever it is we call “Love” down here)


Instant-Mag explained that the video was inspired by Federico Fellini and Mel Brooks’ works, and especially by David Lynch’s (which Mylene is huge fan of) Blue Velvet. Indeed, as in this film, the video alternates between imaginary elements and real situations, while the use of an oxygen mask is a direct callback.

It symbolizes the fact that “every person is looking for his drunkenness which enhances the feeling of love”. It is an allegory of what fuels desire. The club named ‘Q’ in the video possibly a reference both to the novel Steppenwolf, written by Hermann Hesse, but also to the bar “One-Eyed Jack” in Twin Peaks, in which the heroine Laura Palmer has lost her innocence being fascinated by this bar where fantasies can be satisfied. Mylene definitely takes on herself a serious task but delivers it with an incredible sense of humor which she very much enjoys through the entire clip.

Although she once again shows an iron fist to the abuse of women (echos with Je t’aime melancolie) as she clearly become the angel in converse shoes, we all pray for! YEY!! 😊

Although there is a great deal of ambiguity in the people and interactions, I can’t shake off the sense of perversion in each of them. I guess what’s up with the Michael Jackson thing and him dying under the cross? Did she know something then that we only finding out now?  You know what – Its Mylene…so I say – it’s all possible.


I asked you before about Mylene video where MJ shows up. Don’t worry if you didn’t get it right- It was a trick question (haha sneaky me!)😊

It was a MJ doppelganger in the video and not real Michael. (maybe it cut too close?) There is more on him later in the chapter. But MJ was however among the spectators present at the “World Music Awards” on a French television channel (TF1) on December 31, 1993 where Mylene performed it live. I am sure she was thrilled!


As far as a main message of the movie, perhaps in order to give free rein to sexual fantasies, it is necessary to transgress social and religious norms (respectively represented by the bouncer and God). Or perhaps it Is entirely different message (LOL)


One thing for certain:  the white curtains within the nightclub would be an allegory for condoms. Agree?

In 1992, the album L’Autre … became a diamond disc and has already sold more than 1.5 million copies, raising Mylène to the rank of star. Despite this triumph, no concerts, Mylène having regularly announced in her interviews that her projects would be oriented towards the cinema with her first role in a film by Laurent Boutonnat. At the end of 1992, however, a musical novelty dawned on the horizon. An album compiling remixes of Mylène (including two unpublished remixes) with to spice it up, an unreleased track, Que mon cœur lâche.


Que mon cœur lâche was broadcast on the radio from November 5, 1992 and was released in record stores on November 16, 1992 .
Note that the M40 radio (which was a nationwide radio station offering a lot of dance) had offered the title exclusively starting November 1st.

Four media are marketed in France: a 45 rpm (the last 45 rpm marketed from Mylène’s career before the 2010 or 2020 reissues), a 2-track CD, a single cassette and a maxi 45 rpm.
Rather rare, no maxi cd.

Lue mon cœur lâche is a small success reaching the 9th place of the top 50 in France. It sells around 120,000 copies.
The title will be a hit on the radio waves reaching the 1st place of the airplay Media Control Radios Peripherals on December 14, 1992 and the 7th position of the airplay Media Control Radios FM on January 12, 1993.

An English version of the song , “My soul is slashed” was recorded and released in a few European countries (but not in France) in May 1993 .


music video

Director : Luc Besson
First assistant operator : Frédérick Grosso
Photographer for the shooting of the clip : Marianne Rosenstiehl
Script : Luc Besson
Actress : Rosemarie La Vaullée Costumes : Azzedine Alaïa Production : Toutankhamon et Polydor


A clip that contrasts sharply with all the previous ones. Less gloomy, ironic, sometimes funny.
Mylène is an angel to whom God entrusts the mission of returning to earth to give an account of what he sees and in particular to analyze what has become of love. The video was shot entirely in the studio in the well-known Arpajon studios of Mylène who has already shot the clip Sans Logique there and will return there in 2001 for Les mots .
The shooting lasted four days on three different sets.
This is the first clip of Mylène’s career which is not directed by Laurent Boutonnat and giving a chance to Luc Besson.


Why Luc Besson? Because he’s someone we both know (with Laurent Boutonnat, editor’s note) ; that he invited us one day for a very nice trip on the ice floe, during his filming of Atlantis . And, my faith, that seemed obvious to us. And he accepted.
I think that we have, anyway, universes which are very, very different. seems in any case, it is, perhaps, a smile that I did not have in the other clips, a lightness that I did not have.
” ( Mylène Farmer – MCM – January 02, 1993 )

On September 9, 1991 , Mylène was invited alongside Luc Besson in the program “Stars 90” on TF1 to tell about her trip on the ice floe to which the director had invited her.


Mylène will meet Luc Besson in 2006 for the dubbing of the voice of Princess Sélénia in the French version of the Arthur trilogy.

Two different outfits for Mylène in the clip, that of the white angel and that of the black angel made by Azzedine Alaïa.

The first broadcast of the clip was reserved for December 12, 1992 for the program “Match Music” broadcast on M6 and presented by Laurent Boyer.

Anecdotes told by the lookalike of Michael Jackson in the clip, played by Christopher Gaspar: ” For my scene and all that is related to the scene of the club” Q “or even when Mylène is takes a slap, the title (Let my heart loose, editor’s note) is not broadcast ( on the film set, editor’s note). At one point she comes up to me and asks if I can dance to another song. I say yes of course! She then tells me that she has a Prince album with her “. (…)” So Mylène puts on the disc with the first title which is a slow one. I tell him it’s not going to be okay. She gives a second, then a third, etc. It lasts a little while and she was the one who changed the tracks on the record. At some point, we find the right title! So we do my first scene, without the cross and in a completely free way … “


” I did not even receive instructions for Michael’s costume. I came with a soft outfit of the time. I have done the scene two or three times. During this time, it was turning!“. (in fact, Christopher Gaspar thought while he was participating in an audition; it had not been explained to him that in fact it was indeed the final shooting of the clip which was already taking place)

For Luc Besson, Christ in the clip was like a “Gaston Lagaffe.


“ When I finished my performance, I went to remove my makeup and came back to the set. Mylène was in jogging and red boxing sneakers … I loved her sneakers (laughs), she was re-styling. Raising her head, she asks an assistant: “Who is he?” She had only seen me in Michael Jackson. The assistant said to him: “It’s Michael Jackson”. Mylène looks at me and says: “I did not recognize you! It was good! “.

“Otherwise I noticed that they had accelerated my performance a little during the editing, to make it more dynamic. “

” I also remember “Télé 7 jours” which came for a report with Mylène’s photographer. We were both trying to take a good break and I wanted to keep some distance. It happened naturally without thinking too much. “

Mylène Farmer performs Que mon coeur lâche Stars 90 TF1 on January 11th 1993

TOUR 1996

Que mon coeur lâche was performed live on all the dates of the 1996 Tour from May 25 to December 15, 1996 .

Arrangements for the stage: Laurent Boutonnat. A version close to the single but re-orchestrated giving it an even more punchy sound.
Choreography: Mylène Farmer and Christophe Danchaud.
We find Que mon coeur lâche on the live album and the film of the Live concert in Bercy released on May 21, 1997 .

It is a super sexy performance and taken to the whole new level to compare to the modest World Music Awards 1993 in Monaco appearance, would not you agree?

There are two giant bubbles on the stage in which two dancers engage in a very sexy choreography. A possible reference to the “bubbles” present in the clip produced by Luc Besson in 1992 as well as to the text of this song as Mylène explains:


” I especially wanted to talk about plastic and condoms. I like this idea of ​​bubble, security and transparency. But the dream is that we can do without them very quickly!” (Mylène Farmer – Ciné Télé Revue – 11/28/1996 )


Que mon coeur lâche was performed live on the Mylenium Tour exclusively during concerts in Russia: March 4 and 5, 2000 in Moscow then March 8 in Saint Petersburg. I even found a video for you! 🙂

The song takes the place of Beyond my control in the show’s usual setlist.
Que mon coeur lâch is not on the tracklist of the Mylenium Tour live album It is also absent from the concert film.
A little anecdote, during the concert on March 5, 2000 in Moscow, Mylène almost fell when she took the classic frozen attitude of the end of the song with her dancers.


In 1993, My soul is slashed was then the third song recorded by Mylène in English after Maman a tort in 1984 (English version of Maman a wrong ) and Bad Girl (English version of Libertine ) in 1986. Bad Girl has not been used and has not been offered in any promotional or commercial medium. But I have it here if you are curious


My Soul Is Slashed (咬みつきたい, Kamitsukitai) is a 1991 Japanese comedy horror film directed by Shūsuke Kaneko. It stars Ken Ogata as a pharmaceutical company employee who finds himself in intensive care after a critical injury and during a transfusion is given the blood of Count Dracula.

The abused woman in the clip is played by Rosemarie La Vaullée

The final scene in which she blows a bubble with her gum refers to a similar scene in Besson’s (Que Mon Coeur Lâche Director) film La Femme Nikita. More about Luc Besson HERE

You wouldn’t believe but even now I almost couldn’t find this video in the US (what a hypocritical puritanism!) No wonder English version My Souls Is slashed was a no go.

On November 26, 2001 , Mylène’s first best-of album, Les mots, was released . We find there the single version of Que Mon Coeur Lâche. It is also the first time that this version has been included in an album since it did not appear on any Mylène studio album.

Release on September 07, 2018 of a reissue of the Maxi 45 Tours as well as a Maxi 45 Tours Collector Silver.

Btw, what was she humming in the beginning of the video? Driving me crazy 😊 It almost feels like the ending of the song itself? It is actually the extended Dance Remix of the title Que mon coeur lâche  – how clever!

Special note to the reader: I have written this post a few days ago and planned to publish it as it was ready. The only thing it’s Ester Sunday today and this is the only video of Mylene where Jesus is present.

WOW! Isn’t it pretty freaky, my friends? I think the songs now are choosing me! 🙂




lyrics with translation

Bien trop brutal
La danse des corps
L'amour à mort

Amour poison
La peur s'abat
Sur nos ébats

Toi entre nous
Tu t'insinues
Dans nos amours

C'est pas facile
Le plaisir
Ton corps glacé

Que mon coeur lâche
Mes rêves d'amours excentriques
N'ont plus leur strass
Mon stress d'amour est si triste
Que mon coeur lâche
Mais fais moi mal
Abuse des liens et des lys
Les temps sont lâches
L'amour a mal
Les temps sont amour plastique

Quel mauvais ange
Se dérange
Pour crucifier
Mes libertés

Moi pauvre diable
J'ai si mal
Vertige d'amour, amour blessé
Far too brutal
The blend
The dance of bodies
Love to the death

Poisonous love
Fear falls
On our lovemaking

You between us
You creep in
In our lovemaking

It's not easy
The pleasure
Your cold body

That my heart drops off
My dreams of eccentric love
No longer have their rhinestones
My love stress is so sad
Let my heart drop
But hurt me
Abuse the ties and the lilies
The times are bad
Love hurts
Times are plastic love

What a bad angel
Disturbs itself
To crucify
My freedoms

I poor devil
I'm in such pain
Dizzy with love, wounded love

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