I think you are absolutely right…if it hurts, feel it as much as if it feels good. Remember in “Lawrence of Arabia”, when Peter O’Toole intentionally burns his finger and his buddy asks him, “How do you than?. What’s the trick then?”…and Peter O’Toole answers, “The trick Mr. Potter, is not minding that it hurts.” Take them both in. Do not deny or hide from your bad experiences. Thank you for your presentation, and your thoughts today, Ella…very thought-provoking. I think “Tous ces Combats” is exactly that in theme, but it’s a theme threaded with so many other Mylene’s songs. It’s a constant in Mylene’s lyrics. In “Aime” she writes as much. In “Bleu Noir”, she affirms that as well. “Bleu Noir” is particular because it’s even implied in the title (a “bleu” is a synonym in French for a bruise). The title of that song could read- “Black Bruises”. It’s one of the ways Mylene’s words affected me personally – for the better I hope. The themes in her words made me understand that you take the good and the bad in your life. As are the seasons – the “winters” of your life, and the “summers” of your life will come and go despite your illusions and efforts that you can influence them. What did John Lennon once famously say, “Life is what really happens to you, while you are busy making plans”….lol. You live life and “weather” the winters. I see this beautiful beautiful song by Mylene, as an affirmation of this idea…an idea that had not occurred to me for the most part of my life. I actually did the opposite. The idea of depression is interlaced of course, because when horrible things happen to people, they sometimes fall into depression. But I believe Mylene here is again expressing the idea of the “spleen” as a character trait that has merit in your life. Thanks again Ella…I adore this song, the sweet soft way Mylene sings this ballad.

Peter F July 19, 2021 for Tous ces Combats

I’ve recently found your website and I think it is very informative and well-presented! Thank you so much for doing this! Great work!

Eric S July 17, 2021

Mylene makes people more intelligent i find…cause her lyrics are so off-the charts difficult. Creative music and words that stretch the mind- as opposed to music and words that belittle, and make the mind dumber. We are easier to control as sheep the dumber we are. To me, this is of ultimate importance in music- now even more than before- to counter this force. There is a swamp of garbage music out in the world right now…a cesspool in my opinion.

Mylene is THE ISLAND against this icky goo everywhere..I told you one of my nick-names for her??? I have so many, as we all do we love her so. But after years of researching her words, i gave up on google-translate, and sometimes I call her “Google-Translate Grenade”….ha ha. Mylene brought me back to that thing called paper, and that other thing called “a pen”…..

Peter F April 11, 2021 for C’est dans l’air

Hello, I am answering your 2 questions, Mylène’s dog is called Liloup, he is a Swiss shepherd.
Always so well documented.
How do you manage to have all this information?

Bonjour, je reponds a vos 2 interrogations, le chien de Mylène s’appelle Liloup,c’est un berger suisse.
Toujours autant bien documenté.
Comment faites vous pour avoir tous ces renseignements?

Shane M April 10, 2021 for Q.I

I love this song. Thank you Ella, for today’s thoughts. There’s so much poetic genius in Mylene’s words here. This is about the time when I had listened to enough of her songs that I was starting to appreciate all the sexuality she was expressing, and I was totally loving how frank she was (is), how cheeky, how witty and…also…how profound.

I could care less what any critic thinks. Mylene is alone in the world right now….virtually. Because she writes “erotic-poetry” that is good for the soul, while we drown in the mainstream junk that record companies are pushing on us, that is rotting our souls.
One of the nuances of her last line…C.Q.F.D…..did you catch that if you pronounce them in French, and you take away the hardness when pronouncing the “D”?…you get very close to “Ce Cul Fait Deux”- “This Ass Makes Two”…..cheeky Mylene…we love you for it…lol.

ok so “meme si j’en ai vu des culs”..that one is obvious yes. It means- i’ve seen lots of butts, but it also means- i’ve seen lots of idiots (men with no I.Q’s).
“le choc de culture”means 2 things-it means meeting people from other cultures, but it also means- the impact on the bum bum when a good lady is bent over…(like when you once did it at the laundromat-cause there was a bathroom and no one else around….lol).
Of course “solitaire” means when you are pleasuring yourself. “La, sur le plongeoir”, is french jargon for “right there, on the spot”….in the pre-chorus,
“s’alanguir”, means 2 things…to stretch out, but it also sounds the french word “tongue” within it….so he (or she) is also her “tongue” angel…..and when the tongue gets tired…it’s terribly cold for mylene.
Then in the chorus, of course she is referring to Rodin’s famous sculpture.Then in “il sait la douceur de mes reins”…well, we are back at the laundromat now. When you are standing up, they oscillate so nicely. But then “tiedeur de mes mains”, means now she is…ahem….well you know..lol. “longue est la route….”..that line has the word “semen”…”semantiques”…..then again more compliments for the tonguemeister…”langue morte…non non?”.
And “quantas”…i believe refers to the “girth” of something. And in the last line she is singing…”mon QI (my ass) ton Qi (your ass)….together we make two asses….

Peter F April 9, 2021 for Q.I.

oh god….not this video…. Hi Ella. Yes this video is sweet torture. A famous Civil War general was once asked by his staff and soldiers, why he didn’t join them for a cigar-break they were enjoying- since he had earlier remarked at how much he loved the smell of tobacco every time he walked past their bonfire. The general’s reply was that he would love it too much!!….so better to say no…lol. This video was a complete WTF moment for me Ella- when I first viewed it….and what I mean by that is that (unlike more experienced Mylene fans, who already knew that the sexual component was a constant theme in her music and words) and therefore a video like this COULD be a possibility- this was not so for me.

This video is how I discovered it. When I first viewed it, I was searching on youtube because I had just uploaded the live version (and my English translation) on my youtube channel. So, if I remember correctly, I knew about 20 of her songs. I had not heard “L’ame Stram Gram”…had not heard any of her erotically charged songs yet. I didn’t even know it was a thing of hers. And I popped up this vid, I remember…”wow, this is the official vid!! all-right. I will watch it, then download it”. And I started watching it- all happy with my puppy-dog ears. I do remember some of my other thoughts before I lost consciousness. But they were very muddied as I am sure you can appreciate that the neurons of my visual cortex were being flooded. I was thinking things like…”what?…did she just…?…”is she going to?…oh my god, she did!!…she just…oh god…more???…NO…no-stop-no-no-stop-stop-don’t….stop….don’t…stop…DON’T STOP!!!….lol…hee hee…tonight i’m dreaming of peach orchards!

Peter F April 8, 2021 for L’amour n’est rien

“I read your posts regularly! What a pleasant surprise to find English speaking people talking about Mylene. Love it. Thank you!”

L. D. March 2021 for the posts in general

“BUTT…(refer to the “Histoire de fesses”) It works in English…but not in Franglish… Well, you made me smile. Maybe the first time of the day. Thanks!”

V.M.B. March 2021 for Histoires de fesses

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