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*To Beloved Mylene*

I hope the Soul of yours is safe and sound.
And floating effortlessly between the Earth and Clouds

  • That’s where you’re from…

I hope your heart is full of inspiration.
And blessed with many vivid revelations.

  • And You’re at Home

I hope your Voice is strong and Mind is clear.
I hope your friends and loved ones always near

  • You swim in Bliss.

I hope the World is treating you with LOVE and care.
I hope the health and Joy is everywhere.

  • Nothing to miss

I hope you’re blessed with all your needs been met
I hope you’re feeling Whole, the Path of yours is lit

  • By never ending Divination

Be blessed with everything and much-much more
As you’re the Light, the Truth,
you Are the LOVE

  • Be blessed your Journey and your Destination

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